Void Union

Alliance of void born clans who started prospecting Ultima Tectum system during Adamantium Rush for mineral wealth and were oppressed by Chorda Dynasty and Winterscale Dynasty.

Void Union miners

As stranglehold of dynasties provided meager profits void clans of Ultima Tectum. Those prospecting at Nimbus Extern turned for Cold Trade of archeotech items but such hoards were missing from Peniteus Balteus and decades Industrial star fortress Avaritas dictated price of ore.

12 leaders of the Void Union were servitorized 811.M41 by Necromechanic Fortius in failed attempt to negotiate with unreasonable void miners.

Members of Void Union follow Confederation of Light sect of the Imperial Creed.

Following the verdict set by Penitent Clarissa they have strict protocol in case of twin births. As verdict defines that Emperor is only able to bestow one soul and in cases of twin births one that is born last is a daemon and subject to purge.

Notable members: Spokesman Memillius, Enforcer Thurio, Agitator Qurney, Shuttle Pilot Gerbeh

Allies: Judge Mordechai??, Confederation of Light

Adversaries: Chorda Dynasty, Winterscale Dynasty, Armormants

Strongholds: Void habitat Sphaera Imperator, Ironclad system vessel comet Pauperpolis

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