Motivation: Pride

Above all else, you want respect—the admiration of allies and the grudging esteem of foes, and will countenance no insult to your honour to go unchallenged. You suffer none to be so ignorant as to deride you as unworthy of your name, unfit for your legacy, or lacking in talent. When you
seek to prove yourself, it is for the sake of your own high standards, or perhaps out of frustration that the mighty do not yet recognize your true worth. Regardless, it is for you to lead and demonstrate your worth by your actions and your bearing, and any that doubt or disparage you had best have the steel to back up their words.
Effect: You gain an Heirloom Item (see Table 1–2: Heirloom Items) or +3 Toughness (your choice).

1d100 Item
Archeotech Laspistol: A weapon of unknown origin and great antiquity. You gain one best-
Craftsmanship archeotech laspistol.
Angevin Era Chainsword: An ancient blade bearing Crusade purity seals and kill-marks,
supposedly used against dire xenos in the cleansing of the Drusus Marches. You gain one
Best-Craftsmanship chainsword.
Ancestral Seal: A potent and respected mark of power once held, passed down through a
family even after their scions have long departed the vaults of Imperial rulership. You gain a
+10% bonus to all Interaction Skill Tests when displaying the seal and dealing with Imperial
citizens or organisations.
Saint-blessed Carapace Armour: A set of armour that once belonged to a saint’s honourguard.
Anointed and inscribed with the saint’s teachings, it is a sign to stir the faithful of the
Imperial Creed. You gain one best-Craftsmanship set of carapace armour.
Reliquary of Saint Drusus: An inscribed voidsteel canister containing a true relic of the saint,
attested to in Ecclesiarchy data-vaults. Such an artefact opens many doors in the Ministorum.
You gain a +20% bonus to all Interaction Skill Tests when displaying the reliquary and dealing
with any member of the Ministorum.