Ship machine spirits and past histories expanded


Machine spirit:

Remnant of dark age of technology: Guidance of the machine spirit makes any mechanical crew member more efficient. Servitor crew rate +10.

Vigorated By Slaughter: Every void turn star vessel kills at least 1 population of other star vessel or habitat it gains +5 to manoeuverability and +5 tech-use checks

Calculus Savant: Machine spirit is inclined towards scientific research. Gain +10 to logic and any Scolastic lore or Forbidden lore test. -10 to Tech-use to repair components or reconfigurate the core.

Warpwise: Ship has uncanny algorhythms to solve warp launches. +5 to navigation in warp and shorter warp travel time.

Pilgrim: Vessel or habitation has been a part of major Imperial pilgrimage route. +5 to creed, talent peer (ecclesiarchy).

Past histories:

Isolation: When acting in void combat +5 to crew rate when alone against several targets and -5 if acting along allies.

Defiled Imperial Navy Vessel: Gives Hatred (pirates) talent during void combat for Imperial Navy commanders opposing the ship. +20 bonus to tech-use checks to mimic Imperil Navy vessel drive signature.

Inhuman Experiments: Vessel/habitation past is tarnished with cruel and inhuman medical research. + 10 to medicae checks, -5 to morale.

Reaver Hunting: Vessel/habitation has been active against cold traders and pirate vessels. +10 augury bonus versus silent run and mimic drives.


Notes on Machine spirits and Abominable intelligence

-Differences between star vessel drive and habitation core spirits??

-Lesser machine spirits?? Psychic payload of humanity causes items to be able to exist in Immaterium and affect forces of warp??

-Machine spirit is not able to re-configurate itself, core spirit is able to re-configurate but not re-program itself, artificial intelligence is able to re-configurate and re-program itself.??