Chapter 14

Dismantling of xenos ship

Searching warp distruptor. Combat against mutated psyker. Mordechai is stared with a mutated eye.

Detonation of stryxis caravan barge.

Return to Sphaera Imperator. Stashing the loot from xenos ship

Specialist Gödel studies the forensic data of bodies from the sewers of bastion of Saint Drusus.

Astropath Martyn has connection with the sun while using astropathic choir. It causes enormous solar eruption but does not hit any of the planets or void stations at the system.

Judge Mordechai studies details of system’s Imperial taxation.

Specialist Gödel makes changes to novabyte command lines of administratorial vault of Sphaera Imperator to erase traces of Ugrippa from Imperial records. Gains 1 insanity for transgressing the perfect STC code of the vault’s cogitator unit.

OOO Flight to Gravis Major

Gödel inspects Rananan-8

Retinue heads to Bastion of Saint Drusus with a rhino and honorary guards.

Judge Mordechai is greeted by Mayor Usindra who has arranged a parade for judge’s honor.

Judge Mordechai inspects dormitories of Mordechai Memorial Hospital. Aletha discusses with him about growing cases of insanty among the population.

Retinue arrives to social gathering of planet’s elite.

Evenings program:

Speech by Usindra, “Glorious victory against invading xenos is at hand and it will end perpetual martial law and bring the planets habitat’s to new era of prosperity and development.”

by Mordechai, “Wars do not end but victory of the Emperor is inevitable.”

by Louis, “Do not ask how Emperor can help you but ask how you can help Imperium. Coming military campaign, lead by him, to decimate xenos filth on the planet, is open to join for everyone willing to fulfill their duty to the Emperor.”

by Alfmed “Exploitable resources at the planet or plentiful and there is profit for us all as long as we prevent guild influence from the planet.”

Toast for the Emperor, specialist Gödel makes mistake on etiquette and starts analyzing feast table before the toast. He is disapproved but not corrected by attending elite.



To sewers to study dead bodies found by sanitation specialist Komuk.