Aging and rejuvenation of Imperial citizens

Average lifespan

In the society of Imperium a citizen’s position of authority, lineage and wealth greatly affects one’s predicted life-span.

For lower classes of Imperium life is physically draining and unhealthy. Monotonous diet, poor living conditions and crushing workload make their life’s gradually more painful and taxing.  Amputations and euthanizing are most common medical procedure they have available.

For middle class life is mentally demanding, stressful and mental medication is most common medical procedure they face.

For higher class life is full of lavish luxury and upkeep of impeccable reputation. They are regularly screened for health issues and have access to different level of rejuvenation procedures during their lifetime

Gaining corruption makes your body resistant to ravages of time adding 1 year to potential lifespan for each point of corruption character has. Note: Minor NPCs have corruption maximum of 10  points.

With standard Imperial rejuvenation techniques aging can be slowed or temporarily halted but never reversed.

Resurrection, soul transfer and re-animation are considered a heretical methods by the Imperial authorities.

Each level of Machine Trait gives you +100 years as failing organs are replaced with mechanical ones. If machine trait (5) is achieved there is a little flesh left for aging to ravage and individual becomes immune to aging.

Lower class

Natural lifespan 40 + TB x 5 + corruption = Maximum age in Terran years.

Average lifespan: 55

Middle class

Natural lifespan 50 + TB x 3 + corruption = Maximum age in Terran years.

Average lifespan: 59

Upper class

Natural lifespan 70 + TB x 2 + corruption = Maximum age in Terran years.

Average lifespan of higher class minor NPC: 76

Reserved for wealthy, nobility, navigators, inquisition, high echelons of imperial ordos.

Standard medicae operations and rejuvenation processes are able to quintuple the average lifespan of an individual.

Important people

Natural lifespan 70 + TB x 2 + corruption = Maximum age in Terran years.

Rare medicae operations and archaotech rejuvenation processes can prolong lifespan ad infinitum. Individuals usually perish through a corruption, an insanity or “an accident”. In example, space marines have gone through so severe genetic modification, geneseed,  and cybernetic augmentation enhancements that they do not age.

-Rejuvenation techniques-

Imperial Standard

Chymical rejuvenation treatments: slows down body metabolism.
Side-effects: shriveled skin, chymical odors
Getting treatment requires  Rejuvenation Chamber (archeotech) component.

Steroidal elixirs: Compensates characteristic loss caused by old age.
Side-effects: bulging muscles, loss of hair, lactation,
Getting treatment requires Pharmasia component

Anti-thanators: Makes aging cells more robust.
Side-effects: Liver spots, translucent skin,
Getting treatment requires an Advanced Medicae Deck component.

Blood transfusion: Filtering and replacing blood to reduce accumulation of toxins. Requires blood donors, often involuntary. An Advanced Medicae Deck component is able to produce cloned blood.
Side-effects: Healthy glow, may cause nose or eye bleeds.
Getting treatment requires a Medicae Deck component

Organ transplants: replacement of a failing organ with a new one.
Side-effect: May require medication to prevent a body for rejecting the organ. The organ can be cloned or harvested. Poor quality organs may cause characteristic loss and corruption.
Getting treatment requires Medicae Deck component

Cybernetic organs: Replacing failing organ with mechanical one. Extended use may grant Trait: Machine.
Side-effects: May require charging/batteries. Poor cybernetic augmentations are cumbersome and standard quality is visible.
Getting treatment requires Medicae Deck component


Autosanguine Dark Heresy 2 page
This ancient and blessed microscopic technology flows as a metallic liquid within the character’s bloodstream, repairing minor injuries and accelerating healing. It repairs minor injuries and speeds recovery. When applying healing, the character is always
considered Lightly Damaged, and heals at an increased rate, removing 2 points of damage per day instead of 1.
Activation requires visit to Advanced Medicae Deck or Tech-shrine

Hermetic Infusion Inquisitor’s handbook, page 138
As another departure from the frailties of the flesh, the infuser system replaces human blood and blood processing organs with a far more efficient biomechanical serum, the most advanced forms of which contain legions of microscopic homunculitic machines that can search out and repair damage on a cellular level with frightening speed.
Prerequisite: Tech-Priest, Autosanguine talent.
Common: The tech-priest gains a +10 bonus on Tests made to resist toxins, diseases and radioactive contamination. As well, the tech-priest gains the Die Hard talent.
Good: As Common, but the bonus on Tests increases to +20 and the tech-priest gains the Regeneration trait.
Disadvantages: Aside from a greying of the flesh and visible withering of the tissues, Hermetic Infusion has one marked side effect: the tech-priest’s body can no longer use human blood, and so cannot be treated for Blood Loss or severe injuries by transfusion or regular medical treatments. Instead, the tech-priest must look to his own care (if possible) or that of a Magos Biologis to replace his lost serum.

Prosanguine, Rogue Trader corebook, page 104, edited for Ultima Tectum campaign
Prerequisites: Autosanguine
Through the Explorer’s iron will or via appeals to the Omnissiah, he is able to speed the function of his Autosanguinators. By spending 10 minutes in meditation and ritual incantation, the character may make a Tech-Use Test, and if successful, remove 1d5 points of Damage. If he rolls a 96–100, he overstrains his implants, losing the ability to use them for one week. During that week, the Explorer may use neither the Autosanguine nor Prosanguine Talents.
Initial activation requires visit to Tech-shrine

Form re-constructors, Ultima Tectum campaign
Loss of limbs or major organs can be regrown in a matter of time with this reconstructing nanotechnology. Micro-servants download correct form when activated inside recipient and when ever form is damaged they restore it back to condition when nano-machines where first activated. If micro-servants are subdued by scrapcode recipient changes to Chaos Spawn.

Prerequisites: Prosanguine
STC mystery of rejuvenating nanotechnology. Studied by aging followers of Micro-Omnissiah.

Genetic mystery of the immortality for Imperial Space Marines.

Anima Mori

Enneagram recorder-projector Dan Abnett: Malleus
Is able to record minds and create storage crystals for them. Recorded personality can be imprinted to a sevitor, a clone or a mind-scrubbed person. Archeotech origin but listed as heretical as its use is in contradiction with Emperor’s declaration “One soul in one body”.

Radium serum, Ultima Tectum campaign
Those daring to inject it are granted with an extra years from gaining a corruption points. This heretic medication exploits extra life time bonus of corruption points and does not count as true rejuvenation. Minor NPC may gain up to 9 years more life time and major NPCs may gain up to 99 years extra but price is paid with accumulating corruption and developing mutations.

Can be approached through heretek solutions, rarely grants true immortality but sustained unlife requires energy that is available only as long as the re-animator wills so.

Anima Aura Dark Heresy book ? page ?
Prerequisites: Tech-Priest (Potentia Coil)
You have integrated the forbidden principles of the vile Sarcosan Wave Generator into your augmetic systems, allowing you to generate a field of energy that can keep what remains of your flesh animate even after it has been damaged or necrotised. By spending a Half Action you may activate the Anima Aura. The aura last for a number of Rounds equal 1d10 plus your Toughness Bonus. For as long as the Anima Aura is active, you have the Stuff of Nightmares Trait (see page 332 of the Dark Heresy Rulebook). While active, the aura also creates discordant moaning like the keening of damned souls. Each time you use this Talent you gain 1d5 Insanity Points and a level of Fatigue.

Animus Mori

Usually through Chaos sorcery which works only if the dead has a made pact with the ruinous powers while still alive.

Can be approached through chaos sorcery, rarely grants true immortality but sustains life only as long as re-animator wills so, or heretek solutions.

Reversed aging
Requires power drawn from the warp.

Requires constant power drawn from the warp.

Chaos Ritual
Ruinous powers may grant unnatural longevity for those who succeed fulfilling chaos rituals in their name.

Pact with a Daemon

Psychic Vampirism
Feeding on life force of living beings. Common rejuvenation among more cunning rogue psykers.

Xeno Mori

Halo device, Disciples of the Dark Gods, pgs. 97-103
These are xenos artefacts discovered amidst the ruins of ancient alien worlds in the Halo Stars. The devices use a process completely beyond the understanding of Imperial lore to manipulate the body and mind of those they bond with, making their hosts extremely difficult to kill and effectively immortal. However, the price paid is madness, loss of humanity, and strange thirsts and addictions such as the need to consume blood and flesh.

Adarnian Elixir, Belisarius Cawl: Great Work, page 12
The Adarnian race was decreed harmless during the Great Crusade, and allowed to live under an Imperial protectorate. It did not prevent them being harvested to extinction. Unluckily for them, their body chemistry had miraculous effect on the human organism. This health giving poison pressed from the organs of living sentient beings is a last resort of dying men when all other rejuvenants fail. It comes with many prices, not least the atrocity of its making. The elixir is illegal, its use punishable by death. When elixirs positive effects are exhausted, the user returns to a worse state than before. Every dose brings the certainty of hurried deterioration. The drug has to be administered directly in the bloodstream in large amounts and as the poison courses through recipients veins it causes extreme pain.