Lure of the Void: New Horizons

There’s a whole galaxy out there that’s full of the unknown. A select few seek out the hidden knowledge of the cosmos and the truths of existence. They pore over ancient lore and texts, something deep within them driving them ever onward. Some seek out the technology of the past, hoping to seize it for their own use or for use by a powerful patron, as they traverse the galaxy studying ancient ruins and decrepit tombs. A rare few walk a dangerous line as they seek out and study knowledge and lore concerning the various works of the xenos. All of these endeavours are perilous, for in the Imperium knowledge can lead to a life of persecution, misery
and insanity—but many are willing to brave the risks, for the rewards are great indeed.

Select one of the following options:

Seeker of Truth
You have always been inquisitive, and within Imperial society, this is a trait highly frowned upon. Thus, you have had to strike out and follow your own path through the galaxy going from one mystery to the next. You have a thirst for knowledge that has brought you out into the voids. Perhaps you have come to explore the Koronus Expanse, or you seek to decipher the riddle of why a particular precursor race vanished. Maybe you’re seeking an empirical truth, or enlightenment that you know must be somewhere in the cosmos. Or perhaps you simply want validation to a theory you have. Regardless, you are prepared to travel to the ends of the universe to find it.
Cost: 100xp
Effect: Gain +3 Intelligence. In addition, gain any one Scholastic Lore (your choice) (Int) as a Trained Skill. Also, gain +1 Corruption Point.

Academic scholarship has long been your fervent pursuit. You seek to study the dreaded xenos and their works throughout the galaxy. However, you walk a thin line as you have learned that those who possess knowledge of the alien are persecuted—some are even executed or taken away by the Holy Inquisition. This is a fate you try very hard to avoid. You know that there are several groups out there, including Rogue Traders, who highly prize those who possess knowledge of the xenos that they deal with. You may have amassed you own small library (hidden, of course), or perhaps you have a mysterious patron who sends you information from time to time. You dream of the day when your knowledge can be used to aid humanity.
Cost: 200xp
Effect: Gain +3 Intelligence or +3 Willpower. In addition, gain the Peer (Academics) Talent or Forbidden Lore (Xenos) as a trained Skill.

Ancient technology, known as “archeotech,” has always fascinated you ever since you first laid eyes on a piece of some hallowed, mysterious relic. You wondered why the people that made it no longer can, and you are determined to find more. You may be an Explorator of the Mechanicus, for whom finding such items is a holy quest, or simply an enthusiastic amateur. However, whether you travel to the dig sites of Mechanicus Explorators, or manage to have
a wealthy patron sponsor a dig of your own, you know that eventually more will be unearthed. You scour auction houses and deal with the great Commercias of Noble Houses in an effort to buy, trade, or even steal the objects of your desire. Your knowledge of such devices is as great
as your desire to find more.
Cost: 250xp
Effect: Gain +3 Intelligence or +3 Perception. In addition, gain one randomly determined item from Table 1-2: Heirloom Items, on page 30 of the ROGUE TRADER Core Rulebook as your first archeotech item. Also, gain Forbidden Lore (Archeotech) (Int) as a Trained Skill.