Chapter 2:

Precinct-Fortress becomes operational

-Arbitrator Mordechai founds his Arbitrator Precinct-Fortress inside large asteroid  known as Sphaera Imperator habitat at Peniteus Balteus asteroid belt. Thus making habitat local center of Imperial bureaucracy, sector-wide astropathic communication and pilgrim site of Mechanicum.


The Arbitrators operate out of massive Precinct-fortresses, located within capital cities in close proximity to the Planetary Governor of major Imperial worlds. Sprawling hive cities may also have their own Courthouse Precinct to aid in large scale monitoring. Remote planets of little importance may have just a single fortified Precinct House for the single Arbitrator stationed there. Whatever their number on a world, or relative size and importance, every Precinct Fortress is broadly similar. They are severe, utilitarian buildings with black armored walls as thick as a military bunker. Their towering shapes exude an air of menace, frowning down on the other buildings nearby and the citizens who hurry fearfully past. Though each Precinct varies based on the needs of the world it is built on, many include the same basic elements: billets for the Arbitrators, an extensive armory to ensure they are well-equipped for the job at hand, secure cells in which to detain suspects ready for questioning or trial, and a court of judgement where guilt and punishment is determined.

These resources can vary greatly, as a Precinct with only a single Arbitrator may have limited ability to hold the guilty until the time of their punishment, and summary execution may be the Arbitrator’s only viable course of action. Monitoring arrays allow the users to listen in on local communications and heavy calibre automated weapon turrets track passing vehicles. Larger precincts may contain additional facilities at the discretion of the High Marshal or Judge such as specialised interrogation rooms fitted out with all manner of devices for extracting information from those who find themselves strapped to the table, medicae centres containing automated equipment and Surgeon-Servitors to treat the wounds of injured agents, and Astropathica shrines where pleas for aid can be transmitted to other planets and incoming messages painstakingly decoded.

precinct fortress sphaera imperatorThe Ultima Tectum  courthouse at Sphaera Imperator is equipped to be self-sufficient with independent life sustainer and to support a complete Arbites troops. It consist of armory (+10 acquisition of weapons, ammo), cells(+10 prolonged interrogation, 5 cells), barracks (up to 500 troops), firing range (+morale for executions), scriptorium (+5 Imperial bureaucracy), data-vault(+5 prolonged scrutiny, logic), warehouse (+20 acquisition of gear and tools), kitchen (bonus vs poisoning)?, gymnasium (bonus vs aging)? and garage (+5 mechanical repair).

precinct-fortress-laajaAdditional components:
Reserve plasma banks Pow: +10
Arboretum (doubles the time Precinct-Fortress can sustain blockade), Pillars of law (+5 command at courtroom), 5 spaces of empty areas for future development of fortress.

Located outside of Precinct-Fortress:
Techno-Shrine of the Machine God?? (+5 to scholastic lore, +5 to Forbidden lore: Archaotech, Mechanicus only)
Medicae deck (+20 medicae, IBx3 patients)

Located on surface of the asteroid:
Astropathic Choir(+10% Focus Power Test for Astro-Telepathy; Increase Psychic Powers by 5VU’s)
Warp Gate map (+20 navigate the warp to locate)

Courthouses are sometimes a world’s only connection with the rest of the Imperium. Planetary Governors often resent the Imperial oversight represented by the Precinct Fortresses on their world. However, in the event of widespread civil unrest and rebellion, they can provide sanctuary from the raging mobs and form the base from which the uprising will be crushed. In the case of a hostile invasion, the Arbites may well be the only ones with the means to send for Imperial reinforcements, and their armored fortresses often become a rallying point and central hub of the resistance. Assistance rarely arrives quickly enough to save the population, but behind their thick walls and heavy doors, it is the Arbitrators’ duty to hold out for as long as possible, until the last scrap of food is gone and the last round of ammunition has been fired.

-Within half year habitat is expanded through Imperial Tax factor investments with  Astropathic Choir conducted by Astropath Martün Underberg, and Techno-Shrine of Omnisiah operated by Specialist Gödel,  Arboretum, Hydroponics Deck, Medicae Deck, Warp Gate Map and Reserve Plasma Banks. Hades Breaching Drill is filling up the garage of the precinct-fortress.

-Arbitrator Mordechai releases small Terran STC rodent found from terraformed forest of Gravis Major to the arboretum. Ptera-Squirrel happily climbs to lush canopy in search of nuts.

-As the guardian of a Techno-Shrine of the Machine God Specialist Gödel’s rank among Mechanicum is promoted to Corpus Illuminator (rank 2/6).

-Astropath Martün promotes adept to be his acolyte: pupil Teresa, promising psyker, extra range telepathy, void born physiology, cool under pressure, cultured, unfathomable.

-Pilgrims of the Machine God come to pay their respects and alms for it’s glorious shrine. That gives Specialist Gödel tax profit (+3) and regular right of use to archaotech items donated to the shrine.

-This great construction operation and accumulation of Imperial infrastructure increases habitats profits greatly. Luxury quarters is commissioned by Spokesman Memillius.

lady percy

-Chorda dynasty Legatus Lady Percy and Winterscale dynasty Legatus Morton move permanently to Sphaera Imperator to be able to send and receive astropathic messages to their associates without delay.

-While calibrating his astropathic choir Martün notices weird dissonance in the flow of the warp. He follows his feeling and it leads to the way-shrine of Sphaera Imperator. As he touches sacred adamantium nugget to his horror he finds out that large xeno crystal is hidden inside the relic.

-Astropath Martün reveals xeno origin of revered adamantium nugget of way-shrine of Sphaera Imperator to Arbtrator Mordechai. Arbitrator Mordechai estimates value of that size of adamantium nugget to be around 4 TF.

-Astropath Martün connects to astropathic choir and opens himself to signals echoing through the warp.

Psychic signals located at Ultima Tectum system

Near distance (system):
Martün Underberg
, Imperial Astropathic choir, Penitus Balteus
Herkel 1, Imperial Astropathic choir, Semis
Ragozine 2, Imperial Astropathic relay, Winterscale, Star vessel
Metxer 3 , Imperial astropath, Bleeding feedback loop signal, Calling for maintenance, Sensory deprivation, High insanity, Unintentional signal, Cauldron area
Blue giant star 4, Echoes from Blue giant of Ultima Tectum, Warp rift located inside of the sun.
Stryxis 5, Warp disruptor against Eldar
Unknown 6, Nimbus Extern, Unsanctioned psyker, Occult signs, Warded location, Warded personality, Divination signs, Midwife for mother birthing twins.
Nytram Red Handed 7, Moral threat, resides in the warp

Mid distance (Accursed Demesne sub-sector):
Xaore 8, Imperial Astropathic choir, Imperial navy, Stationary
Kalliope 9, Imperial navy, “Gorgon’s eye” Imperial cruiser, Asropathic relay
Hecuba 10, Imperial, Astropathic relay, “Orlov Principle”, Inquisitor Black ship
Mouth of blasphemy 11, Located direction, Stationary, Chaos source
Unknown 12, Eldar Craftworld
Unknown 13, Slaanesh source, Star vessel, Constant tactical maneuvering, Constant sacrifice
Hecaton rift, Warp storm
The Cauldron, Warp storm

Far distance: (Koronus expanse)
Montak , Imperial Astropathic choir, Footfall system, High insanity, Link to Calixis Sector
Heldron 15, Imperial Overcharged Astropathic choir, Winterscale realm system, Link to Calixis Sector
Unknown 16, Stationary, Xeno source,
Unknown 17, Khorne source
Unknown 18, Echoes of the Waagh
Screaming Vortex Warp storm

Extremely far distance:
Holy Astronomican Terra

-Arbitrator Mordechai becomes aware of bounties announced at the system and scribes them them to The Black Book of Justice.

-Barracks component is acquired by burning 1 Tax Factor and installed to Sphaera Imperator habitat outside Precinct-Fortress.

-Ash urn of late Acolyte Adminstrator Börn is delivered to Precinct-Fortress. Young acolyte was sent by Ordo Adminstratum to Ultima Tectum by request of Arbitrator Mordechai. It seems that acolyte Börn unfortunately died from sudden sickness during his star voyage.

Year 1 Imperial reports from the system:
Brother-Militant Makbae, Gravis Major,  Location of two other major religious centers located (arctic continent, desert continent), Native temple has not been destroyed, its weaponry and defenses too strong for fighter attack. Possible continuity: Assault squad or torpedo bombardment?

Mayor Usindra, Gravis Major, Problems caused by low power has been solved with additional plasmareactor, colony is thriving, luxury quarters, prominent figurehead and promenade has been authorized. Common sentences: Theft, fraud, public indecency

Commander Embeh, Vellum, Blockade successful, Imperial guards stationed at the planet has been rationed during blockade, Native archaotech vehicle destruction unsuccessful, powerful void shield and rapid firing laser battery. Loss of three fighters. Further engagement avoided.

Enforcer, Thurio, Sphaera Imperator. Population normal, because of continued disuse of the cell it has been converted to emergency infirmary for void miners recovering from injuries. Common sentences: Theft, Public intoxication

Prison warden Vladir, Nothus. Underused capacity, More prisoners needed to bring up tax profit of the penal colony. Penal colony has 250 conscripts over the minimum required by Imperial Navy.

Enginseer Morcurator, Nothus. Underused core capacity, Abundant exotic minerals, Athmosphere anomaly, No power fluctuation. Statistically high amounts of minor illnesses.

Conciliatrix Arviragus, Canor Sol. Construction of space peer facility almost functional, HLF saboteurs have slowed down the construction. Unusually high amounts of minor illnesses. Common sentences: Sabotage, fraud, customs violation,

Conciliatrix Boltazar, Avaritas. Trade profit of space station affected by blockade of Gravis Major. Medical service facilities fully functional after quarantine. Common sentences: Agitation, smuggling, public intoxication

Enforcer Solomon, Pauperpolis.  Xeno trinket trade has been cleaned from station, Distribution of unauthorized drugs has been cleaned from the station but continues somewhere else at Nimbus Extern. Disbanding cult meeting, execution of cult leader. Common sentences: Sale and possession of Xeno item, sale and possession of illegal narcotics, murder,

Formal Imperial Requests:
For ending of Gravis Major blockade pending from Mayor Usindra, Nurse Aletha, Baroness Isolte, Conciliatrix Simion, Arch-Diocese Humer, Conciliatrix Boltazar, Headmaster Idiomus.

-Arbitrator Mordechai requests additional information about execution of heretic at Pauperpolis by Solomon. Pict-cordings reveal perpetrator to be identical with malefic scholar Radulf, “Prophet of alkaline spring”, who was executed year ago by arbitrator Mordechai at PC-278, Nothus.


Chapter 3: