Common sects of Imperial creed

All sects of Imperial creed agree on a following six key tenets:

    • Emperor once walked among men, but He is, and always has been, a god.
    • Emperor is the one true god, regardless of what past faiths any human may have worshiped.
    • To purge the heretic, beware the psyker and mutant, and abhor the alien.
    • Every human being has a place within Emperor’s divine order.
    • To unquestionably obey the authority of Imperial government and one’s superiors.


Originates: Unknown
Believe the edifices of the Cult Imperialis should be heavily ornamented works of art, in praise of the Emperor. Stricter in treatment of mutants than Lucid[s]. Founded by Gracius of Armorm. Sect could be seen as reformed continuity for sect Temple of Saviour Emperor.

Originates: Hagia, in the Sabbat Worlds
Absolute pacifism.??

Brethren of the Light
Originates: Desedna and surrounding space (Segmentum Obscurus)
See themselves as an adjunct to the Inquisition, and carry out much covert espionage of suspected heretics.

Originates: Western Segmentum Solar
Believe the Emperor was always a living god (as opposed to Phanacians).

Confederation of light
The Confederation believed that the sacrifice of the Emperor should serve as an example to everyone and advocated ideas of poverty, generosity, and humility, ideas that directly contradicted the teachings of the Ecclesiarchy and its Cardinals who lived lavishly.

Originates: Mostly frontier space, particularly the Eastern Fringe
Pioneering faith devoted to spreading the Emperor’s Light to the whole galaxy and all mankind. Missionary work is highly praised (though they often disagree with the Missionarius Galaxia on how to do it), as is colonization of new worlds and prolific procreation. Especially strong xenophobia.

Originates: Karis Cephalon and surrounding system
Value poverty and abstinence, favour spartan houses of worship.

Originates: Segmentum Pacificus
Believe the Emperor was fully deified only upon the defeat of Horus.

Originates: Emerging sect in the Segmentum Pacificus, some following on Hydraphur.
Believe in the absolute separation of humans and psykers; the two can be combined only in the Emperor. Even sanctioned psykers should for preference be turned into servitors or otherwise lobotomized.

Redemption Cult
Originates: “Most flourishing” on Necromunda, other spread unknown.
Militant sect, devoted to purging the sins of any and all deviants. Consider most non-members to be deviants.

Originates: Unknown.
Believe in the eventual resurrection of the Emperor and may also work towards it in some way (Thorians within the Inquisition are Resurrectionists, and Omnissiads within the Cult Mechanicus strongly echo them).


Source A edited for Ultima Tectum Campaign.

Source B edited for Ultima Tectum campaign