Servitors and automatons

List of construct parts, for servitors and automatons

-Size: From small to gargantuan
-Type: Body analogue of the servitor snake, winged, octopus, cricket
-Movement: Tracks, legs (bi, quad, multitude), wings, jump jets, slithering, burrowing, mechadendrites

Essential parts:
-Gives motion to the frame of the servitor


Field generator
-Device creating power fields that give protection and effector fields that enable flight.

Power cell
-Gives energy for the construct.
-Power cell needs to be charged frequently.
-Can power up frames up to medium size.

Engine core
-Gives energy for the servitor.
-Engine cores are fueled with suitable matter from combustibles to fusion.
-Can be installed to frames huge and upwards.

Cybernetic link (MIU)
-connects brain to cogitator

Domination uplink
-Enables the construct to take over and remotely control other constructs without MIU link.

Central neural cortex
Artificial brain of the construct
-Frame size does not affect size of the cortex.
-Used when living brain is not connected to the construct
-Only few different Central neural cortex STCs have survived from the forbidden past.

Cogitator interlink
-Cogitator controlling the construct without human brain or Central neural cortex controlling it, is apostasy from the age of strife.
-Works as brain booster of the brain or Central neural cortex connected to it.
-Frame size does not affect size of the cogitator interlink.

Code inhibitor
-If construct does not have human brain integrated it is called automaton.
-Each Imperial Central neural cortex is instituted with code inhibitor.
-Code inhibitor makes automaton non-autonomous and actions depend on command wafers inserted by controller of automaton.

Data chest
-Acts as memory storage for the data collected by the construct.

Sensory array
-Gives auspex for the construct.

-to communicate with other constructs and administrators.
-Audio and vox are most common but more eccentric ways of communication can be found like invisible laser, coded molecules, etc.

Weapon size possible to fit to construct depends on size of the frame
Small: From Digital up to pistol
Medium: Up to rifle
Huge: Up to heavy
Enormous: Siege weapons
Gargantuan: Lance weapons

Part sizes:
Small, fit for small frames
Medium, fit for medium frames
Huge, fit for huge to gargantuan forms
Enormous, requires 2 X amount of huge parts to operate

Quality of parts follows same guideline as quality of equiopment in Rogue trader RPG.

Upgrades of parts:
Archaotech Very rare
Exotic material Rare
Durable Scarce
Cooled Scarce
Overcharged Rare
Xenotech Rare
Heretek Abundant