Trials and Travails; Calamity

When reaching out beyond the relative safety of the Imperium, one of the great, often underestimated, dangers is disaster, whether it affects an isolated colony outpost or affects a star
vessel suddenly robbed of its supplies by circumstances or sabotage. Famine, plague, and other unlooked-for disasters kill the weak, can make death a mercy, and often destroy the thin veneer of civilisation worn by many, revealing both the worst and best in humanity. You have seen all this and more, and perhaps were forced into desperate measures in order to survive or remain true to your honour. Regardless, you hold no illusions about what others are capable of in extremis and have learned the hard way that sometimes a bolt shell is worth a Lord Commander’s ransom and that a starving man cannot eat gold, no matter how much he has grasped.
Inured to Adversity: You gain the Light Sleeper Talent and your choice of the Hardy Talent or Nerves of Steel Talent.
Echo of Hard Times: Thanks to the adversities of the past and a sense of priority that promotes caution and the needs of the present over acquisition and risk, you reduce your group’s
starting Profit Factor by –1.