Temple of the Fuzzy Logic

Located to Sphaera Imperator habitat, Penitus Balteus

Techno-Shrine to the Omnissiah

This habitat contains a shrine to the Omnissiah, glorifying the Adeptus Machinus and the Cult of Mars, attracting additional tech-priests. It also includes a small techno-scriptarium, which provides a wealth of knowledge on archeotech and the sacred rites of the Adeptus Machinus.

Blessing of the Machine Cult: Any Tech-Use, Common Lore (Adeptus Mechanicus), Forbidden Lore (Adeptus Mechanicus) or Forbidden Lore (Archeotech) Tests made aboard this habitat gain a +10% bonus. A bonus can applied only if research is sanctioned by head mechanicus guarding the techno-shrine.

Components added to the tech-shrine:

Factorium: Armor  Pow: 4 Space: 6, STC production line with archeotech adjustment, produces uncommon armor plating quality.

Data stored to the tech-shrine:


-Canor Sol core logs and power distribution

-Sphaera Imperator core logs and power distribution

-Bastion of Saint Drusus core logs and power distribution

-Gravis Minor planetary survey data


-Avaritas core logs and power distribution

-Data gathered on the great expedition at Gravis Minor.


-Biological: Genetic material of Yves and Xavier,

-Ptera-Squirrel, genetic samples

-Blood sample of Maximus of Grand falls


-Datavirus inflicts the tech-shrine. It is traced to contact to machine spirit of Alpha Vault at Gravis Major During “No Prayer” campaign.


-Datapurifier (Novabyte command lines) against datavirus uploaded to vaults of tech-shrine and spread to other contaminated habitats (Canor Sol, Celos) by Specialist Gödel (818-820.M41).

-Command protocols of ancient Imperial cyborg Ivar the Seerslayer.