The Sun

blue giant comparison solar system

Class: Blue
Size: Giant
Gravity: Massive
Anomalies: Permanent sunspot, Over-extended lifespan


Deep in the vastness of space, a mysterious and violent blue supergiant star has been discovered. Unlike other stars of its type, this blue supergiant has an unusually long lifespan, burning bright and hot for tens of millions of years while unleashing massive eruptions and flares that are among the most violent events in the universe.

At its core, this star is a cauldron of nuclear fusion, where hydrogen atoms are crushed together under immense pressure to form helium, releasing tremendous amounts of energy in the process. But unlike other blue supergiants, which burn their fuel at a relatively slow pace, this star consumes its fuel at a furious rate, leading to a constant barrage of violent outbursts and explosions.

Despite its intense activity, this blue supergiant remains shrouded in mystery, with its exact nature and origins still unknown. Some scientists speculate that it may be the result of a rare cosmic collision, where two massive stars merged together to form a single, volatile entity.

Others believe that this blue supergiant may be the result of a runaway fusion reaction, where the star’s intense gravity and heat caused its fuel to ignite in a catastrophic chain reaction that has been ongoing for millions of years.

Whatever the reason for its existence, this blue supergiant remains one of the most enigmatic and awe-inspiring objects in the Koronus Expanse. Its brilliant blue-white light illuminates the surrounding cosmic dust and gas clouds, while its violent eruptions and flares send shockwaves rippling through the fabric of space-time.

For astronomers and astrophysicists, this star presents a unique opportunity to study the most extreme and violent events in the universe, as well as the processes that drive the evolution of stars and the creation of new elements in the cosmos.


Sphere of Cauldron is area where suns gravitational currents and radiation bursts are strongest. As blue giants radiate strongly in UV spectrum it’s light can be damaging to biological life. Also gravitational disturbances of sun make piloting on Cauldron area Challenging (-10 to Pilot checks).

After 821.M41 the sun’s activity has increased and space traveling at cauldron area has become lethal to standard Imperial vessels.

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