1. campaign Story so far

After watching the Imperial fleet to fulfill Inquisitor Orlov’s orders and proceed with the Exterminatus on his homeworld Vyn-8, (agriworld, Calixis sector) Arbitratus Mordechai made a personal vow to mighty Emperor of Terra to never let it happen again on his vigil.

By orders of Inquisitor Grand-master Aurora Orlov Arbitrator Adept Mordechai is speeded up on promotions and gains Arbitratorial Patent of Appointment to backward system of Ultima Tectum at Koronus Expanse.

With Ordo Inquisition supporting him Arbitrator Mordechai uses his influence to form the task force “Ungues Aquilarum” to revive the Imperial justice. To his command are assigned Astropath Martün Underberg with his soul guard Ivar the Seerslayer and Genetor Extremis Specialist Gödel with his auspex servo skull.

Together they shall bring the court of Imperial justice, Astropathic choir of an interstellar communication and adored wonders of Techno-shrine to recently colonized solar system of Ultima Tectum. Their mission is to integrate the fledgling system to the holy tapestry of Imperial worlds.

But in the ambitious plans of arbitrator Mordechai, Ultima Tectum is just a stepping stone for “Ungues Aquilarum”, his personal cohort of righteous justice. Imperial integration of Ultima Tectum planetary system and support of Inquisitor Grand-master Aurora Orlov will give Mordechai enough merit to compete for position as judge of High court of Segmentum  Obscurus. Tax profit of the system shall be poured to build up arbitrator organization loyal to his Imperial justice. With backing of Ordo Inquisition, authority of Imperial judge’s hammer and personal army, arbitrator Mordechai plans to bring new era of justice and penance to the Imperium of Man.

First Act

Chapter 1: Arrival to Ultima Tectum, 816.M41

-Where Arbitrator task force “Ungues Aquilarum”, lead by Arbitrator Mordechai, arrives to assess the rising imperial system of Ultima Tectum

Chapter 2: Precinct-fortress becomes operational, 817.M41

-Where arbitrator’s precinct-fortress is built and his court room and task force are set up to carry out judgement for low and mighty.

Chapter 3: System integration to Imperial justice, 817.M41

-Where law and customs control is reigned across the system without hesitation.

Chapter 4: Resistance of the Law is futile, 818.M41

-Where Judge Mordechai starts to discover hidden secrets and encounters several allies, rivals and enemies.

Chapter 5: Mechanicus expedition, refugee camps 818.M41

-Where archeotech secrets of Gravis Minor are delved further and population of Gravis Major exceeds 10 million as Imperial refugee camps are founded.

Chapter 6: Inquisitors arrive to system, grand opening of the precinct-fortress 818.M41

-Where Judge Mordechai recognizes higher Imperial authorities at the system.

Chapter 7: Inspecting Celos habitat at outer reaches 818M.41

-Where void born habitat supported by Judge Mordechai is inspected among celebrating Imperial citizens.

Chapter 8: Siege campaigns of Gravis Major 819.M41, Arrival of Rogue Traders 

-Where Judge Mordechai leads Imperial war campaign and receives Rogue Trader assistance.

Chapter 9: 820.M41 Visitors at Tech-shrine, Demise of Nytram

-Where specialist Gödel receives pilgrims to tech-shrine of Sphaera Imperator, Astropath Martün faces his warp nemesis.

Chapter 10: 820.M41 Astropath Martün is not executed, Pirate of Slaanesh invades the system

-Where Judge Mordechai turns to path of a radical and the reaver of chaos ravages the system.

Chapter 11: 820.M41 Judge Mordechai experiments with warp traveling with raider class star vessel “Golden Fury”.

-Where Judge Mordechai learns xeno diplomacy and Specialist Gödel makes medical innovations with star vessel’s navigator.

Chapter 12: Where star-children are located. 820.M41

-Where retinue establishes themselves to intrigues of the system.

Second Act

Chapter 13: Retinue plan their long term goals, Stryxis merchant vessel is engaged to void combat 821.M41

Chapter 14: Where judgement is brought to Gravis Major 821.M41

Chapter 15: Mechanicus Expeditio at Gravis Major 821.M41

Chapter 16: Negotiations at Canor Sol, Confession of Master Imus, Judge  Mordechai orders door to door search accross Avaritas Star fortress 821.M41