Next game notes


Muista lukea tarotit Mordechain ajatuksesta ottaa tähtilapset ja suunnata kohti terraa. Privana.

Lietnant Rick Gaunt  is taken to Mordechai Memorial Hospital.


Next Mechanicus expedition at Gravis Minor


  • Crash site of ancient battleship (gives access to damaged archeotech components),
  • mountain of Tastuu tribe (Gives access to power armoured tech assassins),
  • alien nanocontrol center (gives control to xenocrystals and orbit speed of Gravis Minor,
  • valley of tecnosaurians (gives acces to taming of technosaurians) ,
  • Dilapidated HQ of dead Abominable Intelligence (gives control to planet wide giant mechadendrites),
  • Hunt of Skulking City (gives control to automated HQ of dead abominable intelligence.


Extremely valuable cargo shipment is arriving to Canor Sol which require reinforced guarding.

Shipment of diamonds and crystals for Cardinal Humer and glass window of cathedral of immaculate truth.

Admnistrator Ecbert inquires from Specialist Gödel the opinion on positioning of 4 datalooms to handle system’s Imperial records. Proposition: Gravis Major, Avaritas, Sphaera Imperator, Canor Sol

Fishing fleet of Cociliatorix Simion. Gravis Major


Mechanicus fleet, to scavenge archeotech wonders of Gravis Minor. Great operation of Von Trotha and fabricator general of  ??. Lured by Von Trotha with promises of new forge world and used by Von Trotha to experiment with the defences of Skulking City and Gravis Major. Captain of the fleet carries petrified cogitator received from Von Trotha.

Mechanicus cruiser, archeotech labs, mechanicus in command is a minion of Von Trotha

transport, cargo hauler for the loot, trade warrant captain is blinded by profit and has loose lips when drunk.

frigate, captain belongs to cult of haemophilos that worships magnets and blood.

Chorda fleet, to secure Stryxis operation at Peniteus Balteus and Chorda goals at Gravis Major. Captain has mandate from Auspyce Chorda herself.

cruiser, several attack craft bays, captain collaborates with Vladir to start the pit fights at Nothus.

raider, captain is young grand-nephew of the Auspyce Chorda

raider, captain has past as a pirate??

raider, captain is devoted to Imperial creed

Imperial Navy star vessel, safety of drydocks of Canor Sol is imperative, captain is decorated veteran who has burned out for using “the blue” at the front against chaos reavers of Karrad Val. Will collaborate with Warden Vladir from Nothus for fighting pits at the penal colony.


Rogue trader star vessel, charting the sector for Imperial navy, Hired by Arviragus and Mordechai??, charter has been validated by Imperial Navy.

Heavy frigate

If stryxis warp resonator is destroyed eldar vessels are able to enter the Ultima Tectum system. Aim to rescue an ancient and holy plant, lost by renegade eldar, from xenos defilers.


Ennegram projector is stolen from Emplastrum Aegis.


Data-ghost: Noospheric echoes of the previous frequent users of the data manifold.

Braneshield: STC technology able to create pockets of alternative reality unreachable by beings of materium.

Binary apostle: Powerful individuals which travel across galaxy to reclaim lost STC wonders under dominion of Mars.

What happened to incarcerated monsters of Emplastrum Aegis? Up to notes: Shot and burned and ashes spaced out.

Gödel notices scarring anomaly of Nimbus Extern population. Caused by Ugrippa removing mutations with her “blessed” knife.

Tech-priests of Sphaera Imperator re-configurate core to sustain void shields to anticipate pirate threat.? Done. Is power sufficient with military configuration??


Krylov has been hacked by the Jokaero on board and cannot become aware of it’s existence. After each proof Krylov boots himself and continues from the discussion that was going on before mentioning the Jokaero.

Krylov has activated Rite of Duplessence with machine spirit of frigate “Regurgitator”. Krylov is magos without body that has parasitic symbiosis with frigate acting as its body and secondary mind.

When cortex implants arrive Krylov ask Gödel’s help to pacify Captain and his crew.

Cortex controlled Rogue Trader Captain Karfa arrives to denounce testament and claim his warrant back.


“Half Prayer Campaign” ends up with mass rebellion of famished troops. After executing most of the deserters Major Ardman retreats with remaining  soldiers as amount of them is insufficient to continue effective siege against Vault of the Frosty Spire, back to Bastion of Saint Drusus. 100.000 men

Commander Ardman gains In to the Jaws of Hell talent and his troops gain crack troops (+20 to crew rate) level with haunted, survival and resistance (cold) talents.

Commander Ardman requisitions creation of local Imperial Guard regiment of Gravis Major.

Haunted troop trait: -2 to morale, +5 to WP


Hermit ship of Confederation of light. Monastery cruiser.??


Standard nutrient puddy

-Food of choice for hive citizens, void born and any military personnel surviving prolonged siege.


Define Imperial rhinos machine spirit.

As winter becomes colder and hunger deeper people living on the refugee camps start to sell their organs to Chorda med shuttles.


Arrival of Tech Prefecture Magisterium and his hunter-killer clave

-Judgement of Omnisheim

-Judgement of Specialist Gödel for tachyon sensor augmentation.

-Judgement of Rogue Trader Karfa

-Promoting Fortius for his dedication

-Has explorator ship

-Orbits Gravis major while studying EF-118. Will be shot down by Skulking city and crashes to the planet.


Add grenade incident at Bastion of Drusus.


After Mordechai sold STC ape gonads for Winterscale Conciliatorix Arviragus, he informed the collector seeking them and triggered Jokaero surveillance. As soon as it is inconvenient for Arbotrator Mordechai adventure seed Jokaero Agenda is initiated

Jokaeoro agenda

-As I was reading Rogue Trader some decades ago origin of Jokaero was only hinted to be created by Slann. Already then I started to imagine that Imperium thinks that Jokaero are xenos but actually they originate from Terran uplifted apes from dark age of technology. They parted from humanity somewhere before age of strife and do their best to distance themselves from it.
-Some years ago I was running sci-fi rpg where center of campaign was star vessel originating from earth around 2300 ad. One of the crew members was uplifted chimpanzee. He was first ape to win physics Nobel prize. He was first to envision apedom free from oppression of humanity and populating their own worlds of monkey utopia.
-Even that uplifted ape keep their distance humanity they still continue hunting down and exterminating AIs from dark age of technology.
-Also if they encounter STC apes from planets terraformed by STC standards they are rescued and placed to primitive jungle world to live free of humanity.

*Retinue of Ungues Aquilarum gain hoard of STC apex gonads while exploring

*As Apex gonads end up for sale at Ultima Tectum following story-line is triggered

Adventure starts:

*Vox signal is received as Rogue Trader Karfa having failure with warp engine and falling inside of mandeville point of Ultima Tectum.

*As frigate takes extensive damage from involuntary drop from warp space nearer to suns gravity than would be safe Karfa’s star vessel.

*Engines are damaged and vessel falls towards center of star system without control.

*Falling directory of Karfa’s star vessel is almost without even slightest distortion towards Gravis Major.

*As star vessel approaches orbit of Gravis major there is system malfunction and all shuttles and drop pods are launched unmanned towards surface of the planet.

*Rogue trader Karfa’s star vessel falls towards atmosphere of the Gravis Major. Without daring technical assistance vessel is doomed to burn to smithereens before impacting planet surface.

*Jokaero agent that has been traveling on the star vessel has landed on arctic continent and seeks for STC apex roaming the continent. As soon as Jokaero has located those beings he begins building Jokaero star vessel.

*To fulfill Jokaero’s need of raw technical material he trains apex guerillas to raid imperial technology from imperial colonists.

* When Jokaero star vessel is ready it escapes with STC apex to monkey dimension and safety.

*Source of STC apex gonads is lost for Imperium.

-Effect of Apex Gonads: Failed stamina check +1d10 to maximum lifespan. Successful stamina check +1d50 to maximum lifespan. Effects of eating gonads is not cumulative but each time gives possibility to new stamina check and if result improves it is accounted

Past fragments:

Space shuttle combat

Mordechai: Scrutiny  check for vox chatter to spot unusual vox bursts transmitting co-ordinates of Urn of redemption.

Gödel: Tech-use check on radar versus stealth of approaching shuttles.

Martün: Psyniscience check as Sixth sense of veteran pilot kicks in to avoid ambush.

2 shuttles attack Urn of Redemption, smuggler after bounty,

Smuggler shuttle Ericius: cargo hold, sensors, fusion drive, crew rate 30
Smuggler shuttle Vulpes: lascannon, void shield, fusion drive, crew rate 30

1: Two smuggler shuttles perceived or ambush by them

2: As urn of Redemption is not armed only way to survive is to escape. Or???


If escape success:

-Fuel low after emergency burns, summon help through vox or suffer long flight attrition.

If escape failed:

-Enemies are destroyed by detonating atomics torpedo. Heavy doses of radiation, systems of shuttle busted, fuel low, sensor range short, flight of thirst and budding insanity, emergency repairs are done, shuttle detected by winterscale/bethel/syndicate