Magos Dominus alternative career

Origin: Fringe is yours

Distrusted by their allies on the best of days, and rejected by their fellows on the worst, the life of a Magos Dominus is one of isolation and danger. Nonetheless, they are often sought by Imperial commanders and Rogue Traders alike, for only they command the secrets of Cybertheurgy – command and augmentation of the Battle Automata of the Legio Cybernetica. For this regard they are considered dangerous, but the potential rewards often outweigh the risks.
Required Career: Explorator Alternate Rank: 3 (10,000 xp or higher) Other Requirements: Cortex Controller Cybernetic

Magos Dominus Advances
Advance Cost Type Prerequisites
Common Lore (Tech) +20 200 Skill
Common Lore (Machine Cult) +20 200 Skill
Tech Use +20 200 Skill
Dodge +10 200 Skill
Common Lore (War) 200 Skill
Common Lore (Your Sector Here) 200 Skill
Trade (Explorator) 200 Skill
Forbidden Lore (Cybernetica) 200 Skill
Forbidden Lore (Cybernetica) +10 300 Skill
Forbidden Lore (Cybernetica) +20 300

Feedback Screech 200 Talent
Mechanicus Implants Luminen Shock 200 Talent Mechanicus Implants
Nerves of Steel 200 Talent
Gun Blessing 500 Talent
Maglev Transcendence 500 Talent
The Flesh Is Weak 1 500 Talent
Cybertheurgy 750 Talent

The Magos Dominus can augment his Cybernetica in powerful but dangerous ways. To cast a Cybertheurgy power, the Magos Dominus targets a single Battle Automata under the effect of his Cortex Controller, and makes a Challenging (+0) Forbidden Lore (Cybernetica) test as a Half Action at the power’s listed bonus or penalty. This Half Action counts as an attack, but the Magos may still perform Move or other actions. Success means the power has successfully gone off, and lasts until the beginning of the Magos Dominus’s next turn. If the test is failed, the power fails to take effect. A result of dubs on the test (once sufficiently checked) means there was a mishap during the casting, though the power may still pass or fail depending on the result. In case of a mishap, roll 1d10 and consult the Cybernetic Mishap table. Mishaps also last until the start of the Magos Dominus’s next round, except for Malifica.

The Battle Automata adds +20 to its Agility score.
The Battle Automata regains a number of lost wounds equal to the Magos Dominus’s Intelligence Bonus, plus one for every degree of success on the test.
The Battle Automata may make an extra standard melee attack as a Free Action, subject to all normal bonuses and penalties. This attack may be made in conjuction with other actions such as Swift and Lightning Attack.
The Battle Automata may fire one of its weapons twice in the same combat action. For example, a Mauler Bolt Cannon may Full Auto twice in one round, or a Lightning Gun may fire two shots. Each is a separate Ballistic Skill test. The following round, the Battle Automata may not fire any ranged weapon as its targeters cool down.
The Magos Dominus targets an ENEMY Battle Automata, making an opposed Forbidden Lore (Cybernetica) vs the Battle Automata’s Willpower. The enemy Battle Automata takes damage equal to 1d10 x the DoS of the Magos Dominus, ignoring armor and toughness. Oddly, this attack can be blocked by protective fields. Don’t ask.
The Battle Automata self destructs. Yep. Boom. The attack is treated as a Blast (5) centered on the former Automata, with damage equal to 3d10 + the Battle Automata’s Toughness Bonus, and Penetration equal to the Battle Automata’s Armor.

Cybertheurgy Mishaps D10 Roll Result
1-5 Signal Corruption: The Battle Automata is reduced to WS10 and BS10, and may not benefit to any bonuses to Weapon Skill and Ballistic Skill tests.

6-9 Corrosive Paradox: The Battle Automata takes a number of wounds equal to the Magos Dominus’s Intelligence Bonus, ignoring Armor and Toughness. Once again, this can potentially be blocked by protective fields.

10 Malifica: The Battle Automata has gained self-awareness, and its first thought is “Kill everything.” Nice job fucking up, Magos Dominus. This is why nobody likes you guys.
The Magos Dominus no longer controls the Battle Automata – control is turned over to the GM. The Battle Automata will go on a full-on rampage on its own initiative, moving towards, and shooting and charging at the nearest target available, friend or foe. There is no fixing this – the Battle Automata must be destroyed. No clever tricks can work – The Battle Automata does not care for negotiation, and cannot be “hacked back to normal.”
You can run, though. Running works. It worked for the Joestars. Surely nothing else can go wrong…
Note that if dubs are checked on this result, the resultant mishap is automatically Malifica! You have made your robot very sad, and now he hates you.


Why is this power separated from the rest? Because this is the special power of Anacharis Scoria, Tyrant of Xana II, and thus VERY hard to learn. If one wishes to learn this power, pay the additional XP cost when purchasing the Cybertheurgy talent.
The Battle Automata may reroll failed Weapon Skill tests, and adds +10 to its Agility Score. At the end of the Battle Automata’s round, it must make a Very Hard (-30) Toughness test or suffer a number of wounds equal to its controller’s Intelligence bonus, ignoring armor and toughness.