Archeotech qualities of Imperial components


Source: Stars of Inequity page 86

Miracles of the Dark Age

1d10 Roll Result
Imposing: This device is visibly wrought with long-forgotten heraldry and emblems of a past age, when the impossible was made real, inspiring fearful awe in those who see it. See Imposing on page 86 for details on its function.
Compact: This device is a miniaturized version of its usual counterparts, somehow without sacrificing functionality. See Compact on page 86 for details on its function.
Steady: Rugged and unfailingly dependable, this device functions perfectly even under sub-optimal conditions. See Steady on page 86 for details on its function.
Potent: This device is powerfully built, the arcane technologies within allowing it to perform above and beyond modern equivalents. See Potent on page 87 for details on its function.
Swirling Energy: This item is wreathed in a precisely-calibrated energy field, created with long-forgotten techniques and secrets. See Swirling Energy on page 87 for details on its function.
Incalculable Precision: The hand that shaped this relic was meticulous in a way that modern artisans cannot hope to replicate. See Incalculable Precision on page 87 for details on its function.
Indestructible: This item was shaped from an arcane material, whose composition defies analysis and any attempt to damage it alike. See Indestructible on page 87 for details on its function.
Multiple Blessings: Roll again twice on this table (re-rolling any further results of “Multiple Blessings” and duplicate results), and apply both results to the item.
Products of the Dark Age of Technology, when Mankind’s technology was at its zenith, these items are remarkable for their craftsmanship, precision, and effectiveness. Archeotech weapons and armour exceed even the finest craftsmanship of the 41st Millennium.
When creating an item in this category, the GM should roll once on Table: Miracles of the Dark Age. All items from the Dark Age of Technology surpass modern standards— the GM should also roll on Table 2–34: Craftsmanship (see page 92), and increase the result of his roll by 3 (to a maximum of 10). The GM should also roll twice on Table 2–35: Quirks (see page 92). Unfortunately, because of their venerable designs and the long-lost secrets used to create them, repairing Archeotech treasures (should they become damaged) requires the would-be tinkerer to succeed at a Challenging (+0) Forbidden Lore (Archeotech) Test before he can even make an attempt to repair it.

While none can say why its creators ornamented this device so noticeably, it makes an undeniable impression upon any who see it, reminding them why the Dark Age of Technology is so fabled and so feared.
Ship Component: An ancient and overwhelming testament to ages long past and knowledge long forgotten, this Component grants the vessel’s commanders a +10 bonus to all Intimidate and Command Tests made aboard a vessel upon which it has been installed.

This device is unbelievably small, given its purpose, or can be folded to fit in places one would not expect to look. Though the techno-arcane rites used to miniaturize its internal workings are long-lost, it remains as an impressive testament to the miraculous knowledge of the Dark Age of Technology.
Ship Component: Its Space requirement is reduced by 4 (to a minimum of 1 if it is Internal or 0 if it is External).

Though not as flashy as other archeotech treasures, this item is built to function reliably in all conditions, through challenges and tests that would push lesser creations well beyond their limits.
Ship Component: This Component is extremely reliable. Tests made using this Component receive a +5 bonus. Further, thanks to the crew’s faith in this Component, its presence increases the ship’s Morale by 5.

This device surges with the raw might available to its creators during the Dark Age of Technology.
Ship Component: This Component is unfailingly powerful, and its grandeur strikes all who see it in action. If it is a weapon, increase its Damage by 4. If it is a Plasma Drive, increase the Power it generates by 10. Otherwise, it simply works extremely well; it increases the vessel’s Morale by 3, to reflect the crew’s awe of such an impressive Component.

A shroud of energy surrounds this object, shimmering, glowing, or perhaps even flaring into existence before vanishing periodically.
Ship Component: If this Component would ever become unpowered or stop generating Power, so long as it is not destroyed in the process, it continues to do so for 1d10 minutes after it would normally shut down.

The manufacture of this device was so utterly precise that many users find its exactness disconcerting until they grow used to the greater level of meticulousness in craftsmanship that it displays.
Ship Component: This Component is so finely honed that it draws less power than it might otherwise, takes up a minimum of space, and often makes maintenance unnecessary. Decrease its Size and Power Requirements by 1 (to a minimum of 0). Its
presence increases the ship’s Morale by 1, as ratings occasionally find their assigned toil far less onerous than expected.

Carved from a material that defies explanation or analysis, forged from a lost alloy, or otherwise created in a miraculous fashion, this item is nearly impossible to damage by natural means.
Ship Component: This Component is shielded by a vast and powerful field that crackles to life whenever it would be damaged. Unfortunately, this field draws a great deal of power away from the Component itself. Whenever this Component would suffer the effects of a Critical Hit, it ignores those effects, but becomes unpowered or otherwise non-functional for 1d5 Strategic Rounds as the field overdraws the energy that it normally uses (or the Power that it generates).