Birthright: Unnatural Origins

There are many in the Imperium whose existence is not kind; indeed, there are few for whom the Imperium is anything other than a distant and uncaring master. For some, however, existence is something to be suffered and endured. For these wretched few, life is a twisted and unnatural thing, and such men and women either find release in an early death or rise above their abhorrent origins. Some are cursed by a polluted environment, others doomed by the taint of the Warp, while others still are false-men, wrought or remade in flesh-vats and genetic vaults, their lives and bodies as clay to the whims of others. Those who endure their bleak existence are hardened by it, made resolute by an unrelenting desire to leave their past behind. In either case, it is said in hushed tones that these men and women may be something less than human.

Select one of the following options:

Contaminated Environs
The industry of man leaves entire worlds choking on acrid fumes and drowning in noxious effluvia. On innumerable worlds, and hive worlds in particular, chemicals flood from
manufactoriums, research stations, starports, and all manner of other locations, leaving the world poisoned. Such places are toxic to human life, yet humans may still exist there, the dregs of society forced into the most inhospitable places imaginable. Amidst polluted water and foul vapours, these people endure horrific lives, and as generations pass the poisons that suffuse their erstwhile homes taint their very nature, scarring their genes and rendering their very
humanity a flawed and deformed thing. You may bear this contamination openly, your form twisted and mutated, or you may simply appear unhealthy.
Cost: 100xp
Effects: Gain the Peer (Mutants) and Resistance (Poisons) Talents. Also gain +3 to either Toughness or Willpower, but suffer –3 Fellowship. For an additional 100xp, the character
may roll once on Table 14-3:Mutation on page 369 of the ROGUE TRADER Core Rulebook, re-rolling any results of 75 or higher.

Tainted by the Warp
Whatever the reason, you have been irrevocably tainted by contact with the Immaterium, your soul scarred by a malign exposure that was present since you were very young. To you the material world feels static and unyielding, pale and cold compared to the barely-imaginable churning of the Warp. You are distant from his fellow man, for their world feels so small
and confining compared to the infinite reaches your instincts tell you lay beyond reality’s walls, and little can scare you; the horrors of the Warp have lingered in swiftly-forgotten dreams, lurking behind your conscious mind for most of your life, and no mortal concern can compare with that.
Cost: 200xp
Effects: Gain the Dark Soul and Jaded talents, and Forbidden Lore (Warp) as an untrained Basic Skill. Further, gain +3 to Perception or Willpower. However, suffer -3 to Fellowship and gain 1d10 Corruption Points. For an additional 300xp, the character may purchase the Favoured by the Warp talent, gaining an additional 1d10 Corruption Points in the process.