Sects of Adeptus Mechanicus

  • Primus Humanum – The first and oldest of the three philosophies espouses the divine purity of the Human form as a vessel for knowledge, viewing the Emperor‘s form as that of the ideal sentient being in the universe.
  • Apexists – The second and presently most dominant philosophy amongst the genetors of the Lathe Worlds are the Apexists, who believe that adversity breeds strength in the organic, and that the perfect organism is the one that has overcome every rival and every challenge. The philosophy itself is an adaptation of the writings of an ancient pre-Imperial scholar named Charles Darwin.
  • Organicists – A faction of the Adeptus Mechanicus, the Organicists are a group of Tech-priests who esteemed biological enhancement as being equal in value with the cybernetic, a somewhat radical if not heretical position from most Tech-adepts’ point of view.

The Prefecture Magisterium – Doctrinal covenant of the Machine Cult charged with preserving dogma and the persecution of techno-heresy. Magisterium Cohorts and hunter-killer claves are maintained on all Forge Worlds under the authority of the Archmagos Intendant.

Companions of Vogel

Disciples of Thule

Scions of Iron Sphere


To the Fulgurite, to waste energy is almost as vile an act as to allow the unbeliever to use it to his own ends. Rather than slaying their foes from afar or committing what they see as blasphemy by using powered weapons, these priests stride bare-chested into battle, smiting their foes in person with long-hafted Electroleech Staves. These contain conductor rods that draw the energy from those they strike and store it in powerful capacitor cells. They can rob the Motive Force from an enemy war machine, leaving it cold and dead. More unsettling still, they can suck the bioelectricity from living creatures, drawing it out in one great draught and harnessing it within their core capacitors so that same energy can later power the holy instead of the Heretic. Those so struck will collapse to the ground, their corpses left cold and motionless as stone, while the Fulgurite strides onwards, further invigorated by their holy work, deadly stave crackling with reclaimed power.


The Corpuscarii are truly blessed, for the Motive Force literally runs in their veins. In battle, the Corpuscarii advance, chanting litanies to build up the charges within their bodies. Incoming fire sparks off their voltagheist fields, sending chain reactions of arcing charges crackling outwards. At close range, the blazing fanatics can summon lightning at will, stretching out their electrostatic gauntlets to send jagged bolts of the Machine God’s wrath into the foe. Those struck by these sacred energies are granted the ecstasy of full-body electrocution. For a brief second before death, the unbelievers see the light, their paroxysms shaking them apart as their bodies burn from the inside out. Such is the generosity of the Corpuscarii, for their duty is to illuminate the galaxy, and to bring the light to non-believers.