Chapter 15

Mechanicus expedition at Gravis Minor

-Gödel takes 1 squad of Sicarian infiltrators and one squad of Scitarii Rangers.

-Golden Fury transports them to orbit of Gravis Minor. They pick up 3 rhinos from Gravis Major, Manor-fortress of Grand Falls.

-Gödel meets with Strabolus and Perdiolus at EF-118 for tactical meeting.

-Satellite data has revealed following points of interest:

  • Crash site of ancient battleship. Further analysis reveals it to be almost hollow husk.
  • Active Archeotech Vault. Chosen target of Specialist Gödel.
  • Xenos energy anomaly. Further analysis reveals it tohave similar energy patterns to xeno crystal studied by Gödel at Scutum habitat.
  • Geographic area important to technosaurian emigration at the planet’s surface.
  • Archeotech arcology buried deep in the bedrock but revealed by terrible force that has cracked the rock and revelaled that arcology. Further analysis reveals no power signatures. Chosen target of Homo Legatus Perdiolus.
  • Skulking City, ancient mechanical anomaly. Chosen target of Hyperlogician Strabolus.
Hyper-Logician Strabolus
Homo Legatus Perdiolus

-Perdiolus heads towards delapidated archeotech arcology accompanied with ryne-priest and squad of Fulgurite electro-priests.

-Strabolus heads towards Skulking City with several cohorts of Skitarii squads and three Castellan robots

-Gödel has Hades Breaching Drill which he uses to bore his way under the surface and is able to enter Data vault component at the archeotech vault.

Specialist Gödel

-Gödel studies datavault component through MIU connection. Data is about Genetic patterns, Noospheric warfare, Archeotech. He decides not to connect to noospheric space through data vault.

-Data Vault is connected to rest of the archeotech vault by pneumatic arterial lifts.




Rune-priest Regiomontanus

-Rune priest Regiomontanus disables a servitor on inserts dataspike to it’s cogitator unit. Servitor has a simple artificial Cybernetica Cortex instead of a lobotomized human. He decides not to connect to noospheric space through cortex of the servitor.

Skitarii Commander 101

-Scitarii commander 101 orders Scitarii rangers to defensive position and sends sicarian infiltrators to recon mission.

-Group is able to spot the shapes of power armours on a passing pneumatic lift. Magos Dominus Gödel recognises symbol of TAS-2.

-Group locates the armoured command bridge.

-Group uses pneumatic lift to move to Armoured Command HQ.

-Ancient HQ is unpowered and mummified corpses lay across the command posts.

-Regiomontanus uses Rite of Ignition to power up the HQ with haste.

-Specialist Gödel connects MIU to cogitators of HQ. Investigates strenght of vaults troops (200 Tactical Assault Warriors) and movement patterns of recon troops. (100 scavenging, watching Skulking City, Watching EF-118).

-101 commands squad of Skitarii Rangers to defensive positions and sends squad of Sicarian Infiltrators to sabotage mission.

-Specialist Gödel lowers the defensive status of the vault from defcon-1 to defcon-5.

  • Defcon-1: Nuclear war is imminent or has already started. Maximum readiness. Immediate response.
  • Defcon-2: Prepare for nuclear war. All armed forces ready to deploy and engage in less than six hours
  • Defcon-3: Increase in force readiness above that required for normal readiness. Boarding is ready to mobilize in 1 hour/void turn.
  • Defcon-4: Increased intelligence watch and strengthened security measures. Above normal readiness.
  • Defcon-5: Lowest state of readiness. Normal readiness.

-Specialist Gödel enters noospheric space and tries to shut down modified cogitator interlink of the archeotech vault. He is opposed by unknown presence and fails to unpower the modified Cogitator Interlink component.

-As outside influence of several individuals are trying to shut down bridge, take control of pict casters and defcon system. Regiomontanus succesully opposes the attempt to un-power the bridge, but their troops monitored through pict-corders and defensive status of the vault is raised back to Defcon-1.

-Squad of Sicarian infiltrators sabotage the barracks of the archeotech vault, thus slowing down enemy troop deployment.

-Squad of Scitarii Rangers and tech-priests under Magos Dominus Specialist Gödel prepare defensive positions and wait for approaching assault.



One of the sacred duties entrusted to all Rogue Trader expeditions
into the unknown reaches beyond the Calixis Sector is to find
the lost remnants of humanity and bring them back to the loving
embrace of the Adeptus Ministorum, lest their souls be forever
lost to the darkness. While this duty is undertaken with varying
degrees of enthusiasm and diligence (often depending on how
many Thrones will be gained in the process), those Explorers with
close ties to the Ministorum often carry many of these impressive
pylon-like apparatuses with them in their travels, as they cannot
always tarry behind to see to these lost sheep. Each is planted
into the ground using deep spike-anchors. They stand 10 meters
tall, with the metallic symbol of the Imperium of Man perched
at the top, illuminated day and night via internal batteries and
solar cells. A variety of homing beacons, vox broadcasters, and
recording auspex sensors operate inside the wide base to alert
any passing Ministorum vessels that this flock is ready to receive
its shepherds. Common Craftmanship versions will operate for
five years without repairs, Good and Best Craftmanship versions
operate two and three times as long, respectively.

Compass/Orienting Device
Normally a simple magnetic compass, calibrated to current planetary true and magnetic polar locations, these tools are vital additions to any infantryman’s kit.


-Squad of Sicarian Infiltrators sneak through fortified rally-points and head towards modified cogitator interlink component.

TAS-2 tactical warrior

-Six power armored figures breach the Armoured Command HQ.

Heavy and bulky, these oversized shoes contain
electromagnets, which when activated, means the user can
adhere to metallic surfaces such as exterior hull plating.
Walking in them takes some effort, but they allow for a
much easier time when working outside a ship or in areas
where grav plating has failed. Magboots reduce the wearer’s
Movement and AB by half (round up) but allow him to move
about normally in areas of low or no gravity as long as there
is a suitable surface to walk on.

-Fierce defensive fight at vault HQ. Both physical combat and noospheric warfare.

-Specialist Gödel gains control of powergrid and servitors of the vault.

-Troops of Magos Dominus Gödel attack against fortified rallypoint.

-Laser cannon platform damages Hades breaching drill and destroys rhino.

-Gödel and his forces invade modified Cogitator interlink and fight against archeotech combat bot, hordes of servants and throne Mechanicum.

-As Specialist Gödel faces several termination situations he is able to overcome resistance of the vault’s leader and replaces him with his trusted servant Scitarii Commander 101.

-101 gains control of the vault and loyalty of hypnodoctrinated clone warriors from the Dark Age of Technology.

-Gödel repairs Hades breaching drill.

-Completing the mission successfully Specialist Gödel’s troops return to EF-118.

-Mission of Engineseer Strabolus was successful and several data-tethers connect research station EF-118 to archeotech remnant called Skulking City.