Noble house of Grand Falls

Founded by Baroness Isolte, a member of minor noble bloodline from Calixis Sector by 785.M41.

Has gained influence within the system, especially Gravis Major, through careful politicking and balancing between emissaries of Chorda Dynasty and Winterscale Dynasty.

Louis was sentenced to hard labour for 2 years after being associated with HLF by arbitrators 818.M41.

Louis serves as Military Commander during campaign against Xenos infesting the Gravis Major until 821.M41 when Chorda Fleet saves the Stryxis xeno from the siege of planetary forces.

Notable members: Baroness Isolte, Heir-apparent Commander Louis, Maximus first son of Commander Lois

Associates: Conciliatorix Boltazar, Commander Elmeh, Brother-militant Makbae, Mayor Usindra, Conciliatorix Arviragus

Adversaries: Chorda Dynasty, Winterscale Dynasty, Merchant House Alfmed

Stronholds: Manor-fortress of Grand Falls

!GM notes!