Motivation: Fear

It is not the future’s promise that drives you, but the nightmares of days past. Something haunts you, and you dare not speak of what it is that makes you so eager to press on.
Only by going forward can you hope to elude whatever it is that you seek to escape, but no matter how far you go you cannot escape it completely, for the memory of it remains with you always, stealing away your sleep with dreams of terror. You know that others may see the haunted look within your eyes, and that they guess at your motives when your back is turned, watching for that tell-tale twitch or grimace that surfaces when your fears come unbidden to the forefront of your mind.

Select one of the following options:

Enemy in Ascendance
You have made a number of enemies in your life, as does anyone with power and the will to use it. However, some of your foes are particularly threatening. Perhaps they know something of
your past you would prefer not to have revealed, or perhaps their power eclipses your own and they seek to eliminate a potential rival, or perhaps you have crossed them one too many times and they now seek every means possible to cast you down. Whether voluntary or not, you have fled the Imperium to escape them, entering exile in the unknown darkness. Your time beyond
civilisation may be one of preparation, steeling yourself for the day you must return, or you may simply believe that you can never truly go back. In either case, you are constantly watching
your back for the enemy who drove you to this.
Cost: 100xp
Effects: Gain the Paranoia Talent, and gain +3 Perception.

Haunted by Thy Own Sins
Blessed are the repentant, for they have seen the face of damnation and yet return to His light. You know you have done wrong, but in sacrifice you can be redeemed, and that distant chance gives you the courage to achieve anything. The sins of your past give you insight into corruption, and with that hard-won knowledge you can strike out against it, to cleanse your soul with the deaths of the enemies of Man. Should your life be the cost of your success, then so be it, for it is a far better thing to die a martyr than live on as a monster.
Cost: 300xp
Effects: Gain the Dark Soul, Frenzy and Flagellant (see sidebar) Talents. In addition, gain any one Forbidden Lore as an untrained Basic Skill. However, the character also gains 1d10 Corruption Points from his past sins.

Tormented by the Unspeakable
There is something out there, a nightmare given substance that you may have glimpsed for only a moment, its horror, if not its visage, burned forever onto your mind. That it is coming is enough to drive you to desperation, whether or not it is coming for you, because you know, deep down, that when it arrives, it will spell doom for everyone. You have borne witness to one of the unspeakable horrors of the universe, an entity or presence so awful that you will attempt anything to escape it, though no escape seems possible. This vision was so dreadful that the things which terrify lesser men hold no fear for you, so tame are they by comparison.
Cost: 200xp
Effects: Gain the Light Sleeper, Jaded, and Resistance (Fear) Talents. However, also gain 2d10 Insanity Points to represent the mental scars left from mental torment.

You have dedicated your pain to the Emperor. Each
day, you must spend twenty minutes praying and
inflicting 1 point of damage upon yourself. You may
not treat this Damage or allow it to be healed. Once
you have castigated your flesh, you gain a +10 bonus
to Willpower Tests made to resist mind control or
Malignancy. Additionally, if you have the Frenzy talent,
you may enter a frenzied state as a Free Action. Should
you fail to flagellate yourself on any given day, you take
a –5 penalty to all Tests due to shame and guilt.