GM Koronus Expanse



Lo, I see that which is beyond. I see the faces of distant moons and the fire of lost stars. I see the void un-walked and the waiting dark. I see the void that is my home and to which I return with hope and fear.

—reputed words of unknown Rogue Trader departing Port Wander

Accursed Demesne

  • Chasmed world Unclassified, (Koronus Expanse map)
  • Cinderhall Unclassified, (Koronus Expanse map)
  • Illisk, Unbeholden Reach (Edge of Abyss page 43) or Accursed Demesne (Koronus Expanse map) This world is worthless—all of its mineral wealth played out by ancient strip mining. Its resident xenos culture died off long ago, the entire ecosystem destroyed by their desperate final efforts.
  • Marwoly Unclassified, (Koronus Expanse map)
  • Procession of the Damned (Koronus Expanse map)
    It is a blighted void, a few barren worlds circling a bright and turbulent star. Closer in to the solar energies is the Processional: a thin orbiting chain of wreckage, warp-crushed space hulks, and dead vessels of a hundred different xenos origins.
  • Ultima Tectum The system heavily invested and competed for by Chorda Dynasty and Winterscale Dynasty. One of the major systems supporting Imperial Navy fleetbase Metis.


  • Corpse-fortune Dead world (Koronus expanse map)
  • Damaris Agriworld (Frozen Reaches page 7) A rarity among the howling desolation of the void, Damaris is a world based on great aspirations and driving ambition. A medium-sized planet of rolling hills, low mountain ranges, and small but incredibly deep seas, Damaris is blessed with numerous valuable resources. Although a colder world with oversized icecaps, the equator has a short but usable growing season when the snow melts and ice retreats, and vast stretches of the equatorial regions are given over to agriculture and the production of foodstuffs. The seas are full of edible creatures that are highly in demand throughout the Expanse as well as the Calixis sector, and many valuable ores and precious gems are ensconced in the world’s ancient, wind-worn mountains.
  • False Hope Dead world (Koronus expanse map)
  • Footfall, Rogue Trader corebook page 342 The settlement that was once Dewain’s Footfall, and now simply Footfall, is a tethered network of hundreds of stone structures floating in Furibundus’s voids. It is a mass of buttressed temples and plasma-pitted fanes whose towers jut out at all angles into the void. Most are linked by enclosed stonework tunnels and arch-bridges, in addition to huge steel chains. At the very centre is tethered a huge macro-statue of the God-Emperor, larger than many warships
  • Foulstone, cemetery world
  • Somnium VIII (Edge of Abyss page 40) Centred around a bright, blue giant star, the Somnium system consists of fourteen planets and hundreds of moons. The planets closest to the star are small, arid balls of rock baked hard by the intense heat and radiation of their massive star. The rest are a mix of mostly unremarkable feral worlds with little or no commercial value or worthless, lifeless rocks.

Aside from its planets, the Somnium system houses little else of interest.

Cinerus Maleficum

  • The Breaking Yards (Edge of Abyss page 32), edited for Ultima tectum campaign
    Near the centre of the Koronus Expanse, SR-651 is a red giant star standing silent watch over an empty system. Whether the system ever had planets remains unclear, but the entirety of it is littered with dense asteroid fields, the shattered remains of voidships, and the detritus of millennia of passing fleets. The Breaking Yards is one of the few places at Koronus expanse, where one is able to dock a battle cruiser class star vessel.
  • Note: Cinerus Faleficum is mentioned to be containing strongholds of Chorda Dynasty, but no systems are mentioned.

Foundling worlds

  • Pratus,  (Faith and Coin page 63)
    Rimward of the Emperor’s Scourge and bathed in its pale iridescence, lies the desolate and mysterious world of Pratus.
    The third planet in the Mallister system, ancient Pratus orbits a dying white dwarf star that is little more than a cinder, and shares the system with a collection of barren, lifeless planets, shattered moons, and slowly unravelling gas giants. Resources: Xenos artifacts
  • Iniquity, Mining world (Frozen Reaches page 7)
    The Dioskouri System lies amongst the Foundling Worlds region just rimward of the Tempest of Scorn, bathed in the flickering, baleful light of The Void Dancer’s Roil. In earlier times, it was a lovely and easily-navigable system where thick, multi-coloured dust clouds drifted among dozens of super-massive gas giants that glowed like painted ornaments in the light of the system’s twin stars. This was ages ago, however, well before mankind walked upright. Now, this once-lovely system is in its death throes. Corrupted by the touch of Chaos and slowly tearing apart under the baleful infl uence of its dying stars, there is little here but destruction for anyone foolish enough to enter. It is here, on accursed Iniquity, that Karrad Vall has made his home among numerous warring clans of Chaos Reavers.
  • Loreatta (Faith and Coin page 15)
  • Biryonox Prime (Faith and Coin page 19)
    A death world filled with hardy, brutal humans and an abundance of climatory threats,
  • Everharvest (Faith and Coin page 20)
  • Kosdir (Faith and Coin page 29)
  • Gildas (Faith and Coin page 30)
    Remote supply station orbiting the world

Heathen Stars

  • Naduesh, (Edge of Abyss page 30)
    The lone habitable planet in a small, empty star system, The crumbling remains of ancient hive cities thousands of kilometers across span the entire planet, and fully two-thirds of the land lies in the shadow of their shattered domes. The whole planet is a single landmass punctuated here
    and there by deep, broad, freshwater lakes. Resources: Archaotech, human population

Koronus Passage

  • Port Wander (Into the storm page 234)
    “A stinking, painted harlot who would see your blood flowing for a few coins, that she may be, but who cannot say that they love the light that is known waiting for the traveller returned from the void.”
    –Rogue Trader Cortin Blaine, captain of the Astra Veritas
    Port Wander is a void station on the uttermost edge of the Drusus Marches of the Calixis Sector, rightly regarded as the last bastion of the rule of the Emperor this side of the Koronus Expanse. A place of desperate hopes and vain dreams; Port Wander teems with a transitory population of traders, spies, merchant factors, pilgrims, and missionaries amongst which move Administratum functionaries and minions of the Mechanicus, all feeding on the riches that flow from the realms beyond the warp storms in the Koronus Expanse. All who travel into the Koronus Expanse share one common experience in that they pass Port Wander. Be they the pious bringing the Emperor’s Light into the darkness beyond the Imperium or black-hearted monsters searching for the keys to forbidden dreams, many will stop in the last place where the rule of the Golden Throne keeps the horror and possibility of the unknown at bay.
    Port Wander was founded by the Imperial Navy in 917. M40 as a staging ground to investigate the loss of many vessels on the fringes of the Drusus Marches. With the discovery of the Koronus Passage in the late 40th millennium, the station grew in importance owing to its close proximity to the Passage. Its original role as a base for military operations was slowly forgotten, and Port Wander became a way station for those daring passage into the Koronus Expanse. Merchants and mercenaries began to choke the once- deserted corridors of the station, and strangers shook the dust of distant stars from their boots while trading wondrous things from beyond the Great Warp Storms. 
  • The Stations of Passage (Edge of Abyss page 25)
  • The Witch-cursed World (Edge of Abyss page 26)

The Maw

  • The Hermitage (Edge of Abyss page 29)
    Founded in generations past, this void station was once considered to be a bastion of the might of the Imperium. After the annihilation of Trame Lathimon, the station became a home for all manner of drifters and hermits. As time went on, the station slowly became a haven for Rogue Traders gathering together to wait out the nearby storms; and eventually, it became even less.
    Today, parts of the Hermitage have crumbled and are open to space. While it is still home to a few hermits, the station is mostly used as a clandestine meeting place for Rogue Traders to broker deals, discuss trade, and meet on neutral ground.

Ragged World’s

  • Aubray’s Anvil, (Edge of Abyss, page 35)
    Long bereft of human habitation and given over completely to beasts and plants, the Anvil more closely resembles an abandoned forge world than a typical hive. The face of the planet is covered with obscure laboratories and sprawling factories hundreds of kilometres long. Its great hives are a twisting maze of steel and stone and unidentifiable composites under crystalline domes thousands of metres high. Resources: Archeotech.
  • Ikeran (Faith and coin page 62) Nearly the size of Scintilla and covered almost entirely by incredibly deep seas, Ikeran glows like a blue-green jewel in the mellow, pale light of the star Bathys. Records of the planet that remain paint a detailed portrait of a dynamic world populated by sea-faring peoples, as well as evidence of possible previous Imperial occupation.

A relative rarity among habitable worlds, Ikeran is nearly all ocean. It possesses no continents or large land masses, and what little dry land there is exists around the planet’s equator in the form of small, rocky island chains, numerous atolls, and saw-toothed volcanic ranges. Resources: Human population, Imperial tech, archeotech

  • Seldon’s Folly, (Edge of Abyss, page 36)
    Armies have reduced the once-beautiful world to a smouldering, crater-filled warzone. Where the land is not poisoned it is radioactive, and the skies are clouded with chemical weapons and blackened by the smoke of charnel fires.
  • Redemption, (Edge of Abyss, page 36)
    This blasphemous world is a small, arid moon orbiting a gas giant in the far coreward reaches of the Ragged Worlds, well within sight of the seething warp storms that hem the Expanse.
    Recently declared off-limits by the Ecclesiarchy, Redemption was once the cemetery world for a long-lost cult dedicated to a heretical version of the teachings of the God-Emperor.

Unbeholden reach

  • Callopius Magnus (Koronus Expanse map)
  • Concanid (Koronus Expanse map)
  • Frozen Sisters (Koronus Expanse map)
  • Orn, Forbidden world (Koronus Expanse map)
  • Rameen, Death world (Koronus Expanse map)
  • Silverhammer (Koronus Expanse map)
  • Yamakor (Koronus Expanse map)

‘Undred ‘Undred Teeth

Winterscale Realm

  • Dominion of Mazes (Edge of Abyss page 21)
  • Lucin’s Breath, (Edge of Abyss page 16)
  • Serpent’s Cradle (Edge of Abyss page 46)
    These tales speak of the planets of the Serpent’s Cradle; where the air is pure and the water sweet, worlds that can heal any ailment. They also speak of gems the size of a human’s hand that can easily be plucked from the ground—virtual paradises, according to the storytellers. Resources: Xeno artifacts


Ultima Tectum campaign worlds: (exact locations currently obscure)

  • Eldar craftworld, working to save the sector from falling under dominion of ruinous powers.
  • Trap world of Karrad Val, Unbeholden Reaches. Sratagem of Chaos Reaver commander to lure imperial fleet to annihilation.
  • Prison world Shajol, Heathen Stars. Resource planet for Chorda dynasty for organ transplants. Colonized by pre-Imperial humans with advanced medical science.     Also destination for rich who thought they would buy a ticket to the paradise world.
  • Zone 15 (Battlefleet Koronus page 62), Cinerus Maleficum??. Ancient artificial wormhole creating passage between Koronus Expanse and Jericho Reach.
  • Fleet base “Metis”
    -Ramilies-class star fort that guards the stable wormhole leading from Koronus Expanse to Sector Jericho Reach.
Ancient artificial wormhole creating passage between Koronus Expanse and Jericho reach
zone 15 station
Ramilies-class star fort

Psychic warpscape of Ultima Tectum