Homeworld: Irradiated World

Every isotope has its half-life, and even the burns of nuclear fallout fade with time.
There are many worlds in the Imperium which have recovered from ancient nuclear conflict, and many more which simply bear natural deposits of radioactive materials which lead to high levels of ambient radiation. Indeed, the relics of ancient conflicts can prove a boon to those who inhabit worlds once torn by conflict, as new societies scavenge the dessicated remains of the old.
Life on such worlds may be quite mundane and humdrum, but centuries of human breeding in a tainted environment makes for hardy, but surprisingly mutable citizens.
Unfortunately, citizens of such worlds tend to attract a great deal of Inquisitorial attention; unusually high levels of mutation tend to attract attention, unfortunately.

  • Characteristic Modifiers: +Strength, +Toughness, -Intelligence
  • Fate Threshold: 2 (Emperor’s Blessing 7+)
  • Unstable Helix: Irradiated World characters are used to heavy radiation exposure, but their DNA is fundamentally changeable. Any time they would increase their radiation dosage, reduce the number of Ferm they gain by 1, to a minimum of 0. Irradiated Worlders recieve a -20 penalty to any Tests made to resist mutations.
  • Home World Aptitude: Toughness
  • Wounds: An Irradiated World character starts with 7 + 1d5 Wounds
  • Recommended Backgrounds: Adeptus Administratum, Adeptus Arbites, Mutant