Birthright: Child of the Creed

It was not until comparatively late in your youth that you set foot in a room in which the stern gaze of the God-Emperor was absent, and during your impressionable years, you were shielded by the enfolding arms of the Ministorum from much of the hardship and uncertainty so many must endure. The unyielding visage of His statues was as much a part of your upbringing as the zealous, pure faith of those closest to you. Scripture, ritual, lessons, and priestly exhortations fill your memories, rising unbidden in every quiet moment—as though the aged, white-haired clerics who taught you still remain by your shoulder in spirit, jealously guarding over your soul. All men hear the God-Emperor’s holy words if they are born under His rule, but you heard more than most before even reaching adulthood.
Effect: You gain the Unshakeable Faith Talent and a bonus of either +3 Willpower or +3 Fellowship (your choice), but you suffer –3 Weapon Skill.