Career Creation Path

The player may choose one option from each category for a character. Note that some options cost experience points which are reduced from the starting experience available for a character.


“I and my servants have descended to the surfaces of a hundred worlds, but the machine spirits of my data-arrays will forever hold images of the wind-swept, cerasteel spires where I first pledged to the Omnissiah.”
–Magos-Explorator Markus Valgar

Your character may now travel amongst distant stars, but that was not always the case. The type of world a character grew up on affects many of his facets, from physical abilities, skills, and temperament to appearance and the Career Paths he may choose.


  • Adeptus Administratum (DH2)
  • Adeptus Arbites (DH2)
  • Adeptus Astra Telepathica (DH2)
  • Adeptus Mechanicus (DH2)
  • Adeptus Ministorum (DH2)
  • Adepta Sororitas (Enemies Within)
  • Callidus Temple (Ultima Tectum campaign)
  • Exorcised (Enemies Beyond)
  • Heretek (Enemies Without)
  • Mindcleansed
  • Navigator (Source)
  • Imperial Navy (Enemies Without)
  • Imperial Guard (DH2)
  • Mutant (Enemy Within)
  • Outcast (DH2)
  • Rogue Trader Fleet (Enemies Without)


  • Ace (Enemies Without)
  • Assassin (DH2)
  • Chirurgeon (DH2)
  • Crusader (Enemies Beyond)
  • Desperado (DH2)
  • Fanatic (Enemies Within)
  • Hierophant (DH2)
  • Mystic (DH2)
  • Penitent (Enemies Within)
  • Sage (DH2)
  • Seeker (DH2)
  • Warrior (DH2)

Elite Advances

  • Astropath (Enemies Beyond)
  • Inquisitor (DH2)
  • Psyker (DH2)
  • Sister of Battle (Enemy Within)
  • Untouchable (DH2)


The Imperium is a vast place, and within it there are countless thousands of life stories. For most, the life a person is born to will be the only one he ever knows.
For some, however, this life is merely the beginning.

Lure of the great Imperium

The void and worlds beyond ones birthplace calls out a select few. Those who answer the call find a life of excitement and horror, for in darkest depths of the blackness of space, “Here be monsters!”

Trials and Travails

The acolytes are far from average. The experiences they have endured help to shape them into what they are.


It is not sufficient merely to possess the means and opportunity to venture beyond the borders of the Imperium: one must possess the will to do so. To journey amongst the haunted stars, far from the safety of the Emperor’s domain, requires a sense of purpose so strong that it defines a person—for those who embark on such a voyage may never return.

Sources: Rogue Trader corebook, In to the Storm, Dark Heresy 2. ed, Enemies Beyond, Enemies Within, Enemies Without, edited for Ultima Tectum campaigns