Trials and Travails: Scorched

Everything you ever knew and loved is gone, your home turned to a burning,
scorched nothing whose very air is deadly to human life. You were burned, battered,
blinded and torn by hurricane winds, and yet by some feat of will you survived not
only an atomic blast but the irradiated wastelands that came after. You have faced
the apocalypse head-on, and the experience has left you twisted but unbroken.
Rad-Waste Resilience: You gain the Sound Constitution talent as well as the Chem-Use Skill.
Tainted to the Bone: Your body is still riddled with tiny quantities of radioactive
material, too small to excise. Your Ferm level can never be reduced below 5. Any
time you take Critical Wounds, you gain 1 Ferm for each level of damage received.