Archmagos alternative career

Origin: Fringe is yours

The pinnacle of the Mechanicum, an Archmagos has reached the point where he is a master of his field, a peer of the Imperium, and a war leader of great renown. The accords between an Archmagos and a Rogue Trader mean the Rogue Trader is never in need of technology and manpower, while the Archmagos has an equal stake in new discoveries and archeotech found. The greatest of Archmagi eventually pursue the rites of High Techno-Arcana, applying their research to the battlefield.
Required Career: Explorator

Other Requirements: Ordained an Archmagos by a council of peers or higher-ups Advance Cost: 500 xp Effect: Gain access to the Archmagos Advances.

Archmagos Advances Advance Cost Type Prerequisites
Scholastic Lore (Choose One) 200 Skill
Scholastic Lore (Choose One) +10 200 Skill Scholastic Lore (Choose One)
Scholastic Lore (Choose One) +20 200 Skill
Scholastic Lore (Choose One) +10 Forbidden Lore (Choose One) 200 Skill
Forbidden Lore (Choose One) +10 200 Skill
Forbidden Lore (Choose One) Forbidden Lore (Choose One) +20 200 Skill Forbidden Lore (Choose One) +10
Command 200 Skill
Command +10 200 Skill Command
Command +20 200 Skill Command +10
Good Reputation (Adeptus Mechanicus) 500 Talent Peer (Adeptus Mechanicus), Fel 50
High Techno-Arcana 1000 Talent

The Archmagos has become a master of a specific field of scholarly or forbidden arts in the halls of the great data repositories, but his true expertise lies on the battlefield, where he augments his allies through control of data flows, small augmentations, or flat destruction. The Archmagos selects a SINGLE High Techno-Arcana. He may not switch this choice out later – choose wisely!
ARCHIMANDRITE Having reached the highest ranks of the Mechanicum, the Archimandrite is a master of keeping his equipment in top shape, be it his favorite plasma gun, or the tanks of his Taghmata. At the end of the Archimandrite’s turn, every allied vehicle within 50m may roll a 1d10 – on a 7+, the vehicle restores lost hull integrity equal to the Archimandrite’s Intelligence Bonus.
MALAGRA The Archmagos is a Warlord among Warlords, and has learned the most efficient ways to destroy organic enemies. The Malagra gains the Monster Hunter talent, and gains a +10 to all Weapon Skill tests.
MYRMIDAX A Lord of the Myrmidon Sub-Cult, the Myrmidax has perfected the art of ranged killing. The Myrmidax gains a +10 to all Ballistic Skill tests, and gains the Auto-stabilized traits. He may apply the effects of Two-Weapon Fighting to basic weapons, and may perform the Called Shot action with a +10 bonus. However, he may no longer execute the Run action.
ORDINATOR Those who are called upon to break fortifications and fortresses, the Ordinators take perverse joy in their jobs. The Ordinator gains the Tank Hunter and Wrecker talents, and Orbital Bombardments called by an Ordinator do not scatter.
LACHRIMALLUS Overseers and work masters, the Lachrimallus are looked down upon by their peers, but serve a vital purpose, augmenting their workers and allies. The Lachrimallus and Allies within 20m gain the Regeneration trait.
MACROTEK The Magi who keep the forges burning, the Macroteks can be said to be the opposite of the Ordinators – where Ordinators destroy, Macroteks build. The Macrotek may, as a Full Action, add a number of Armor Points equal to his unmodified Intelligence Bonus to any Cover.
STATARAGA Unlike the Malagra and Myrmidax who take a more personal approach to warfare, the Magos Stataraga masters the art of rapid charges for his supporting units. Vehicles with the Walker type and Battle Automata within 100m add the Magos Stataraga’s Intelligence Bonus to their charge distance.