Noospheric space and MIU


The virtual simulation and communication network developed during the Dark Age of Technology.

It goes beyond 3-d modelling of surroundings, as it is able to immerse a one in real-time recordings, simulations and prediction models up to a resolution equal to the Planck Lenght. Logicians of Adeptus Mechanicus have proved that it is impossible to separate the reality from a simulation of the reality, if the simulation consists of the pure data.

It is a STC technology that gathers and shares data with connected participants of the Noospheric Space. It is the data output of thousands of temperature sensors. It is fluctuation of a Imperial vox chatter. It is the surface awareness of a Scitarii squad perceived by the Magos Dominus, who is linked to the squad through a data-tether.

Highly cogitating units, like Princeps of the Imperial titans or Magos Dominus connected to an  Abeyant or a Mechanicus Enclave, are able to operate at a same time in the materium and the Noospheric Space. Lesser minds, the ones who are able to connect to Noospheric Space, are overwhelmed by digital reality thus loosing the ability to control their body or use of their biological sensors for awareness.

Data-flow of the Noospheric Space is created between sensors, links, data-vaults, nodes and mergers.

Technology and individuals connected to the Noospheric Space are more resistant against the scrapcode than those, which do not have access to the Pure Data.

Forgotten History

!GM only!

Known History

The secrets of noospheric communication were first uncovered by the Explorator Adept Laszlo, who was the teacher of Adept Cacyce, who in turn was the mentor of Koriel Zeth. Before the union of Mars and Terra, Laszlo often made a number of expeditions to mankind’s birth world in order to recover lost and forgotten technologies. Going to the lands of Gyptus, in the crater Kebira, Laszlo discovered a great tomb complex that had been guarded jealously by the Gilf Kebir. One of the many things discovered within the vast sepulchres of the ancients, were the designs of the noosphere.

The technology was further researched by Koriel Zeth in Magma City, and shared between her allies such as Adept Ipluvien Maximal and Fabricator Locum Kane. Access to the noosphere allows a techpriest to view information in its purest form and was regularly used by Adept Zeth and her servants.

During the Death of Innocence, virulent scrapcode infected the Martian datanets, leading to untold devastation across the planet. However, the infection did not corrupt Magma City or its allies due to the unique nature of the noosphere. This led to Fabricator General Kelbor-Hal dispatching his ambassadors to Magma City in order to both acquire the technology and learn Adept Zeth’s intentions.

Shape of Noospheric network

  • Node, An STC  item or a component installed with cogitator/s powerful enough to create the Noospheric Space. If a habitat, a star vessel or an Imperial army has several nodes among those noospheric spaces merge together through data-tethers and wireless connections.
  • Link, An item that is able to extend and expand flow of data between sensors and a node creating the Noospheric Space.
  • Sensor, An individual, item or component capable to send data to the Noospheric Space, but not able to connect or comprehend the Noospheric Space. In example Scitarii troops of the tech-priests often remove their eyelids to avoid a shortage on the visual data they are transmitting to their masters. Among the Imperium every habitat or star vessel, that are based on STC technology, are filled with numerous sensors for various use and capable to transmit data to Noospheric Space..
  • Merger, An Individual or a machine connected to Noospheric Space and capable to comprehend the Pure Data. Automatically the STC technology system creates complex Hierarchies among current mergers of the Noospheric Space.
  • Data-chest/vault, an item or a component capable of storing Pure Data.
  • Hierarchy, Not everyone is equal in the Noospheric Space. Node of the Noospheric Space creates a hierarchy between the Mergers sharing the Noospheric Space. Holy algorithms, which process the mergers and create the hierarchy, are one of the unsolved mysteries of the Omnissiah, but they seem to respond to universal STC passrunes, keys to STC firewalls, STC cybernetics, the rank of a tech-priest, vicinity of the node, control of the energy feed of the node and several other unknown factors. Those higher on a Noospheric Hierarchy are able to alter, suppress or deny the data-flow of those on lower position in the network.
  • Pure Data, a recording, a projection or a prognosis presented through a Noospheric simulation of the reality that has a resolution equal to the reality.
  • Rudimentary Data, a recording, a projection or a prognosis presented through a Noospheric simulation which, when compiled with other required Rudimentary Data, may accumulate to Pure Data.
  • Data-ghost, A cogitation shadow of an individual that has been connected to Node of the Noospheric Space and left behind an digital imprint of themselves to the Noospheric Space.

Items capable to act as Links

  • MIU interface, provides temporary physical connection through cortex implant to Noospheric Space for a single individual. Connected individual cannot operate same time at the real space while connected to the Noospheric Space. (Details below)
  • Data-tether, provides permanent connection to the Noosphere for a single individual through enhanced MIU cables. Carrier of the data-tether is capable to channel a data-flow of several linked individuals. Carrier of data-tether is physically bound to a Node or a Link connected to the Node.
  • Enchanced Data-tether, provides temporary wireless connection to a Node or a Link within a limited range. Carrier of the enhanced data-tether is capable to channel a data-flow of several squads.
  • Broadband Spectrum Data-tether, provides planet wide connection to a Node, which may also reach an orbit of a planet. It is capable to channel the data-flow of an army regiment.
  • Aethernet Link, it uses a lobotomized brain of telepathic psyker to connect an another lobotomized psyker brain. May create Noospheric connection within a star system but farther than that, fluctuation in the warp, make it impossible to keep up with a real time connection required for a shared Noospheric Space. Though, it is possible to try to send pure data through Aethernet link across the galaxy, but dilation and deflation of data consistency, caused by the warp, renders data incompatible with Noospheric Space. Very few individuals in the Imperium possess means or knowledge of quantum cryptomancy, which is required to de-fragment corrupted Pure Data.
  • Helm Mehanicum, provides the pilot of an Armiger or a Titan a planet wide connection to the Node providing a Noospheric Space.

Items capable to act as Nodes

  • Abeyant, pulpit of Magos Dominus as it brings the Node of a Noospheric Space to the front line.
  • Throne Mechanicum, an Imperial Titan is a sophisticated technological wonder designed on days past and operates at the materium and Noospheric Space simultaneously. However it does not provide access for Mergers to it’s Noospheric Space as STC firewalls allow contact only to own squad. ??  

Components capable to act as Nodes

  • Bridge of Antiquity; Rogue Trader core-book page 207
  • Cogitator Interlink; In To The Storm page 161
  • Cogitator Sphere, core of an lesser AI‘s during the dark age of technology. Banned and lost STC technology.
  • Mechanicus Enclave, a choir of tech-priests which submit their cogitating capacity for a service of the Magos Dominus.
  • Laboratory Annexes; Into The Storm page 88,
  • Teleskopeian Shrine, archeotech relic designed for deep augury of stellar bodies and phenomenons.
  • Temple of Knowledge, wisdom of the Omnissiah manifested. Holy places which radiate the purity and power of STC technology

Star vessel hulls capable to act as Nodes

  • Ark Mechanicus, in some way the definition to Ark Mechanicus hull, which have huge variety, is that it has Noospheric Space incorporated to it’s hull. Who has access to it depends on their understanding of the deeper mysteries of the Machine-god.

MIU interface

“These devices, also known as sense-links, allow the owner to interface directly with a Imperial machine or technological device via interface simulation called noospheric space. MIUs see widespread use among the Adeptus Mechanicus, who regard them as objects of divine communion. A basic model involves a single spinal or cortex connector, while advanced variants include wrist connector probes—and possibly mechadendrite connectors—in addition to the spinal plug. Common models impose no modifiers to machine spirit communication, and add a +10 bonus to Tech-Use or Operate tests used in conjunction with devices capable of MIU linking.
• Poor MIU systems require a Challenging (+0) Willpower test to use and impose a –10 penalty when attempting to interface with a device.
• Good models grant a +10 bonus to commune with machine spirits and for Tech-Use, Operate, Logic, Inquiry, and Ballistic Skill tests made as part of interfacing with the MIU systems.”

Sources: Dark Heresy 2. edit; page 184, Gav Thorpe: Imperator; Wrath of the Omnissiah, Graham MacNeil: Mechanicum, edited and fluffed for Ultima Tectum campaign