STC Data storage

STC data storage and display devices (ROM)

Imperial data storing is based on revered single modular STC template, the data-cube. These crystals are pressed, polished and ignited by grand auto-factoriums of several Imperial forge worlds.

One STC data-cube is able to store infinite amount of data but it takes infinite amount of time to up/download it.
As need for faster data transfer bandwidth between data storage and cogitation unit is imperative in large systems, data stored is distributed between large quantity of data-cubes and controlled by cogitator unit. Thus basic components remains same and they are just stacked up to gargantuan proportions (the Imperial method) for higher performing storage/cogitation portable devices or habitat/vessel components.

Portable data storage devices

Data-cube, Common
-Enormous capacity for storing data but up/download times are too slow for storing beyond reasonable amounts of data.
-All Imperial data storage technology is based on data-cube STC. Small systems operate around single data-cube, larger installations like data-vaults are stacked with endless rows of data-cube racks.
-Can be used for hiding and smuggling sensitive information. Can be implanted under skin.
-To insert or access information it requires data-cube reader/writer
Components: minuscule STC data storage module

Data-wafer, From abundant to unique
-Size of Imperial Tarot card.
Components: Data-cube, hololithic projector, STC card operation interface, password generator.
-STC template data-wafer are used across the imperium as key-cards, for identity authorization as Cognomens and to command robots. Inquisitorial rosette in use of Inquisition or doctrina wafers used to operate Kastellan robots by Cybersmiths are  examples of data-wafers used in the Imperium.
-Wafers which contain hard-coded imperial propaganda are abundant.
-Personal imperial documentation wafer is scarce.
-Stolen authority wafers (inquisition, imperial navy, ecclesiarchy, etc) are extremely rare.
-Lost STC wafers (unique operational configurations, missing Kastellan command wafers, archaotech password key-cards) are unique.

Data-slate, common, Rogue Trader Tools page 144
“Data-slates are commonplace in the Imperium, the primary means of storing and reading printed text and other media such as video or audio recordings. They are so cheap and easy to make that many contain a single media recording, such as text,
and can only play that single file. Others can re-record new information, or transmit and receive data from other devices.”
-Size similar to Imperial primer.
Components: Touch sensitive display, hololithic projector, data-cube and MIU interface.
-Hard-wired data-slates are abundant and filled with imperial or ecclesiarchical propaganda that enhances hypno-doctrination of Imperial citizens. They can be about creed, imperial rules, saints, maps, etc.
-Basic data-slate can record and can re-write their content.
-Specific data-slates may be rarer, in example Almanax Astrae Divinitus, extremely rare, Rogue Trader page 143

Memorance implant, DH2 page 184
“This implant is a neurally-linked datavault and pict-capture array, often incorporating augmetic replacement of one or both eyes, that records information on people or scenes viewed. It can then later replay that information, or overlay the present view with additional data on people and objects viewed. It is a tool of chroniclers, loremancers, and masters of ceremonies, as well as factors or nobles who like to see the secrets of their rivals overlaid upon their view of the negotiating table. It provides a +10 bonus to Trade (Loremancer) tests or other tests in social situations where the recorded information provides leverage or value.”
Components: Data-cube, sensor, MIU interface, cybernetic

Data-chest, Rare
-Closed system: cannot be manually operated, only through MIU interface or component interface.
-Used to locally collect, store and transfer large amount of data. Common component in imperial structures as precinct-fortress, cathedral, research facility, etc.
Components: Armor, EMP shield, Mechanicus firewall, rack of data-cubes and MIU interface.

Data storage vessel/habitat components

Data-vault, Very rare Pow: 1 Space: 1
-Imperial STC component. Grants +5 to logic and lore (ones uploaded) checks of habitat/vessel.
-Tech-shrine and Administrator vault are upgrades of same STC template component.
Components: Halls of data-chests, cogitator room, cooling system, EMP shield, Mechanicus firewall.
-Component requires core or drive to power up.
-Used as component in habitats, star fortresses and star vessels.
-Has cogitator installed and can be used to analyze and study data.


Data-mine, Unique, (archaotech) Pow: 5 Space: 10
-Ancient STC wonder. Knowledge of building such component is lost to the Imperium.
-Independent power source.
-Known vaults located to Terra?, Mars and Jericho Reach.
Components: Archeotech mysteries