MIU and Noospheric space

MIU interface DH2 page 184
“These devices, also known as sense-links, allow the owner to interface directly with a Imperial machine or technological device via interface simulation called noospheric space. MIUs see widespread use among the Adeptus Mechanicus, who regard them as objects of divine communion. A basic model involves a single spinal or cortex connector, while advanced variants include wrist connector probes—and possibly mechadendrite connectors—in addition to the spinal plug. Common models impose no modifiers to machine spirit communication, and add a +10 bonus to Tech-Use or Operate
tests used in conjunction with devices capable of MIU linking.
• Poor MIU systems require a Challenging (+0) Willpower test to use and impose a –10 penalty when attempting to interface with a device.
• Good models grant a +10 bonus to commune with machine spirits and for Tech-Use, Operate, Logic, Inquiry, and Ballistic Skill tests made as part of interfacing with the MIU systems.”

Noospheric space
-Virtual simulation communication network developed during the dark age of technology. Goes beyond 3-d modelling of surroundings, all MIU connected technology perceive and share data with participants of MIU network. It is data output of thousands of temperature sensors. It is fluctuation of imperial vox chatter. It is surface awareness of scitarii squad perceived by Magos Dominus jacked to squads noospheric feed.
-Highly cogitating units, like imperial titan, operates same time at the materium and noospheric space created by it’s sensors and MIU communication to noospheric network of it’s brethen.