Chapter 3:

OOO “Urn of redemption” shuttle flight to Scutum 1 weeks, Pilot Martün


-Sales of xeno items seem to be dwindling at the station during visits of the arbitrator as most influential traders have closed their shops temporarily.

-Specialist Gödel meets Augmentist Serobyn at xenos librarium and they exchange glances of scans and techna-lingua greeting protocols between them.

OOO “Urn of redemption” shuttle flight to Vellum

Invasion to HLF base with drop pods from the moon of Gravis Major. Six assault pods protected by fighter squadron. By orders of Arbitrator Mordechai the surprise of assault is more important than survival of all assault forces and fighters do not fly ahead to destroy missile defenses. At the end of screaming descension of landing pods they are assaulted by barrage of missiles but by emperor’s blessing assaulting forces loose only one of the pods.

-HLF  HQ is abandoned and automated missile defense and minefield are left behind to hinder investigation of the arbitrator. Specialist Gödel clears path through the minefield for STC fallout shelter which has been used to facilitate HLF forces.

Ancient STC fallout shelter

-Fallout shelter has been abandoned 6 months ago and all supplies and hardware that Ancient STC fallout shelter has not been transported away has been destroyed.


Signs of rapid abandonment, equipment that has been disabled when left behind, active minefield and missile defense, burned data-chests, ruptured sensory deprivation tanks, burned research facility, two abandoned shuttles, burned warehouses, empty jetbike fueling station.

-Recognizable pieces of destroyed equipment: arctic and desert camouflage clothing, vox receivers, rations, anti-grav sledges, jetbike spare parts. Signs of large habitat (est. 5000 dissidents) which has operated in ancient fallout shelter STC.

-The plasma core of the fallout shelter has been damaged beyond repair.

-Arbitrator Mordechai confiscates two imperial shuttles, Jovian missile battery, minefield and fission generator used by HLF.

Assault to the Sky Canoe is lead by brother-militant Makbae. Surprise assault is chosen tactics and retinue with Makbae board Sky Canoe by using grappling equipment brought by Makbae.

-Riding derelict shrine-ship across windy sea while Specialist Gödel learns to soothe ancient machine spirit of the Huwan relic.


Silver sky canoe


Ancient Huwan construct

-Wooden canoe 100 meters long. Coated with silver powder paint. Structure imitates vaguely the shape of Imperial heavy cruiser.
-Ancient relic of Huwan Tribes, was built by ancestors of the tribes and it has survived for several for several millennia.

-Anti-Gravity system for levitation and propulsion Pow: 1 Space:
-Archaotech void shield Pow: 4 Space:
-Sunsear laser battery Pow: 5 Space: (Best quality -1 Pow, -1 Space)
-Antique bridge Pow: 1 Space: 2 (Good quality -1 Pow)
-Plasma reserve banks: Pow +11 Space: 6 (Good quality +1 Pow)


-Sky Canoe drifts with winds to desert continent of Gravis Major.  Snake people of Huwan tribes have arrived to welcome the great Sky Canoe. Instead of Usharillo blowing shaman the Imperial astropath confronts primitive crowd. Martün marches towards Huwan leaders and with his telepathy abilities he amplifies and projects their fears back to them. Martün terrifies native leaders with his telepathic projection and forces them to submit to the Emperor’s rule. Conversion strategy admitted by Missio Galaxia has stepped an phase further.

-Storm pushes Sky Canoe off course and it crashes to wall of ice at the thinly populated glacier cliffs of the arctic continent.

Reserve plasma banks are damaged and Specialist Gödel faces impossible situation as spare parts are not available on this mountainous glacier. Specialist Gödel removes needed fuse from his personal augmentation at cost of his own bodily functions and starts repairing.

-Astropath Martün delves on the secrets of “Fall of the Throne, Reflections of Volquan Sark and studies the book further for the dreadful divination’s foretelling the death of the Emperor.

Elusive Yeti adaptation of STC ape

-Arbitrator Mordechai concentrates on perimeter defense of Urn of Redemption. He is assaulted by Yeti (STC ape, tundra adaptation). Mordechai avoids surprise attack and thrusts his combat knife to the heart of the Yeti, slaying it instantly.

-Mordechai skins the yeti and gathers it’s valuable gonads for the bounty.

-At the shuttle Specialist Gödel, Genetor experienced with studying and sampling biological life prepares full body yeti suit from the skin for Mordechai and cryo-stores gonads for later transaction. (Yeti skin suit, Survival against cold +30, hide at arctic +20)

-As Mordechai continues perimeter defense in the yeti suit he is able to successfully to evade native hunters and rigorously but warmly geared continues to  guard  Urn of Redemption until repairs are done.

-After 6 days of repairs are successful Specialist Gödel ignites holy mysteries of plasma and Sky Canoe is operational again. It takes 1 day for vehicle to warm up.

-After successful flight operated from antique bridge and navigation aided by beacon of “Imperial Friendship” bridge Sky Canoe is located to Imperial Friendship bridge. Responsibility of Sky Canoe is assigned to brother-militant Makbae.

-Brother-militant Makbae is put on charge of spiritual guidance of desert Huwan tribe to rise against their old ways and inferior gods. As part of conversion strategy he starts to teach Imperial Creed and Tactica Imperium to the converted Huwans.

OOO Shuttle lift from Bastion of Saint Drusus spaceport to Vellum, moon of Gravis Major.

-Retinue meets Commander Elmeh and find him exhilarated as Imperial Navy has announced campaign against Orc Waagh at Koronus Expanse.

-As they raise glasses to the honor of the Emperor astropath Martün notices that there is contamination in the drinks that are served.

-Turns out that commanders personal water purification unit has been sabotaged. For a time he has been drinking his own urine and it has been slowly poisoning him. Specialist Gödel replaces sealant and repairs distillation unit.

Blockade  at Gravis Major is made more lenient. Landing to planet is possible but it must happen through Imperial custom clearance at spaceport of Bastion of Saint Drusus. Commerce of Gravis Major returns to normal and custom fees of spaceport increase Arbitrator’s Tax Factor.

-Specialist Gödel requests permission to make personal visit at Gravis Minor to meet Enginseer Strabolus. Arbitrator Mordechai grants permission.

-Specialist Gödel meets Strabolus and agrees to join exploration party to study wonders of Gravis Minor 6+ months later. Gödel arranges Perdiolus to join the exploration party.

OOO Shuttle travel to Sphaera Imperator

-Minor gang members plan to get big score bounty by trying to assassinate arbitrator Mordechai. They ambush him in public and get shot by arbitrator. Mordechai disguises his heavy wounds from the crowd of spectators as he heads towards the precinct-fortress.

-Arbitrator faces defenses of the precinct fortress and finds out that his personal entrance codes have been hacked and auto-cannons defending the gate start to target at him. They use astropath Martün’s access to enter the precinct-fortress.

OOO Shuttle travel to Irae

-Retinue locates well maintained landing field for shuttles at the surface of the moon. Landing area is protected by auto-targeting flamer turrets.

Centiworm feeding

-Specialist Gödel collects samples of xeno lifeforms. Algae, eggs and larvae. Few days after collecting samples each of them has changed from mix of algae, eggs and worms to single well-fed creature in the container.

OOO Shuttle travel to Canor Sol, 5 weeks

-Alfmed, owner of “Imperial pies” is found out planning to sell alkaline water and is heavily chastised by arbitrator Mordechai. He guides retinue on trail of Alkaline cult meeting.

-Arbitratorial retinue faces Ranulf, Prophet of the Alkaline Springs, again as he is  running cult gathering where he promotes disease preventing alkaline water and mutation curing “organic” clay. Heretic is executed again.

-Mordechai investigates shop named “Arms & Antiques.” Shopkeeper stays out of sight and catalogue of available wares is displayed by ancient and gilded Mars-pattern servitor. Availability of items correlates with purchaser’s imperial authority. (In Addition Imperial Navy and Mechanicus receive +10 to acquisition checks.)

-Astropath Martün suspects that psychic bombardment directed to him is used to conceal something on the station.

-Retinue locates transport container addressed to Archdiocese Humer and loaded with “Holy water”. Suspicious Mordechai finds out that instead of holy water, it is filled with alkaline water produced by heretical cult.

-Arbitrator Mordechai confiscates and redirects shipment of alkaline water to Sphaera Imperator.

-Specialist Gödel requests collection of acid vials from Omnisheim.

-New container is forged to resemble confiscated one. Water containers are filled with recycled water of Canor Sol station.

-Astropath Martün psychically attacks one of the entities visible through the warp at Ultima Tectum system. As his own defenses crumble Martün plunges to oblivion.

“Furious Purpose”

-Imperial navy fleet IN-78 provides “Furious purpose” for assistance,  Imperial navy frigate with Captain Egeon for Arbitrator Mordechai for 2 standard months while heavy cruiser, “Gorgon’s Eye” is repaired at space pier of Canor Sol.

Negotiations of Imperial procedures at the system between commander Draconia of Naval patrol fleet IN-78, commander Gurgen (WS) of Canor Sol and arbitrator Mordechai. Keeping space pier of Canor Sol operational is essential to Imperial Navy operations at the sub-sector. Imperial navy provides additional resources for arbitrator to fight HLF conspiracy, +5 to Tax Factor.

OOO Naval frigate “Furious Purpose” flight to Pauperpolis, 1 day

-Arbitrator Mordechai observes open trade of archaotech items. He orders Enforcer Solomon to subjugate archaotech trade under arbitrators scrutiny and taxation through Imperial customs.

-Retinue finds out that amount of twin births has skyrocketed at the habitat during last year. As guided by common sense and rumor of the solution enforcer Solomon exhumes unwanted twin to ensure intact Imperial soul of remaining one.

-Arbitrator Mordechai brings along female twins and one male child remaining after enforcer Solomon’s exhuming from the habitat to study further the danger they pose to Imperium of Man.

OOO Naval frigate “Furious Purpose” flight to Sphaera Imperator, 1 day

-Naval frigate “Furious Purpose” remains at orbit of the Sphaera Imperator habitat.

-To secure life and soul of one of the twins arbitrator Mordechai spaces out from airlock the other one. After execution, the mind and the soul of remaining twin is probed by astropath Martün to ensure that it is not tainted by ruinous influence.

-Astropath Martün probes survived twin for signs of psychic awakening. No signs of psychic potential.

System wide order is sent: When twin birth happens immediately execute left twin. If left is not perceived execute first born as he/she was more presumptuous to enter Imperium.

-Gödel examines ashes of late administrator acolyte Börn. Cremated ashes still contain powerful poison famed for work of Officio Assasinorum.

-Gödel studies XY-Zygote fertility medicine and finds out  that it contains hormone cocktail way more powerful than it is necessary for encouraging standard human pregnancy.

System wide order is sent: To prohibit sales of XY-zygote fertility medicine.


-Martün seals his astropathic choir from rest of the habitat and probable infiltration of pests known as ptera-squirrels, which populate arboretum of the precinct-fortress. Passage from habitat to astropathic choir requires void suit as only way to enter is through airlock and hard vacuum.


OOO Naval frigate “Furious purpose” flight to Avaritas, 1 day

-Conciliatorix Boltazar is ordered to stop distribution of XY-Zygote medicine from Avaritas station because of unwanted and undescribed side-effects. Arbitrator enforces Imperial custom declaration to control trade to and from Avaritas space station.

-Arbitrator Mordechai summons Leonatus, curatorix of Avaritas station. He presents meticulously accurate reports and shows signs of heavy hypno-doctrination. As astropath Martün probes him telepathically his conditioning kick in and Leonatus dies of stroke while foaming from his mouth. Specialist Gödel  sustains his his condition to prevent his escape through death. Martün is able to memorize group of hypno-patterns and covert signals used by Chorda dynasty in shadow war at Ultima Tectum.

-Arbitrator Mordechai informs conciliatorix Boltazar about death of Leonatus. They come to conclusion that Leonatus has become victim of HLF mind control operation.

-Astropath Martün relays astropathic message to Acolyte Teresa at Sphaera Imperator astropathic choir. Encoded message is from conciliatorix Boltazar to Winterscale realm.

-Arbitrator Mordechai and Conciliatorix Boltazar have unofficial lunch where they discuss about diplomatic relations of Chorda and Winterscale dynasties. As both of them compete on control of future Koronus sector and several systems are on brink of full scale war Boltazar considers peace between dynasties impossible without intervention of highest of Imperial authorities. Spark that ignited fierce rivalry between dynasties was struck over the nephium resources of planet Lucin’s Breath.

-Specialist Gödel negotiates with Necromechanic Fortius for possibility to use his data collecting network of GRG servitors located around the system. (EF-118, Avaritas, Sphaera Imperator, Semis, Nothus, Canor Sol)

-Specialist Gödel studies habitat fusion core output and collects power distribution data.

-Even through psychic noise caused by annihilation of xeno crystals at the station’s smelting furnace astropath Martün is able to sense psychic taint at the station but he is unable to locate it precisely.

-Retinue explores the Avaritas station and astropath Martün is sure that moral threat is  located to hidden area.

-Specialist Gödel notices that station power usage is higher than known habitat component usage thus revealing hidden area at the station.

-Using codes wrested from the mind of late curatorix Leonatus retinue is able to open secret door to hidden area.

Hidden components:
Recovery chamber Pow: 1 Space: 1
Genetic manipulation facility Pow: 1 Space: 1
Rejuvenation chamber Pow: 1 Space: 1
Bio-regeneration equipment Pow: 1 Space: 1 Experimental
Advanced apothecarium Pow: 1 Space: 1
Shadowblind bays, ITS, Av: Rare Pow: 3 Space: 4
“Vivarium”, Xenos habitats, ITS, Av: Scarce Pow: 2 Space: 1

-Retinue sneaks inside hidden part of the station and astropath Martün uses his Sensory Deprivation psychic technique to cover retinue from perceived by inhabitants of the hidden area.

-As retinue approaches experimental bio-regeneration chamber Martün’s psychic shielding fails and they are spotted by clone of Yves, who opens fire with laspistol. Specialist Gödel charges and cuts him half with power-axe.

-Arbitrator Mordechai observes activity on bio-regeneration chamber. Facility is fully staffed with clones of Yves and Xavier, the heretical twin surgeons, and they are busy on producing more clones from bio-regeneration chambers.

-Retinue prepares to open fire on the heretical abominations and attack is initiated by arbitrator Mordechai by throwing frag grenade amidst harried clones and twelve of them are blown to bloody shreds.

-Remaining 38 clones charge towards retinue as guided by one mind and for a few moments their combined firepower and Martün’s psychic technique Compel cut down charging clones. As retinue shoots their guns empty the clones are able to initiate melee with their hypodermic syringes.

-As clones charge to melee one of them fumbles with his syringe and empties it to himself. As mutagenic poison runs through his veins he is instantly turned to chaos spawn. Arbitrator Mordechai is badly wounded by it’s flailing tentacles before he put’s it down with precise shot of melta pistol. Arbitrator Mordechai retreats from first line and specialist Gödel’s huge frame becomes the wall that breaks the tide of charging clone horde.

-Specialist Gödel receives several injections from hypodermic syringes of the clone horde and poison cause heavy corruption on his failing flesh.

-Astropath Martün uses psychic technique Compel to make clones attack their own forces but he also receives mutagenic shots from a corrupting syringe.

-Repeated use of psychic techniques starts to change the environment around retinue. In the end constant psychic pressure is too much for astropath Martün and  he faces perils of the warp. Static Electricity fills the air for 36 meter radius causing hair to stand on end and unprotected electronics to short out, whilst the Martün is illuminated by eldritch light. Specialist Gödel resists electric charge but three of the nearest bio-regeneration chambers short out from static onslaught.

-Unwavering form of Specialist Gödel opposes assault of the clones and his power-axe methodically cut down cloned abominations strike after strike and astropath Martün’s mental power force last of the clones to kill each other.

-In front of retinue 50 clones of twin surgeons Yves and Xavier lay in mangled piles. As mutagenic poison runs through veins of Specialist Gödel he suffers an malignancy: Skin Afflictions, The character is plagued by boils, scabs, weeping sores, and the like. He takes a –20 penalty to all Charm Tests.

-Retinue notices hurried group of clones transporting loads of XY+-zygote medicine from advanced apothecarium towards shadowblind bays. They follow the clones to bay where loads of medicine are packed to Chorda shuttles.

-As arbitrator Mordechai and his retainers charge against clones loading heretical medicine to the shuttles. Three of five shuttles launch out of the bay. Remaining twelve clones fight against the law and are swiftly executed.

-Arbitrator requests through vox for naval frigate “Furious Purpose” to destroy  three shuttles escaping from shadowblind bays. Captain Egeon confirms three successful hits with frigates lance weapon.

-Station wide order to apprehend or execute 17 escaped clones of Yves and Xavier at Avaritas.

-Specialist Gödel downloads flight data from shadowblind bays to his internal cogitator, thus slowing down his mental faculties until data is transferred to data-chest of precinct-fortress.

-Specialist Gödel heals members of the retinue to full health with golden nano-showers of archaic recovery chamber.


Chapter 4