Motivation: Fortune

You seek wealth beyond measure, countless Thrones with which to purchase the fulfilment of your every desire. You understand that all things begin with the clink, clink, clink of worn Throne coins dropped upon a fine y crafted counter.
That is the sound that carries into the hearts of men and compels them to your will. Perhaps your ultimate goals are admirable, perhaps they are despicable—wealth cares not, and wealth causes others to care not. So it is that everything you have ever wanted, everything you could ever need, all comes down to Thrones. You must have them and the great wealth they represent. That is your quest, and you can only hope that you are still the same person at the end of it, having
evaded the myriad ways in which single-minded fortuneseeking twists the mind and the soul.
Effect: +1 Fate Point.