Homeworld: Rad-blasted World

Many fairly advanced Imperial worlds have seen some deployment of nuclear armaments in their history, but the inhabitants of this planet have gone through the hell of a large-scale nuclear conflict and survived intact. The most famous of these worlds is Krieg, of course, but there are numerous others. Soldiers and citizens hailing from these planets have lived through blast waves, rains of fallout, and the cold dark of nuclear winter, but their poisonous home environment leaves them frail and sickly.

Characteristic Modifiers: +Perception, +Agility, -Toughness
Fate Threshold: 3 (Emperor’s Blessing 5+)
The Dust Settles: Characters from these worlds have lived through conditions utterly inimical to human life, but the scars of such conditions have permanently weakened them. Rad-Blasted World characters take a -10 penalty to all tests to resist Radiation, but can ignore the
negative effects of radiation exposure up to 30 Ferm.
Home World Aptitude: Fieldcraft
Wounds: A Rad-Blasted World character starts with 6 + 1d5 Wounds
Recommended Backgrounds: Mutant, Imperial Guard, Outcast