The Shining of Brugel

Albrecht's story.

In the library hall G-8 of the thousands-year-old archive frigate Lux Sapientia, a secret door behind the bookshelf was found in connection with the dust removal performed in a thirty-year cycle. A previously unknown hall was revealed behind the door, and even a cursory examination showed that the hall contained thousands and thousands of uncatalogued opuses.

The discovery in question was recognized as a remarkable and potentially important treasure trove of lost and forgotten information. And so already twelve standard years later, the bureaucracy related to the discovery and its cataloging had been taken through all the necessary committee examinations. The mysterious hall was chosen to be explored by the Great Bibliologist Felia Göethe, assisted by the novices Albrecht Brüegel, Nübius Filk and the duodecimal system server Kl.32.7.

In a solemn ceremony, the explosives and seals were removed from the door of the hall, and the guard was transferred to other duties on the ship. Full of thirst for knowledge and enthusiasm, the group entered the door...

...and at that moment Lux Sapientis jumped into the Immaterium.