Ark Mechanicus hull

Over many millennia, a large number of star vessels of various hull designs, fitting no specific classification, have been seen bearing the insignia of the Adeptus Mechanicus. Many of these ships are incredibly ancient vessels, possibly recovered space hulks, re-commissioned so as to examine their characteristics under normal operation.
A notable few of these are the unimaginably vast, almost mythical Ark Mechanicus vessels, said to endlessly ply the stellar maine in the Quest for Knowledge. These vessels are rarely encountered by others as they perform their missions in the service of those who give life to these behemoths of the stars. Such vessels are said to predate even the Great Crusade.
Some have suggested that aspects of its design were lent to both the Retribution battleship as well as the Victory battleship most commonly encountered in Segmentum Tempestus. The Adeptus Mechanicus have not been forthcoming regarding the veracity of this information.

Speed: 5 Manouver: +4 Detection: +15
Hull Integrity: 95 Armor: 20
Turret rating: 5 Space: 100

Permanent components

Ark Mechanicus pilot
  • Upgrade: Best quality Turbo-Weapon Batteries, Ignore Penalties for one Macrobattery firing at Double Range; Increase Range by 1; +5% Ballistic Skill
  • Essential component: Repulsion Shield Array (2) Pow: 8 Space: 2, Scarce, No Penalties to Maneuver Actions in Small Particles
  • Helm Mechanicum augmentation for the pilot of an ark.


1 Prow

  • Nova Cannon or Lance Battery

3 port

  • Lance Battery,
  • Macrocannon Battery
  • Macrocannon Battery

3 starboard

  • Lance Battery
  • Macrocannon Battery
  • Macrocannon Battery

1 Dorsal

  • Lance


  • Cannot use “Come To New Heading” special orders.
  • By default It is equipped with Repulsor Shield Array and Turbo-weapon Batteries as part of its point cost, and cannot be removed.
  • Brutal Strike” increases caused Boarding damage by 1d5
  • Calculated Advance” decreases Boarding command by -5, but decreases received population damage caused by enemy boarding by 1.
  • Advanced Plasma Reactor increases speed, and gives bonus +5 to All Ahead, High Energy Turn and Burn Retros actions.

Example vessels

  • Ark Mechanicus “Pride of Ares“, vessel eternally dedicated to void battles of tech-priests.
  • Ark Mechanicus “Shield of Hermes“, vessel capable for exploration voyages taking centuries.
  • Ark Mechanicus “Cradle of Hefaistos“, vessel worshiping archeotech and implementations of it.

Mechanicus star vessel components

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