Trials and Travails: Hand of War

The Imperium of Man is wracked by war and violence, whilst beyond its borders the strife and conflict is even worse in many regions. Not all wars, however, are equal, and you were caught
up in a bitter and terrifying campaign in which starships were left as burning hulks and cities were blasted to ruin in a vicious series of battles that saw no quarter asked or given. The war
and the enemy you fought to the death has had a profound effect on you, and to the present day, the faces of the dead haunt you still when you close your eyes. Now, you count only
those you have fought and bled with as true allies, and will never forgive your old foe. You strive hard for what you desire, for you know that death stands never more than a heartbeat away.
The Ashes of War: You gain one Weapon Training Talent of your choice, or the Leap Up
Talent, as well as the Hatred Talent against your foe in the war that defined your past. Choose from among:Orks, Eldar, mutants, Chaos worshipers, the Imperial Guard,
the Imperial Navy or void pirates.
The Face of the Enemy: You will never willingly have dealings with your sworn enemy except under the direst circumstances, and if you must do so, you suffer –10 to all Fellowship Tests in those dealings. Also, if given the slightest provocation, you will react violently towards them. (You may take a Willpower Test to avert this, modified by the provocation and the consequences of succumbing to your hatred.)