Genetor alternative career

They are scholars into matters genetic and biological. Sometimes referred to as Magos Biologis, Genetors number alongside the Logis, Artisan and Magos ranks of the Adeptus Mechanicus as its ruling Priesthood, possessing access to knowledge and resources far beyond that of the lesser Enginseers and Lexmechanics. A Genetor’s field of study makes him distinct from the majority of Tech-Priests, their professional obsession with organic life often making them seem strange to their more mechanically inclined brethren.
For the most part, Genetors differ little from other Tech-Priests—they bear the same manner of implants, venerate information and understanding as the manifestation of divinity,and engage upon the Quest for Knowledge in much the same way. The difference is that they are not so quick to judge flesh and blood as inferior to steel and plasma, seeing living creatures as extremely complex and adaptable machines. Where some are content to make this observation distantly, others embrace it, seeking to improve their forms not with steel, but with better flesh and better blood. To an unknowing observer, a Genetor may appear little different to any other Tech-Priest when swathed in their robes. However, where most Tech-Priests’ mass is derived from steel reinforcement and implanted armour plate, a Genetor may have augmented himself with vatmuscle, toughened skin, and organic-reinforced bones instead.
Their interest in the organic is not merely limited to their own forms, or even to that of humans. The study of alien genetics, to understand how they function so as to slay them the better, is a common field of study for Genetors, this subsect collectively known as Xenobiologists. Such knowledge is dangerous, and many Genetors have been condemned as heretics for claiming the superiority of a particular xenos’ biology to that of humans. Regardless, the presence of a Genetor, particularly a Xenobiologist, is seen as an asset by Explorator Fleets and Rogue Traders alike, as their knowledge of human and inhuman forms allows them to discern the nature of a newly-encountered Xenos or indiginous species,
or categorise a new strain of abhuman found on a far-flung world.
Within the Calixis Sector, Genetors have a particularly illustrious history— Xenobiologists in great numbers joined with the Angevin Crusade to study the aliens native to the region as their realms were shattered by the forces of the Imperium. Since that time, they have remained a noteworthy, if often overlooked, element of Cult Mechanicus politics within the Lathes and beyond, and they gather in significant numbers to join expeditions into the Koronus Expanse, seeking to be the first encounter new life to dissect and analyse.
Three distinct philosophies exist amongst the Calixis Sector’s Genetors. The first and oldest is the Primus Humanum which espouses the purity of the human form as a vessel for knowledge, viewing the Emperor’s form as that of the ideal human and that of the perfect vessel for knowledge. The second and presently most dominant amongst the Genetors of the Lathes are collectively known as Apexists, believing that adversity breeds strength in the organic, and that the perfect organism is the one that has overcome every rival and every challenge; the philosophy itself is an adaptation of the writings of an ancient pre-Imperial scholar. The third philosophy, currently gaining favour amongst more widely travelled Genetors and causing concern amongst more traditional Genetors, is espoused by the Companions of Vogel, whose leader, Heydrich Vogel, returned from a century-long expedition into the Koronus Expanse and began preaching a creed of forced genetic and biological augmentation in order to strengthen humanity for the troubles ahead. Some believe that Vogel’s ideology verges upon heresy, and its suggestion that humanity is somehow insufficient in its current state is seen by many as being a blasphemy in its own right.

The difference between a Genetor and a more conventional Tech-Priest is one of training, aptitude and focus. As is so frequently the case in the Adeptus Mechanicus, understanding begets power, which in turn begets knowledge, and only those who possess the will and the wit to understand that knowledge can properly obtain any form of status amongst their kind.
A particular and unusual disposition is required to become a Genetor; the tendency to view organic life as a form of machine in its own right, rather than as the weak fleshy shell many Tech-Priests view it as. Beyond this, however, it takes mainly dedication and research for an Explorator to become a Genetor, using his knowledge of the organic sciences to aid in the exploration of the realms beyond the Imperium.
Required Career: Explorator
Alternate Rank: Rank 3 or Higher (10,000 xp)
Other Requirements: The Explorer must have a Toughness of 35 or higher, an Intelligence of 40 or higher, and possess the Autosanguine and Prosanguine Talents.

Chem-Use 200
Common lore(koronus Expanse) 200
Common lore (Machine cult) +20 200
Common lore (Tech) +20 200
Common lore (War) 200
Dodge +10 200
Forbidden lore (Adeptus Mechanicus) +20 200
Forbidden lore (Mutants) 200
Forbidden lore (Xenos) 200
Medicae +10 200
Navigation (Surface) 200
Scholastic lore (Beasts) 200
Scholastic lore (Chymistry)200
Tech-Use +20 200
Trade (Chymist) 200
Trade (Explorator) 200
Forbidden lore (Mutants) +10 300
Forbidden lore (Xenos) +10 300
Scholastic lore (Beasts) +10 300
Forbidden lore (Mutants) +20 500
Forbidden lore (Xenos) +20 500
Scholastic lore (Beasts) +20 500
Feedback screech 200
Luminen shock 200
Nerves of Steel 200
Peer (Adeptus Mechanicus) 200
Resistance (poison) 200
A Machine of FleshX3 500
Master Chirurgeon 500
Haemoncolyte 500
Techno-mat 500

A MACHINE OF FLESH (TALENT) In to the Storm page 83
Talent Groups: Brute, Clawed/Fanged, Feels No Pain, Multiple Arms, Nightsider, Regeneration, Sonar Sense, Sturdy, Tough Hide, Venomous, Winged
Flesh is not a weakness as far as you are concerned, but rather a font of untapped potential. Locked within your genes and your tissues are the secrets to greater power, and though you do not eschew the purity of steel nor your existing implants, you see them only as part of the mechanism by which you can better yourself.
You gain one of the following mutations: Brute, Clawed/Fanged, Feels No Pain, Nightsider, Tough Hide, or Venomous, or one of the following Traits: Regeneration, Sonar Sense or Sturdy. You gain that Trait or the effects of the Mutation (although, as you are either grafting biological systems into your body or manipulating your own genetic structure, whether or not you are actually a mutant is debatable).

Familiars Explorators warband page 6

Each of the following is ‘wired-in’ to the Techpriest and therefore follows the rules for being a Familiar.

Talent: Haemoncolytes
Prerequisites: Mechanicus Implants
They are vat-grown creatures formed from the Techpriest’s own flesh and blood. They are typically created to cleanse the Techpriests’ organic components of poisons and tumours, any such imperfections being passed along an umbilical and absorbed by the Haemoncolyte. They are ugly and dwarfish to begin with and over time they age rapidly, becoming covered in liver spots and lumpen growths. A Haemoncolyte adds +30 to all of the Techpriest’s Toughness resistance rolls versus poisons and toxins.

Talent: Techno-mats
: Mechanicus Implants
They are tethered Servitors which attend to the functions of a Techpriest’s organic components, freeing them from the fallacies of the flesh in the pursuit of knowledge. Carefully monitored nutrients and stimulants are fed to the Techpriest continuously from the attendant servo-mat. A techno-mat allows the Techpriest to re-roll his Toughness test when attempting to recover.