Lure of the Void: Crusade

A character may select Crusade instead of the Criminal or Renegade entries on the standard Origin Path table. The Imperium is in a near-total state of war, and the need for those willing to fight in the Emperor’s name is great. In these times, great armies are raised, a Warmaster is named, and crusades head out in massive campaigns to smash the enemy into oblivion. As great as the Imperial war machine is, there are thousands of smaller units and PDFs that struggle
to hold out until reinforcements arrive. Many citizens answer the clarion call to march in the name of the Golden Throne.
There are some who have been charged with eliminating the enemy from their territory, and just as they are about to complete the herculean task set before them, the cowardly enemy flees across the expanse. It’s only fit and right for these soldiers of the Imperium to pursue such cowards and eliminate them with extreme prejudice as an affront to the God-Emperor of Man. Others excel at martial combat, trained by the Imperiumt until their skills are razor-sharp. These men and women comprise the elite forces that are aimed at the enemies of the Imperium, striving to become ever better by seeking out other warriors on the field of battle and test their
mettle in single combat—either learning new techniques in the process, or becoming another casualty of war.

Select one of the following options:

Call to War
The Imperium called on you to help fight its wars. You have trained with and fought beside the best, and you have the scars to prove it. You spent a long time training to be the Emperor’s Hammer and learned a number of useful skills and tactics. Perhaps you faced off against Eldar corsairs, or maybe you hunted down the greenskin Orks, perhaps you even battled against some other foe. Whoever the enemy was, you not only fought against them, but learned a number of their weaknesses as well. Though you may have a different life now, you have not forgotten the basics that you have learned as you head out into the unknown of the void.
Cost: 150xp
Effect: Gain +5 Ballistic Skill. Additionally, gain the Talents Peer (Military) and Hatred (select from the following list: Eldar, Orks, Kroot, Chaos, or other as approved by the GM).
In addition, gain +1d10 Insanity points to represent the horrors of war.

Chasing the Enemy
You had the enemy square in your sights, but before you could finish the job, the coward ran. This may have been a space battle where massive hulks burned in the blackness of the void, or it could have been on the field of some unknown planet where your quarry fled. However he escaped, you have vowed to hunt him to the ends of the cosmos—and you won’t return until you have proof of his demise. Your chase has led you across the sectors of the Imperium, and across countless worlds in search of your foe. During the chase you have learned much about your enemy: where he sleeps, what he wears, what he eats, how he moves. Unfortunately, he
manages to stay one step ahead of you; taunting you to move ever onwards, begging you to find him and eradicate him from existence.
Cost: 150xp
Effect: Gain +3 Intelligence or +3 Willpower. Also gain the Hatred Talent with the group being the target the character is chasing through the cosmos (subject to GM approval).

The Imperial war machine is ever on the lookout for those with a natural aptitude for close combat. They take a special interest in those trained in the martial arts before they ever learn to shoot. Such people tend to come from savage places such as death worlds or hive worlds. The Imperium employs them as shock troops and assault specialists. Each and every day is spent honing their body and skills into a weapon for the Emperor. It is not surprising that many wish to go on to become the pinnacle of their art, and thus seek out those who are also skilled in close combat. Sometimes, only one walks away from such encounters, wiser for the techniques they have met and overcome. Other times these encounters prove less lethal, and both parties walk away with new knowledge—and new wounds.
Cost: 250xp
Effect: Gain +5 Weapon Skill, either +5 Toughness or +5 Agility, and –5 Fellowship. In addition, gain the Meditation Talent.