Attack against machine trait


Harmful code

Digital virus:
-Malignant code that has neen designed to affect targets with machine trait.
-Has to be tailored against specific target group (Servitor, Skitarii) or individual (specific tech-priest, machine spirit, etc).
-Cannot permanently alter Novabyte command lines of the Imperial technology.

Scrap code:
-Malignant code influenced by the warp, that can be infested to any machine. It can be used used to distort a Noospheric feeds, to bypass a hexamathic coding or to alter a root Novabyte coding of individual with a machine trait.
-Heretek using a scrap code may alter or control behavior of Imperial machines and  hacked individual with a machine trait.
-Requires MIU connection, scrap code generator or data-spike to infest it to a target.
-Forms of scrap code use is seen heretical programming and may bring wrath of Lords of Mars (for affecting dominions of tech-priest) or Inquisition (for endangering the Imperium)

Attack methods against targets with mechanical trait

-Used to damage Intelligence and to extract digital information from a target with the machine trait.

-Unlike scrap code which affects directives or programming of individual with machine or white noise which disables sensory augmentations Haywire affects, through EMP and radiation damage, directly cogitators and cybernetic systems of a machine or an individuals with the machine trait.

Scrapcode generator
Highly dangerous devices to possess as they are mechanisms of tech-heresy of the highest kind. By being coupled with sanctified Imperial machine trait, they are able to inflict electronic virus-patterns into the data-currents. They function by disrupting the currents and inducing electronic seizures leaving the shattered remnants of the servitor, the tech-priest or the machine spirit being reformatted into a more pliable as well as useful configuration. This leaves the machine spirit with new functions and new loyalties.

White noise: (Archeotech)
-Jamming transmissions of code that overloads sensors and suppress transmitted signals and  leaves target with Imperial machine trait deaf and blind.