Motivation: Knowledge

You crave understanding, desire comprehension, and value knowledge above all else. It is not something to be shared or given freely, but something to be unearthed and drawn close,
held secure within the vaults of your mind. In a very real sense, knowledge is power, for those who possess it have the means to overcome things against which the ignorant would falter. It can be a shield against the greatest of foes, or a tool to uncover yet greater secrets, or even a holy thing in its own right… but it can also be damning. Those who seek knowledge must be wary, for their greed and curiosity can lead them down treacherous paths. Some things, after all, are not meant to be known.

Select one of the following options:

Knowledge is Life, Life is Knowledge
Lore is all-important to you; it is your purpose and your reason, it is your goal and your desire, and it is the one thing above all else that you aspire to possess. There is no ulterior motive to your drive to understand, no hidden purpose to give that curiosity a focus. You simply crave knowledge with every fibre of your being, and you cannot stand the idea of not knowing or not understanding something. Though new insights and revelations cannot hope to sate this bottomless urge, new understanding brings with it new power and new means with which to find yet more knowledge. Each answer leads to still more questions, and every new vista promises a variety of secrets yet to be uncovered.
Cost: 300xp
Effects: Gain any two Scholastic Lore Skills as trained Skills, and the Total Recall Talent. You may purchase a third Scholastic Lore as a trained Skill for an additional 200xp.

Know Thy Foe
You consider knowledge of your enemies to be the best defence against their machinations and assaults, and work hard to collect any insight you might find about those who might threaten you. Fear of encountering a foe about which you know nothing drives you to seek out the most obscure lore; even that which seems composed entirely of unfounded rumour and hearsay is not beneath your attention. You suffer with the burden of your knowledge, for you are never truly
free of that fear of the unknown and your obsession means that you shall never again find solace in ignorance as so many in the Imperium can.
Cost: 200xp
Effects: Gain any one Forbidden Lore as a Trained Basic Skill, and the character may purchase a second for an additional 200xp.

Knowledge is Power, Guard It Well
There is no worth in knowledge if everyone possesses it; if knowledge is commonplace, then it bestows no power upon its keepers. You understand this better than most, because you possess much knowledge. It is a tool to greater power, a means of fulfilling other ambitions, bringing ruin to enemies and elevating allies, and in all ways an advantage over those less knowledgeable. You gather information to wield in these ways, bolstering your arsenal of insights with every passing
day and every new encounter. Few are those who think to cross you, for you are knowledgeable and willing to use that to your advantage in all things.
Cost: 300xp
Effects: Gain any one Common Lore or Scholastic Lore as a trained Skill, and gain the Foresight Talent. Additionally, gain +3 Intelligence or Perception.