“Temple of Infinite-valued Logic”

Located to Sphaera Imperator habitat, Penitus Balteus

Temple of Knowledge  Space 5, Power 5, Ship Points 10, Archeotech, edited for Ultima Tectum campaign
Appropriate hull type: Can only be put in a Habitat, Heavy Frigate, sufficiently sized Transport (Space and Hull both of at least 40), Light Cruiser, Cruiser, or Larger ship.
This Temple is a fantastic piece of archeotech and engineering, kept lovingly updated by some of the most powerful members of the Imperium, placing what would normally be many more components, usually spread throughout a fleet in anything other than an Ark Mechanicus, so that a single ship can usefully do a myriad tasks befitting exploration and the obtaining of knowledge.

It has a myriad linked components:

  • A Shrine of the Emperor in his guise of the guiding light of human knowledge, or as his incarnation as the Omnissiah, as well as various Imperial saints associated with blessings of sanctioned, appropriate individuals towards tasks of learning and discovery for the greater humanity.
  • A Librarium where, rather than being stocked mainly with books and scrolls, writings can be etched microscopically onto durable disks of sapphire or diamantine for later storage and retrieval, including facilities necessary to transfer traditional media onto this method.
  • A Laboratorium, where small artefacts can be studied.
  • A small-batch rapid prototyping Manufactorum, with the curious, lost-to-time name of a ‘Skunkworks’.
  • A small research Hospital where humans can be treated or ailments investigated or upgrades installed to the flesh.

Some of the capabilities are less compared to their larger, dedicated equivalents, but the sheer usefulness more than make up for it.
+10 bonus to crafting or repair checks of small items or small batches of items, including via Trade checks, as well as medicae tests, all non forbidden lore investigation tests, as well as forbidden lore archeotech, and, at GM’s discretion, any forbidden lores directly associated with sanctioned Imperial technology, like Mechanicum, Astartes, Ecclessiarchy, or Inquisition (when dealing with Mechanicum/Space Marine/Sororitas/Inquisitorial technology, for example).
Made To Last: Counts as having Good Quality Superior Damage Control for this component only, even if that component and upgrade are not otherwise on the ship.
Cannot be made Best Quality; is already Archeotech *+25 to all endeavors due to the multi-faceted utility.

Components added to the tech-shrine:

Factorium: Armor  Pow: 4 Space: 6, STC production line with archeotech adjustment, produces uncommon armor plating quality.

Data stored to the tech-shrine:


-Canor Sol core logs and power distribution

-Sphaera Imperator core logs and power distribution

-Bastion of Saint Drusus core logs and power distribution

-Gravis Minor planetary survey data


-Avaritas station’s power core logs and schematics of power distribution to components

-Data gathered on the first Mechanicus expedition at Gravis Minor. (Gödel’s deviation,


-Biological: Genetic material of Yves and Xavier,

-Ptera-Squirrel, genetic samples

-Blood sample of Maximus of Grand falls


-Datavirus inflicts the tech-shrine. It is traced to contact to machine spirit of Alpha Vault at Gravis Major During “No Prayer” campaign.


-Datapurifier (Novabyte command lines) against datavirus uploaded to vaults of tech-shrine and spread to other contaminated habitats (Canor Sol, Celos) by Specialist Gödel (818-820.M41).

-Command protocols of ancient Imperial cyborg Ivar the Seerslayer.

-Archeotech secrets excavated by Homo Legatus Perdiolus from delapidated STC arcology.


-Holy data gathered by Homo Legatus Perdiolus during Mechanicus expedition at Gravis Minor

Biological samples:

  • Sample N-127-F: Biological matter including gene-prints from twin surgeons Yves and Xavier. Collected Shadowblind bay Avaritas star fortress. Data gethered: genetic markers of experimental rejuvenation treatments. Biological age estimated 300 years. Signs of heretical rejuvenation and gene-manipulation for life extension. Signatures of Mechanicus Genetor who made the gene-manipulations. Blood contains two different xeno origin chemical substances.
  • Sample D-95-5: Biological matter from Ptera-squirrels. Collected: temperate continent, Gravis Major. Data gethered: Organism can be classified in STC bio-banks. Extensive possibilities of epigenetic variation. Squirrel requires nuttish food. If squirrel population is too dense compared to availibility of nuttish food source the adapt to carnivorous feeding habits.
  • Sample X-14-3: Bloodsample from Maximus of Grand-falls. Gravis Major Research data: Blood contains traces of strong anti-psychic and tranquilizing drugs.
  • Sample 2-59-S: Blood and tissue sample of chicken named “Hernandez”. Collected: Barracks of Bastion of Saint Drusus, Research data: Blood reveals that the chicke has been well fed and above avareage vitality.
  • Sample H-47-Y: Dried meat and honey cakes from “Great Sky-canoe” Collected: Valley of a dense smoke, Gravis Major Research data: High energy value, traces of non-STC vegetative matter. Isolated and enriched vegetative matter was given for a test subject. Test subject died. Autopsy reveals that pineal gland of the test subject A has swollen out of a proportion and caused deadly brain hemorrhage.
  • Sample 5-40-0: Blood and tissue samples of yeti. Collected: Arctic continent, Gravis Major Research data: Not available
  • Sample F-65-T: Skull of Yeti Collected: Arctic continent, Gravis Major Research data: Not available
  • Sample N-81-5: Urine sample of Imperial Navy commander Elmeh Collected: Military arcology Gloria Lapidarius, Vallum Research data: Not available
  • Sample 5-5-Y: Blood sample of fighter pilot Yondero Collected: Military arcology Gloria Lapidarius, Vellum Research data: Not available
  • Sample: 9-33-1: Tissue sample of larvae. Collected: lowlands, Irae Research data: Non STC lifeform. Absorb energy directly from radiation.
  • Sample 5-30-J: Blood and tissue from clones of Yves or Xavier Collected: Avaritas Research data: Not available
  • Sample T-96-9: Blood manifested from the Immaterium during psychic phenomena Collected: Avaritas Research data: Not Available
  • Sample 9-33-1: Tissue sample of larvae. Irae. Research data: Gain sustenance from a radiation.
  • Sample 5-30-J: Yvesin ja Xavierin veri- ja kudosneste. Avaritas.
  • Näyte T-96-9: Immateriumista manifestoitunutta verta. Avaritas.
  • Näyte G-20-4: Crime Lord Borgan käsi. Pugia.
  • Näyte 7-22-V: Verinäyte Jotakista. Immaterium Pocket, Gravis Major.
  •  Näyte Y-24-Q: Sattumanvarainen kudosnäyte sotakentältä (Arbitrator Mordechain käskystä). Gravis Major. Simaa ja sienialkaloideja, jonkinlaisia taisteluhuumeita.
  • X Näyte 2-12-E: Louisin verinäyte. Gravis Major.• Käynyt läpi rejuvenaatiohoitoja. Ei jälkiä päihteistä.
  • X Näyte 7-67-7: Ranulfin biomassaa. Nothus.• Ihmisen kaltainen warpin tuottaman simulacrum biologisesta olennosta.
  • Näyte 1-90-Q: Navigaattori Kelperin munuaiset. Myrkytystila. Hohtavat sinisenä
  • Näyte X-82-4: Synteettinen huume jolla Kelper pysyy hengissä.
  • Näyte G-8-77: Auroch-pihvi amasecilla, leivähkä hunajasoosilla. Bastion of Saint Drusus
  • Näyte 3-45-F: Rottamiehen pää.
  • Näyte 5-34-H: Apinamaisen xenoksen veri- ja kudosnäytteitä. Gravis Major, Gamma Vault.
  • Näyte 8-R-73: Kudosnäytteitä Gravis Minorin vaultin komentosillan muumioituneista ruumiista. ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––
  • Teknologiset näytteet:X Näyte T-17-B: Kaksosten lääketieteelliset instrumentit (Todistusaineistossa). Avaritas.

• Outoja välineitä, todennäköisesti xeno-medicaea. Näyte Z-85-9: Crab’o’matic ”Rapumaatti”. Outo robotti, Omnissiahin komentorivi. Gravis Minor. Näyte 3-28-E: Täysin paristo. Gravis Minor (Todistusaineistossa).X Näyte 9-42-3: Kivettynyt cogitator. Imperial Antiques. Canor Sol.
• Gravis Minorista peräisin. Sisältää heksagrammaatisen koodinpätkän.
Omnissiahin komentorivi: ”Kutsuu saapuu taistelemaan enkelin puolesta”. Näyte 6-51-B: Kivettynyt cogitator Heretech Luxiukselta. PugiaX Näyte W-69-U: Heretech Luxiuksen ruumis. Pugia.
• Luxius:
• Basic Potentia Coil
• Flesh is Weak 3, Advanced Cybermantle, Advanced Electrograft ja Advanded Electro InductorNäyte J-48-H: Noospherinen koodimato. Frosty Spire -vault (Gravis Minor)––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––Kemialliset näytteet: X Näyte T-15-4: Arbitrator Börnin tuhkat (uurnassa).
• Jälkiä myrkytyksestä, jotain eksoottisempaa ainetta. Officio Assasinarum käyttää tällaisia myrkkyjä.X Näyte 7-18-N: Yvesin ja Xavierin parantavaa nestettä, maitomaista ainetta. Gravis Major.
• Jonkinlaista eritettä, biologista alkuperää. Luonnottomia ja epäsymmetrisiä proteiiniketjuja. Näyte F-30-M: Uscharilloja. Gravis Major. Näyte 5-47-H: Maaperää alkalilähteiltä. Nothus. Näyte B-66-6: Alkalivettä, leväjauhetta ja alkalisavea. Canor Sol. X Näyte O-91-4: Alfmedin piiras. Canor Sol.
• Salainen ainesosa: 5–7 prosenttia aurochia. X Näyte 5-57-F: XY-Zygote -hedelmällisyyslääke. Sphaera Imperator. (Tuotettu Avaritaksessa.)
• Tutkimus kesken––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––Sosiologiset näytteet:Näyte B-93-2: Käyttäytymistutkimusta Ultima Tectumin eri tekijoiden ryhmäkäyttäytymisestä (Sphera Imperator)
• Vertailevaa tutkimusta voi tehdä Perdioluksen ilme-tutkimuksesta.