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Centennials and millennials of Imperial Saints


Geneprint as part of cognomen registration.


Binary Apostle

Vox-net: simultaneus access to several vox cast bandwiths.


Notes to noospheric space:


Noospheric memory: Recording of noospheric data

Noospheric replication:

Noospheric feed: Real time noospheric data

Noospheric prognostication: Prediction based noospheric feed.



Mechanicus source

Mechanicus tendensies of Imperial cult: Emperor is the Omnissiah, Emperor is the last of several Omnissiah’s, Emperor is/was the latest of th Omnissiahs, Title of Omnissiah was granted to Emperor as logical choice of Adeptus Mechanicus,


Creed is morale bonus that is produced by a components displaying and glorifying vessels or habitats Imperial belief system.

Example: Imperial figurehead (Statue of the Emperor) Pow: 1 Space: 1 External, Bonus +5 to Creed

Fanaticism is morale bonus that is produced by a components displaying and glorifying vessels or habitats non-Imperial belief system.

Example: Shrine of Slaanesh Pow: 1 Space: 1, Bonus +5 to Fanaticism of worshipers of a vessel or habitation.

Displaying and using components that are not aligned with prevailing belief system cause penalty on vessels or habitations Creed/Fanaticism.

Example: Xeno habitat Pow: 2 Space: 1 causes -5 Creed penalty at an Imperial vessel or a habitation.

Creed/Fanaticism is added on top of ships morale value and as long as those components remain active Morale cannot drop below a vessels or habitations Creed/Fanaticism score.

Vessels or habitations Creed/Fanaticism score gives equal bonus WP checks to resist influence of competing belief system.   ???



Example: If component becomes un-powered, damaged or destroyed Creed bonus is lost.


Thoughts on RT boarding expanded to battles between armies

-Army has equivalents of components, population, morale, crew rate

-Each unit may make attack or make support action each combat turn (1 hour, equals Void combat turn).


Left flank, Center, Right Flank,

Titan, infantry, heavy weapon, motorized


Headquarters,  Artillery, Triage, Munitorium, Surveillance, Air support

Unit qualities:

Scouting (mark opponent) , Armored (deacreases crit damage), Fast (may attack rear if opponent lacks fast units) , Aerial (no terrain penalties), Pioneer (bonus to defensive stance), Motorized (charge bonus), Mechanical (no routing),

Unit actions:

Attack, defensive position, move

Unit states:

Pinned, routing, defensive, charging, damaged, unpowered, destroyed, blessed, frenzy,



Population quarters and residents

-Quarters are reserved for a crew/work-force which keeps a star vessel/population centres operational and maintained. Residents are reserved for population tasked for other things than daily operation and maintenance of a star vessel/population centre.

-Star vessels seldom transport large amounts of people along the crew and in those cases star vessel is customized for the job.

-Quarters up to frigate size are able to house up to 50.000 crewmembers, quarters from light cruiser to cruiser are able to house up to 100.000 crewmembers. Grand cruiser quarters are able to house up to ?? crewmembers.

New quarters

Imperial quarters, not used in star vessels or fortressess because of excessive use of space compared to other available quarters.


Luxury quarters, 1.000 citizens

Hive tower/dome, 1.000.000 citizens

Imperial projects 100.000 citizens

Slave hold, 50.000 slaves

Prison hold, 50.000 prisoners

Xeno habitat, 100 individuals


UP: United planets. Human society at the beginning of Golden Age of Technology. Launches first wave of colonization. Cryoships in sublight speed.

Solar Hegemony: Human society guided by AIs during final years of Golden Age of Technology. Star vessels are capable to warp jumps calculated by AI on board of a star vessel. Collapses to internal conflict between competing AIs at the beginning of Age of Strife


Parts of star vessel or habitat

Bilge: Vast empty space beneatf the star vessels

Maintenance tunnels and chambers: Places and passages used only by servitors, maintenance technomats and adeptus mechanicus.

Empty space: Unused parts of a star vessel.

Abandoned space: Some parts of a ship may become abandoned by a crew of a ship. It can bee toxic, cursed, haunted or unfortunate area which is avoided and left to delipidation.


Waste pits: From recycling vats of organic matter to compress-and-eject facilities dumping hazardous material out to the space.

Lost components: Good component can be Space: -1 and best components can be Space: -2. Thus high quality components which are unpowered remain unnoticed from the bridge/HQ reports.

Good quality component: fission generatorium  Pow: +2 Space 1 (-1 space as quality bonus) =0 can be hidden within vessel and it can power up fore mentioned Space: 0 components.

Thus unaware captain of star vessel may carry operational technology forgotten by previous captains and buried within ship’s component structure.

Life support ducts:


Arctic vault: Seed bank for STC life forms

Temperate vault: Atmospheric control

Desert vault: Tectonic control


Deadface: Drug that gives +30 to bargain and -10 to Fel


Initial crew rate of conscript:

Citizen 20
Arbitrator troops 30
Imperial guard 35
Gang conscript 30 (-10 outside turf)
PDF infantry 30
Penal legion 30



Missing pictures:

Maximus, , Leonatus (dead), Jonatah, Morcutor, Pauperpolis Mayor, Regiomontanus, Gauss,


Inquisitors interested of Ultima Tectum system

Aurora Orlov, Ordo Hereticus, Grandmaster
-Radical Istvaanist: Believe conflict is desirable to further progress through strife

-Psyker: Psyrate high, Divination, telepathy, ?

-First encounter with retinue:

Victoria Eldrich, Ordo Hereticus,
-Puritan Amalathians: Believe that the Emperor has a grand plan and that it is unfolding as it should.

-Psyker: High psy rate, telepathy, void, ?combat
-Hunts down Aurora Orlov to get her excommunicated.

Immel Amud, Ordo Malleus Inquisitor, Grand master
-Dead for half millenia. Master of Ugrippa whose rosetta she still uses.

-Famous for founding the witches of Port Wander.

Rotho Klaive, Ordo Malleus, Master
-Radical Oblationist: Believe that the Warp, the xenos and the unclean are utterly damning, yet their use is necessary to overcome mankind’s enemies.

-Visits Precinct fortress in disguise.

-Warded armor against daemons. Accompanied by blank retainer.

-Has been hunting distinctive cult of Tseentch for over hundred years.






Enneagram sphere, archaotech item used to store consciousness of an individual.

Leaders of HLF are stored minds that have been implanted to blank minds of purged recipients. Partial thoughts are used to brainwash conspiracy troops with advanced hypno-doctrination..


Release of birds by ecclesiarchy during imperial festivities.


Derelict prisonbarge found floating near mandeville point.


After that:

Shadow war between Acolytes of Nytram ( Ranulf, Yves and Xavier)  and Von Trotha. Objective of dark mechanicus is to keep Avaritas (hidden areas) and Sphaera Imperator  tech shrine safe from daemonic acolytes of Nytram.

Von Trotha has understood that Gravis Minor and the system keep the secrets that will give him power over the Mars. He plans to capture AI to use for his agenda among Mechanicus of Mars. Obsession to summon Omnissiah at Mars, developed when first expose to virus of Novabyte code originating from AI wars at the end of Golden Age of Technology.

Von Trotha has hacked GRG surveillance system and has been using signature of Fortius to ignite cores of non-legitimate habitats. (Sphaera Imperator, Scutum, Pugia, Pauperpolis, Celos)

Ugrippa preaches holy vigilance against the daemons (Sun, Nytram) at the system and void born clans unite for murders of both twins (to be sure) and keeping frequent holy prayer meetings for the Emperor to ward away evil.

When Gödel studies petrified cogitator and finds out corrupting hexagrammatic code inside ??planted by Von Trotha, Those corrupting cogitators already distributed to several forge world draw acolytes to follow Von Trotha’s bidding. Trotha has excavated cogitators from Gravis Minor. Petrified but still implanted with hexagrammatic commands drawing from times of the AI war at Gravis Minor.

Clarissa and her retinue prepares for Holy Vengeance strike against xeno installation. Stryxis warp disruptor against eldar. Clarissa doubts Mordechai for his hidden backup.

Rampant use of drugs and high insanity rates draw pirate of Slaanesh to system.

Shadow war between Chorda Dynasty and the Syndicate intensifies Fight for the control of Penitus Balteus cold trade (xeno artefacts, xeno drugs, illegal drugs)


Reliquary ship ordered by Arch-Diocese Homer

“Inspirational quotes for the officers”


When things at the Ultima Tectum system have become volatile enough then enter Inquisitor operations to the system.

Aurora Orlov commands Judge Mordechai to assist and protect his operatives on finding the star-child from the system. Dangers foreseen to Orlov’s operation Daemonic influence, Mechanicus influence

Victoria Eldrich commands Judge Mordechai to gather intelligence and dirt about operations of Aurora Orlov. Especially to snatch star-child from his clutch. Will initiate exterminatus to every planet of the system and declare it forbidden system if necessary.


Adeptus Arbites ranks:

High Judge

General Marshal

Grand provost marshal


Late’s idea:

-Ogres are not sub-human race but actually STC ape adapted to Imperial environmental pressure of warfare and pollution.


Arrival Gravis Major, Summer
-Arbitrator Mordechai scouts the system.

Year 1 Gravis Major, Autumn
-Precinct fortress becomes operational at Sphaera Imperator
-Space pier becomes operational at Canor Sol

-Huwan tribal wars begin.

Year 2 Gravis Major, Autumn
-Chorda fleet brings millions of refugees from hive world of Jericho Reach, Ultima Segmentum.
-Chorda-Sundicate cold trade wars begin.

NOW-Jokaero crashdown at Gravis Major.

Year 3 Gravis Major, Winter
-Chorda fleet brings more refugees if mass attrition of population threats the limit of 2 million inhabitants.
-Imperial navy concentrates it forces against Waagh of ‘Undred teeth, protection of Ultima Tectum is cut down to minimum.
-Choda-Winterscale shadow war starts to escalate.

Year 4 Gravis Major, Winter

Year 5 Gravis Major, Spring
-Chaos raiders pillage the system.

Year 6 Gravis Major, Spring
-Chorda and Winterscale dynasties bring their private fleets to Ultima Tectum to protect their claims at the system.
-Shadow war of the dynasties escalate to brink of war between the fleets.

Year 7 Gravis Major, Summer
-Sun of the system starts boiling up. Rampant madness and awakening of dormant psykers.
-Mid-summer solstice, end of campaign

Year 60

-Epiloque of the campaign??


To do list:

Habitat population/morale/creed/health values/integrity/armor/command bonus

Habitat creed
Pious: Shrine worlds, Pilgrim ships, Ecclesiarchy monasteries
Heretic: Heretical cult doctrine,

Habitat layouts

Gravis minor mechanicus hierarchy

Criminal underworld of ultima tectum

Shadow war agents and their relations


Possible Star-Childs, each one has potential to ascend.

Jotak, Half blood Usharillo pusher until Arbitrator Mordechai scares him straight with the wrath of the Emperor. Has risen up to sell local souvenirs at spaceport of “Bastion of Drusus” at the Gravis Major.
Coming challenges: Huwan war party assault, hungry winter, colonist gangs
Hunted by: Agents of Collegio ??, Huwan shamans

Maximus, Techno Savant child of nobility whose psyrate is kept in check with constant medication by family doctor. His kite was confiscated and never returned by arbitrator Mordechai. During blockade of Gravis Major. Gift of techno savant, fluent speaker of machine languages.

Has been captured by Von Trotha
Coming challenges: Infiltrating Precinct-Fortress, Running out of Psy medication,
Hunted by: House of Gran Falls, Emanuel Agent of Idiomus, Dark Mechanicus

Vesta, Blind albino daughter of hag-wife Ugrippa of void clans of Nimbus Extern. Soul claimed by Nytram Red-Handed. Dark gifts of un-natural senses, willpower and agility.  Has in-perceivable mutation?? Insights about warp and prophecies.
Coming challenges: Ungues Aguilarum, death of Ugrippa?,
Hunted by: Nytram Red-Handed, Ranulf Prophet of Alkaline Springs, Hemlock Security advisor, agents of Collegio

-Star childs are hunted by forces of Imperium and it’s enemies, each of them with agenda for exploiting the blossoming alpha psykers.

Idiomus needs star child to save the imperium and to appease his master Aurora Orlov

Nytram needs star child to open sunburst through xeno anomaly sunspot and make ultimate human sacrifice of entire system.

-Eldar farseer wants to exploit destiny of star child and create an vessel to fight daemon of blue giant.


Jokaeoro agenda

-As I was reading Rogue Trader some decades ago origin of Jokaero was only hinted to be created by Slann. Already then I started to imagine that Imperium thinks that Jokaero are xenos but actually they originate from Terran uplifted apes from dark age of technology. They parted from humanity somewhere before age of strife and do their best to distance themselves from it.
-Some years ago I was running sci-fi game where star vessel originating from earth around 2300 ad. One of the crew members was uplifted chimpanzee. First ape to win physics Nobel prize. He was first to envision apedom free from oppression of humanity and populating their own worlds of monkey utopia.
-Even that uplifted ape keep their distance humanity they still continue hunting down and exterminating AIs from dark age of technology.
-Also if they encounter STC apes from planets terraformed by STC standards they are rescued and placed to primitive jungle world to live free of humanity.

*Retinue of Ungues Aquilarum gain hoard of STC apex gonads while exploring

*As Apex gonads end up for sale at Ultima Tectum following story-line is triggered

*Vox signal is received as Rogue Trader Karfa having failure with warp engine and falling inside of mandeville point of Ultima Tectum.

*As frigate takes extensive damage from involuntary drop from warp space nearer to suns gravity than would be safe Karfa’s star vessel.

*Engines are damaged and vessel falls towards center of star system without control.

*Falling directory of Karfa’s star vessel is almost without even slightest distortion towards Gravis Major.

*As star vessel approaches orbit of Gravis major there is system malfunction and all shuttles and drop pods are launched unmanned towards surface of the planet.

*Rogue trader Karfa’s star vessel falls towards atmosphere of the Gravis Major. Without daring technical assistance vessel is doomed to burn to smithereens before impacting planet surface.

*Jokaero agent that has been traveling on the star vessel has landed on arctic continent and seeks for STC apex roaming the continent. As soon as Jokaero has located those beings he begins building Jokaero star vessel.

*To fulfill Jokaero’s need of raw technical material he trains apex guerillas to raid imperial technology from imperial colonists.

* When Jokaero star vessel is ready it escapes with STC apex to monkey dimension and safety.

*Source of STC apex gonads is lost for Imperium.

-Effect of Apex Gonads: Failed stamina check +1d10 to maximum lifespan. Successful stamina check +1d50 to maximum lifespan. Effects of eating gonads is not cumulative but each time gives possibility to new stamina check and if result improves it is accounted


Aquatic sub-humans

-Human sub-race with dolphin originated gene enhancements.


Navigator gene origins

Experimental genetic hybrid of human, dolphin and xenos from dusk of dark age of technology.??


Fate of dolphins

-At the beginning of dark age of technology humanity uplifted several species of earth biosphere. Apes were first and dolphins were second of those. Humanity used uplifted dolphins as fighter pilots in forgotten wars. As veteran dolphins suffering from PTSD returned to earth joined their forces with cross species marriage right movement. “Veteran dolphins need earth women” campaign raised public outrage and when sexual practices of combat dolphins high on stimulant were exposed in yellow slates whole species was denied of uplift and reverted back to proto-intelligence. Uplifted apes took a hint from these tragic events and decided to abandon humanity in first possible chance. As apes abandoned humanity they accelerated their evolution and ended up as Jokaero.


Universal utility bot

WS   BS    S   T   Ag   WP    Int    Fel

55   40   40* 45*  45   45    65     20

Armor: Eye: 0 Body: 12 Proto mechadendrite: 6

Skills: Dodge, Parry +20, Scrutine, Awareness, Tech Use, Lingua Tech
Traits: Unnatural toughness, unnatural intelligence, swift attack,

6 proto mechadendrites (2 for movement and 4 for specialized utensils)

Model variants:

Nanny bot for incubation chambers and medicae operations, human upbringing and interaction, fine motor skills and social skills boosted
Chem injector: sleep, inoculate, stimulant,
Bone saw, 1d10+2, Pen: 5 rending
Surgical laser dam 1d6+1, precise
Sensor probe

Utility bot for machine maintenance
Conversion power field, strength, toughness, heavy machinery
Hydraulic wrench dam 2d10
Industrial bolter dam 1d10+3
Plasma torch 2d10
Luminous beam Blinding

Sentinel bot for security and threat elimination
Conversion power field boosted combat skills,
Stun beam
Heavy laser
Crowd control emitter
Power maul

Emergency eyelid armor, only in sentinel variant
Reinforced proto-mechadendrites