Trials and Travails: Product of Upbringing

There are many different types of nobility within the Imperium. Some might be part of the Commercia Houses, others are Imperial Officers, and still others are members of the Rogue Trader Dynasties and clans. It’s a confusing and often tangled web of intrigue and fealty. Only the High Lords of Terra can declare a family line to be nobility, but planetary lords, Imperial Commanders, and sector Governors can all declare lesser vassals to be raised in status under them. Some families are given titles as a reward for service to the Golden Throne; these family members are often looked down upon as upstarts until they have proven themselves over the course of many generations.
Of course, noble families are always trying to gain the advantage over one another, and thus earn the favour of their lords. They scheme and plot in the hopes that one day their plans will come to fruition and they will be elevated in status and gain even more power and wealth. Aside from the direct bloodlines and heirs, there are those family members who are associated by marriage, and those who have been brought into the family for some potent ability they possess. These scions typically form the backbone of the nobility and help keep the lines viable for future generations.

Select one of the following options:

New Blood
You or a member of your family were recently rewarded for something done in service to the Emperor or a lesser noble. Whatever it was, you now find yourself thrust into the ranks of Imperial nobility—but it’s not the life of easy luxury and power you envisioned. The more established members of the aristocracy scorn and look down upon you. Many dynasties see you as an upstart family—a rival at best and an enemy at worst. Given time, you know that your family will prove themselves worthy of the honour they have been given.
Cost: 200xp
Effect: The character is considered part of an upstart family and as such you gain the Rival (Nobility) Talent. However, his wealth adds +1 Profit Factor to the group’s starting Profit Factor.

You have been scorned! Another family has wronged or insulted you and it’s something you cannot let rest. You will pursue the matter until satisfaction has been had, even if that means taking payment in blood. This is a personal matter for you, and the insult may only be slight. Whatever the case may be it’s a matter for you to settle and you alone.
Cost: 100xp
Effect: Gain +3 Fellowship. Also, you gain the Rival Talent the rival being the group that the character has a rivalry with (subject to GM’s approval). Whenever you encounter a member of this rival faction the character attempts to visit retribution upon them. A Difficult (-10) Willpower Test can be made to prevent this from happening once per scene.
In addition, the character gains the Peer Talent: these peers consist of an allied group that supports him in his rivalry.
The circumstances of this relationship, including nature of the insult or injury and the motives of allies, must be determined by the player and the GM.

You have lived your entire life in the lap of luxury. You demand the finest, no matter the cost in terms of money or lives. Fine foods, fine drink, and fine clothes are your hallmarks, and you see no reason to have anything less. You might be despised by your family or lauded for your passions. Your lifestyle is envied by many and reviled by the rest, but you dismiss their opinions as nothing more than the petty sniping of the bitter and envious.
Cost: 150xp
Effect: Gain +3 Willpower, the Decadence Talent, and a +5 bonus to Charm Tests. Additionally, gain 1d5 Corruption Points.