Homeworld: Atomforged World

Rare are those worlds in the Imperium where nuclear weapons have not been misused, but they do exist- on planets where atomic technology is needed to compensate for inimical environments or hostile wildlife, atomic proliferation can be seen as a boon and not a threat. On these few optimistic worlds, even the common citizenry use rad devices for household tasks, and their industry is driven by the ever-burning fires of fusion and fission.
When everything you use emits radiation, the future truly looks bright.

Characteristic Modifiers: +Willpower, +Fellowship, -Perception
Fate Threshold: 2 (Emperor’s Blessing 9+)
Your Friend the Atom: A life spent in the presence of advanced nuclear technology gives one an intuitive sense of how to use it, but also when things are going wrong. An Atomforged World character gains a +5 to all Tests to operate fusion or fission-based devices, including weapons, as well as to all Perception-based Tests to detect radiation sources.
Home World Aptitude: Intelligence
Wounds: An Atomforged World character starts with 7 + 1d5 Wounds
Recommended Backgrounds: Adeptus Mechanicus, Rogue Trader Fleet, Imperial Navy