Birthright: In Service to the Throne

The Imperium is built upon the toil of untold trillions of men and women, and the blood and bones of countless generations form its foundations. Your life was spent as one in the Emperor’s service, destined to sacrifice yourself to the greater glories of His Empire. Some choose to serve; others find their service forced upon them, chosen to be one more cog within a machine of bewildering proportions.
To serve the Emperor is to serve the ideal of conquest. Mankind is destined to rule the stars, so the preachers and missionaries say, and to reclaim worlds from the darkness between the stars is a bloody task indeed. In some way, shape or form, all who serve the Imperium directly contribute to its ongoing war of conquest and reclamation, a war that began a hundred centuries before and which has never truly ceased, though its form and pace have changed much with the ages.

Select one of the following options:

Human life is the single most abundant resource in the Imperium of Man, and yours is no different. Dragged from the life you seemed destined to lead so that you might serve the Emperor in some other capacity, your years were spent in the company of those like yourself, people of many worlds given up as a tithe to the Imperium. You may have served in the Imperial Guard or been conscripted into the Imperial Navy. You may even have been a conscript-colonist
for a newly-settled world, a menial for the city-offices of the Administratum, or something else entirely. Whatever the case, your life of service helped you escape from the life you might have lead, providing you with a broader knowledge of the Imperium and the rare opportunity to see things you might never have even heard of had you not been taken from your home.
Cost: 350xp
Effect: Gain a single Common Lore skill as a trained Skill, chosen from the following list: Adeptus Astra Telepathica, Administratum, Imperial Creed, Imperial Guard, Imperial Navy, Imperium or War. In addition, select any two choices from the following list of skills and talents. Skills chosen are gained as trained
Skills: Drive (any one), Literacy, Medicae, Navigation (surface), Survival, Tech-Use, Basic Weapon
Training (Las), Basic Weapon Training (SP), Pistol Weapon Training (Las), Pistol Weapon Training (SP). Finally, gain +3 Willpower or Ballistic Skill.

Born to Lead
With status comes responsibility, though some of high birth may dispute it. To be born above others is to lead them, and your life has been directed to that end for as long as you can remember. All branches and departments of the Adeptus Terra require those who can command others with a clear head and an iron will, and your adult life has been spent in one of those departments, be it the Imperial Guard, the Ministorum, the Administratum or something else besides. With this life comes the resolve and dedication of those with power earned, and the confidence to lead without doubt or hesitation. Men and women such as you are a valuable asset to the Imperium, and those who thrive in their duties are often well-rewarded.
Cost: 200xp
Effects: Gain Command, Literacy and any one of Scholastic Lore (Bureaucracy, Imperial Creed, Judgement or Tactica Imperialis) as Trained Skills. In addition, gain +3 Intelligence or Fellowship, but suffer –3 Toughness.

One Amongst Billions
Your early life was unremarkable, merely a single face amongst the teeming masses of humanity. Of no importance to the hierarchy of the Imperium, nor cast out beyond the fringes of society, you seemed doomed to a life of mediocrity and anonymity. Through ceaseless toil to improve your lot in life, you learned quickly the politics of the common man, of preserving your own meagre interests with a wary eye cast to the efforts of your peers. Through these methods, you clawed your way from amongst the masses to make something of yourself.
Cost: 200xp
Effects: Gain the Paranoia and Unremarkable Talents, and any one Trade or Common Lore as a trained Skill. Additionally, gain +3 Perception or Intelligence, but suffer –3 Strength.