Homeworld/Background: Mindcleansed

Home World & Background (Combo Package)

  • Characteristic Modifiers: + Willpower, + (Your Choice), -Fellowship
  •  Fate Threshold: 2 (Emperor’s Blessing 7+)
  •  Home World & Background Bonus: Start play with 1d5-1 Insanity Points. Whenever you would fail a test with 1 degree of failure, you may gain 2 Insanity Points to count as passing that test with 1 degree of success. Also, At the GM’s discretion, certain rare events, individuals and even things like phrases, sights, and smells may trigger “repressed” memories. When this happens, you must make a Fear (Cowering) test. If you fail, then you gain a number of Insanity points determined by the GM.
  •  Signature Mental Trauma: Split Personality (Likely, whatever she assumes her original personality to be.)
  •  Signature Malignancy: Degenerate Mind
  •  Starting Skills: Observe, Remembrance, Logic, Tech-Use, Evade, (Choose One)
  •  Starting Talents: Cold-Hearted, Specialist (Choose One), Resistance (Fear), Weapon Proficiency (Low-Tech, Solid Projectile, Las)