Chapter 5:

-Specialist Gödel send encrypted reports through vox at Fortress-Manor of Grand Falls to astropathic choir at Sphaera Imperator to his superiors at forge world Lathe Hesh
-Personal power shield, Mechanicus Archaotech Artifact belonging to forge world Belacane has been retrieved from Heretek Luxium.
-Research of petrified cogitator that contains ancient scrapcode. Forge worlds Lathe Het, Belacane and Cyclopea has received several cogitators each.

-Specialist Gödel receives messages sent to Techno-Shrine of Sphaera Imperator:
*Canor Sol reactor monk Omnisheim requires blessing before re-configuring the plasma core of the Canor Sol station to supercharged state.
*Pauperpolis comet habitat has new power source installed but not powered up. Formal request for tech-priest to activate it.

-Judge Mordechai Mordechai summons Inquisitor Orlov Ordo Hereticus by vox link of Manor-Fortress of Grand Falls to asropathic choir of Sphaera Imperator. Decryption of message uses arbitrator coding.

-Refugee transport fleet arrives and starts to lift down and set up Imperial Emergency Camps. On the temperate continent besides river Ceres thousand camps are established each sheltering 10.000 refugees.

-Each emergency refugee camp is based on similar on similar STC template:

Power: +10 – Usage: 9 = +1 reserve
Space used: 19

Main components:
Fission core Pow: +10 Space: 3 Configuration: Autonomous
Camp HQ Pow: 2 Space: 1
Emergency shelter tent quarters Pow: 1 Space: 10

Supplemental components:
Electric fence Pow: 2 Space: External
Emergency medicae deck Pow: 1 Space: 2
Brig Pow: 1 Space: 1
Vox hymn-casters Pow: 1 Space: 1
Statue of the God-Emperor Pow: 1  Space: 1

Servitor crew

-As refugee fleet starts relocating refugees to the camps under Judge Mordechais supervision Specialist Gödel request leave to join the mechanicus expedition at Gravis Major. Request is approved by Judge Mordechai.

OOO Specialist Gödel shuttle flight to Gravis Minor 1 week.

-As Specialist Gödel arrives to EF-118 mechanicus research station he is greeted by Mechanicus honor guard. Specialist Gödel who solved secrets of navigating on planet surface is appointed as Magus Dominus of the great surveillance expedition.

-Specialist Gödel connects with MIU to the troops and lesser magos to create shared Noospheric digital simulation. Connecting is succesful and troops of mechanicus move as one force under Gödel’s will.

Mechanicus expedition at Gravis minor

Dominus Specialist Gödel,
Homo Legatus Perdiolus (Temporary PC for Timo)
Skitarii officer 1064 (Temporary PC for Late)

Skitarii ranger
Castellan robot
combat servitor
Combat servitor

2 Skitarii ranger squads (2×12), Galvanic rifles
Combat servitor squad (20) (can be remotely controlled by mechanicus), Powerfist
Castellan class robot, slow, Lascannon, Siege hammer

Rubart, rune priest, tech-specialist, can build, repair and augment on field.

Affirmitivo, lexmechanic, carries data-chest, Check

Furge, electropriest, combat specialist in charge of ordnance transporting ironstrider engine. Fail against skulking city

Nanciscor, transmechanic, communication and auspex specialist. Fail against skulking city


-Holy Castellan Robot is important relic to machine cult and loosing it will bring infamy to Perdiolus and Gödel. Castellan robot is slowest unit of the expedition and dictates general advance speed.

-Ruins of ancient factorium complex that has been cleaned long time ago of all components and metals. Expedition is able to locate hidden resource deposit containing pieces of archaotech power armor and powercells.

Data: Exceptional stc factorium upgrade. Not belt but graplers.??

-Enter shadowing figure whose presence is not located by expedition scanners.

-Annoying metal eating tiny robotic minipedes are banished with  electric charge set to protect Castellan robot that draws those ravenous tiny metal eaters.


Signs of robotic ecosystem: Nest filled with dormant mechanical cubes (3 pcs).
Castellan accidentaly stomps 2 of the cubes.
Enraged mechadactyl attacks expedition and is brought down by concentrated fire guided by Dominus Specialist Gödel. Expedition collects archeotech sensors and archeotech anti-grav unit. Remaining cube is destroyed thoroughly.

-Dry floodplain of rust and valuable metals. TF +20

-As nano haze makes observing surroundings hard, with visibility of few meters, only way to get broader view is possible for Magos Dominus Specialist Gödel as he collects meta-data of all sensory perception of expedition forces.

-Feast of Chromatics and Mechadactyls around broken giant Megalobot. Chromatics hoard components and metals from the carcass and deposit them to safe places. Large swarm of ravenous Mechadactyls locate and restock from deposits of the chromaticks. Expedition collects archeotech sensors.

-Crater of dendriteworms spewing spherical deposits of pure plutonium, valuable mineral source (Tax Factor: +20) of radioactive materials.

-Stampeding  Carnimaton is brought down by lascannon of the Castellan Robot. Expedition collects archeotech sensors and archeotech automaton power core.

-To counter haze of nano-crystals Specialist Gödel decides to augment technosaurian archaetech sensors to himself and officer 1064.

-Officer 1064 is able to perceive shadowy mass at distance traveling towards the crater of radioactive materials (Critical success on awareness check). Expedition move to adjacent cliff of the crater compared to approaching mass.

-Servofly approaches and scouting. It  is drawn with ferric lure to Specialist Gödel’s hand. He removes battery from the servofly. Unpowered device is taken with expedition.

-Ominous archaotech wonder Skulking City arrives to harvest the plutonium deposit from the crater. It is surrounded by seething horde of mechanical things. As it emits powerful hexamathic digital virus dominus Specialist Gödel fights over the control of his troops. One Skritarii Ranger squad and Combat Servitor squad are lost as they embrace the calling of Skulking City.

tastuu power armor
TAS-2 power armor

-Expedition heads back towards EF-118 research station and with help of their tachyon sensors they are able to spot figure in archaotech power armor that has been shadowing them.

-He is executed with concentrated fire. Critical damage (10 energy critical hit to body) by Perdiolus combusts body of the target. Damaged STC power armor.  Specialist Gödel takes genetic sample from bone-marrow. Inscription of TAS-2 (Tactical assault Squad-2)

-Going back. Trouble with navigation as bombardment of the sun affects the consistency of nano-crystal clouds. Skitarii use their skills of tracking to follow route back.

-After tracking raging megalobot is faced and it is brought down by logic of Magos Dominus Gödel and with precision of his Skitarii officer 1064. MIU controlled squad hits with concentrated fire of 12 lasguns to explosive digestive component and gargantuan silicasaurus explodes to smithereens in series of blasts just before charging the retinue. As it’s power core explodes expedition basks in the light of Holy Geiger.

-The expedition tries to approach the ruins of ancient factorium but Magus Dominus Gödel and Skitarii officer 1064 perceive the area to be forbidden by command of Omnissiah.

-To encircle the forbidden zone the expedition relies on internal gyroscope of revered Castellan robot as it guides them across the territory not mapped.

-Expedition returns to ef118

-Enginseer Strabolus self-lubricates with holy oils in fervent curiosity for data-answers for the Quest of Knowledge gathered by the expedition. As Magos Dominus Specialist Gödel collects his share of loot in form of  power-fist and Homo Legatus takes damaged archaotech power-armor. Enginseer Strabolus demands full report of achievements and opposes the expedition has faced. First report from Skitarii officer 1064 is insufficient and Strabolus strikes with his data-spike to download necessary data from cerebral cortex of the officer (Int loss 2d8?). Encouraged with actions of enginseer both Magos Dominus Gödel and Homo Legatus Perdiolus give full and detailed report that satisfies the enginseer Strabolus.

-Data gathered by the expedition is transferred to Data vault of Tech-Shrine at Sphaera Imperator via satellite network of EF-118 research station.

Engineseer Strabolus commands members of the expedition not to reveal secrets of Gravis Minor to authorities of Imperium and claims planet as future forge world of Fabricator-General Paracelsus Thule.

OOO Specialist Gödel’s flight to Gravis Major


Yearly reports Imperial reports 818.M41

Gravis Minor
Engineseer Strabolus, Wisdom of the Machine God is logical.

Gravis Major
Mayor Usindra, Tax Factor increase from refugee camps +2
Baroness Isolte, Tax Factor increase from refugee camps +2
Komuk the Rat-Catcher, Underground HQ active and secured at Bastion of Saint Drusus, Tax factory -1
Consiliatorix Simion, Tax Factor increase from canned meat trade to refugee camps. +2
Commander Elmeh, Propaganda campaign successful,Crushing the native insurgency with orbital bombing successful.
Enforcer Malakai Major crimes: Smuggling, public intoxication, public agitation (HLF, Cult of Alkaline Water)

Conciliatorix Boltazar, As rejuvenation chamber becomes operational again no decrease in tax factor of the station. As auto-temple has become operational influx of pilgrims increase tithe factory of cardinal Humer.
Cardinal Humer demands Judge Mordechai appear for chastening at cathedral of Avaritas for working without mandatory blessing of Ecclesiarchy to be performed to precinct-fortresses and barracks. If not done he will accuse Judge Mordechai of heresy. Arco-flagellant is delivered to court room of Sphaera Imperator precinct-fortress to remind Adeptus Arbites about ultimate power of Ecclesiarchy of the Imperium.
Enforcer Xanatov Main crimes: Smuggling, devout mobs, overdose

Sphaera Imperator
Spokesman Memillius, Plans to increase amount of population living in the habitat population to 50.000.
Enforcer Thurio Main crimes: Assassinations, public intoxication,

Xenos Legatus Quintus, incidents of murder, vandalism and sabotage.

Headmaster Idiomus, Warning about emergence of alpha level psykers at the system. Skolana psykana assistance mandatory if encountered.

Warden Vladir, as lack of prisoners shipments are inadequate penal colony production is still low.

Canor Sol
Conciliatorix Arviragus, Tax factor loss of decreased archaotech sale is countered by profits produced by space dock pier.
Enforcer Jariak, Main crimes: Sabotage, smuggling, gang violence

Spokesman Defou nominated by enforcer Solomon.
Enforcer Solomon Main crimes: Tithe evasion, bribery,

Mama Bethel, Clan Bethel requires Imperial recognition of their habitat. Tax factory +1, Requires enforcer.

-Brother-Militant Makbae requests help of astropath Martün for converting Huwan Salmon tribe at the arctic continent. Judge Mordechai and his astropath agree to joins Makbae to conversion operation of Missio Galaxia with silver sky canoe in 1 month.

-Judge Mordechai analyzes yearly reports of Imperial instances and assesses threats across the system.

Current possible investigations at the Gravis Major:
*Smuggling detected by Enforces Malakai, either Spaceport or naval blockade is leaking
*Public speaking detected and dispersed by Enforces Malakai. Perpetrated HLF, Cult of Alkaline water.
*Public Intoxication noted by Enforcer Malakai as smoking of Usharillo is endemic among planets population.
*Local bar Sober Lumberjack audience listen dubious songs
*Local minstrel performs song demeaning the authority of Judge Mordechai.
*Psychic activity detected by astropath Martün. Prime suspects 5 eagle tribe shamans. Signs of weather manipulation through the warp. Astropath Martün tries to locate shamans through psyniscience.
*Financing of refugee camps->investigatios will be forwarded to Acolyte Administrator arriving to Sphaera Imperator.

-Judge Mordechai investigates Imperial emergency refugee camps and scrutinizes official documents and arriving refugees. Stamps of the documents show route of arriving refugees to be Arhem->Warp voyage->Space station->Warp voyage->Ultima Tectum. Arriving refugees are bond-contracted citizens with hive world origin.
Statues of god emperor s are from same hive world.
Servitor crews are from same forge world.
Arbitrator squad is ordered to permanent guard of pumping station providing water for refugee camps at river Ceres.

-Judge Mordechai uses smuggling as excuse to delay resource shipments of materials to cathedral of Immaculate Truth at Avaritas space station. Construction of the cathedral is supervised by Cardinal Humer.

Operation Sober Lumberjack:

For a few days rat-catcher Komuk spies activity at the Sober Lumberjack bar and notes arrival time of the Minstrel.

Arbitrator troops are summoned in 3 days, when Holy day of Saint Brannacus is held.

Bar is surrounded by squad of arbitrator troops with order to shoot anyone exiting the bar and apprehend anyone approaching the bar during the raid.

Half an hour before planned raid Judge Mordechai inconspicuously joins regulars of the Sober Lumberjack and takes table beside backdoor of the bar.

Mordechai tries to surprise Ranulf by head-shot with melta pistol. He gloats and his surprise fails as Ranulf has become paranoid and cannot be sneaked upon.

Ranulf gloats back and plays dissonance with unholy balalaika.

Astropath Martün Psychic technique: Heightened senses reveal gloater inside is Ranulf the Prophet of Alkaline Springs.

Ranulf dissonance attack corrupts slightly Judge Mordechai and snuffs out mob of panicking customers inside the bar.

Astropath Martün enters laspistol ready and leading squad of “Black and brown” arbitrator troops.

Ranulf’s unholy balalaika

As retinue and troopers fire unnaturally agile Ranulf concentrates his psychic attack with unholy balalaika towards mind of astropath Martün.

As mental defenses of Martün start to break down cult leader Ranulf is shot down again and his simulacrum melt to burbling alkaline pool. 10 crit impact leg

Astropath Martün is able to perceive with psyniscience as Ranulf’s life force escapes through the warp back to Nothus.

Remains of bloody eyed dead customers are consumed by fiery blaze as Sober Lumberjack is burned to cinders by order of Judge Mordechai.

-Judge Mordechai tests spaceport security in disguise. Guards do not recognize him and he departs with black eye  and bump on the head.

-Investigation of canning factory of auroch meat. Facility run by Conciliatorix Simion. Capacity to provide huge herd of aurochs in tin cans for emergency refugee camps.

-Contact with the Salmon tribe. Brother-Militant Makbae astonishes Huwan tribesmen by teaching them to fish with Imperial explosives instead of inefficient nets.

-Judge Mordechai competes against champions of the tribe beside fish oil fire-pits of birch-bark hut. As hut is ablaze around Mordechai and remaining Huwan champion he is challenged for climb to top of Frosty Spire.

-Climbing the Frosty Spire

-Locating ancient STC vault doors with active auto-cannon turrets.

-Flying with Sky Canoe to the vault doors and using it’s laser battery to blast them open.

-Boarding of the vault.

-HLF boarders take control of Sky Canoe.

-Blasting open the doors of headquarters of the vault and activating automatic defenses of the vault.

-Retreat from the vault.

-Sky Canoe escapes with HLF leaders on board.

-Bomb has been planted to Sky Canoe by Komuk. Judge Mordechai ignites explosives from a distance and flaming Huwan relic falls to glacier.

-Huwan canoe operation across the sea lead by Makbae.

-Shuttle transporting Gödel picks retinue up from arctic continent and deliver to Grand Falls.

-Three tech priests acquired to tend fields of 1.000 fission reactors and maintain servitor crews (100.000) by Specialist Gödel.

-Judge Mordechai interrogates Louis of grand Falls and finds out that he has debts to the Syndicate.

-Specialist Gödel leads ritual for appeasing of tech-spirit of Ranannan-8 from anxiety caused by it’s remodeling from de-forestation engine to population relocation engine.

OOO Shuttle flight to Vellum

-Judge Mordechai investigates holy relic from Angevin Crusade at the fortress and faces Daemonic forces.

-Judge Mordechai speaks with dreadnought.

OOO Shuttle flight to Sphaera Imperator

-Jotak is waken at hexagrammatic cells. Judge Mordechai uses his authority (succesful

lady percy
Lady Percy

command check) him to submissively stay imprisoned and contemplate his sins against the Emperor. Hexarammatic warding is hot around Jotak’s cell.

-Mordechai faces Lady Percy of minor noble house ??. She agrees to inform about assassinationsof enemies of the Imperium in advance.








-Scholar Tactica Imperialis Morton meets Mordechai and declare his authority of Advocate of Winterscale realm ordered to oversee safety of local Winterscale operation communications through astropathic choir to Winterscale realm.







-Ptera Squirrel assassinates psyber-hawk. +2TF


-Astropath choir reports Inquisitor Orlov’s arrival in three weeks to Sphaera Imperator.

-Adminstrator Acolyte Eckbert arrives and founds administrotum archive . Bodyguards apprehended.


Chapter 6: