Chapter 11

-As Crime-lord Borga is slain troops lead by Judge Mordechai take control of the vessel. Pockets of resistance are eliminated, 4.600 dead. -26 to vessel population.

-Crew of Golden fury are given possibility surrender and to serve the emperor as penal crew for arbitrators and gain penance in his eyes of the Emperor. Enforcers space out from airlocks 3.600 members of a crew that do not seem to fit for a service. -19 to vessel population. Martün performs psychic screening to those waiting to be execued and finds 500 crew members suitable to serve the Emperor. +3 vessel pop.

-Judge Mordochai confiscates Syndicate raider “Golden Fury” and annexes it to arbitratorial fleet of Ultima Tectum.

-Judge Mordechai claims cold trade bounty set on the head of Crime-lord Borga. Gains +5 to Tax factor. As transaction is made Tax factor increases by +14. Precinct-fortress acolyte reports that anomaly was caused, for several years, by part of arbitratorial tax factor being funneled to power accounts of Tech-shrine of Sphaera Imperator.

-Specialist Gödel bargains with Adeptus Mechanicus Krylov and gains 4000 servitors as crew to Golden Fury (pop +22).

-Mordechai requests supply of a crew from Rogue Trader captain Karfa. With 7 success barter Mordachai is able to gain 3050 crew (+17 pop, +5 crew rate).

-Astropath Martün psylocates star vessel’s navigator to his quarters at the bridge. Navigator Kelper rejoices as he is saved by Imperial forces.

-Against advices of Specialist Gödel Judge Mordechai decides to exploit Martüns attunement to trail of sacrifice reeking from Apollonia and follow Apollonia to the warp.

Golden Fury follows Apollonia to Mandeville point. Course takes 3 days, which are used for the crew to mandatory Imperial speeches devised to improve morale of the crew.

1. day, Speeches of Judge Mordechai raises morale by 4
2. day, Speeches of Judge Mordechai raises raise morale by 4
3. day, Speeches of Judge Mordechai raises raise morale by 5

Hull Integrity: 19/30 Crew population: 74/100  Morale: 48/100 Crew rate: 35 Creed:

-As “Golden Fury approaches the mandeville poin of the system the navigator of the star vessels prepares for arduous journey through the Immaterium.

-As traditions of the star vessel dictates mutant must be thrown out of a airlock before beginning translation to the Warp. Navigator Kelper deems it audacious that during purging of the vessel’s crew several mutants have been thrown out and ritual has been succesfully fulfilled.

Divining the auguries Ritual has been concluded. Succeeds with 3 DoS.

Translation Surly rout -10 to divining auguries. Double duration. 3d10+50 days = 59 days = 118 days.

-During warp voyage Judge Mordechai sleeps in the same empty dormitorium with Astropath Martün. Mordechai’s strenght of will expels the bad dreams projected by Martün.

Locating the Astronomican, fail by 4 DoF

Steering the vessel, for 67 days, warp encounter check every 5 days = 7 checks.

Navigation (Warp) skill check, 3 DoS, 1/4 calculated travel duration.
1.  Stasis, delay 5 days
2. Warp storm, evaded
3. Stasis, delay 3 days
4. Temporal hole , evaded, Astropath Martün divines that Xenos are tracking.
5. Warp storm, evaded
6. Aetheric reef, evaded
7. All’s well (no encounter), Locating Astronomican failed.

Leaving the warp Slightly of target, Navigation (Warp) succeeds 4 DoS, no time distortion.

-Course from mandeville point to the system takes 3x1d5 days = 10 days.

-Specialist Gödel makes warp travel psychic evaluation inquiry of the ship’s officers and crew to gain more data about psychical

-While approaching the system Astropath Martün delves in to the secrets of divination and fathoms that Golden Fury has arrived a month earlier to the system of Yamakor than raider frigate Apollonia.

Arriving to the system Yamakor

Active augury of the system reveals
-White dwarf sun, which is orbited by
-Toxic rock planet on sphere of life
-Gas giant on outer reaches of the system.

-By request of Specialist Gödel “Golden Fury” takes stable orbit on system’s toxic rock planet and star vessel prepares for hull repair. Repairs start with one week schedule.

-Kelper flatlines because of drugs and his kidneys are vivisected by Gödel and sustaining his life force. His mind is set straight by Martüns psychic power to abstain drugs.

Gödel innovates with chymistry. No insanity. Produces substitute for blue crystal.

-Three Eldar frigates come out of their cloaking fields at 30 void units and one of them approaches Golden Fury and  gun-ports opens in 20 VU.

Fury aproacches the eldar vessel to 10 VU and hails with diplomatic intention. Mordechai speaks eldar.

Eldar vessel hails back and greets Mordechai


Tulin, sovin, nevottelin.


First week of vessel repair: +5 hull integrity

Second week repair: +4 hull integrity

experimenting with navigator and usharillo compounds.


Navigator developes kaihi to 3. eye.


Specialist Gödel makes surgery to 3. eye of navigator Kepler. Gains 2 insanity for experimenting with the warp.

Inverted rogue trader, galactic lens vs daemon, star

Astropath martün uses Kelpers drug infused kidneys to psycholocate the stash of Captain Borga.

Divining the auguries Ritual has been concluded. 3 DoS

Warp route: Lightless Path: Double the GM’s Calculation of Duration and the Astronomican is obscured for the trip.

Duration: 69 days

Locating the Astronomican, 3 x GM’s Calculation of Duration (including modifications from Table 2–1: Route Stability and Risks)

Translation to warp, warp hallucinations Gödel flesh is weak, martün phobia

Steering the vessel, for 67 days, warp encounter check every 5 days = 7 checks.

Navigation (Warp) skill check, 2 DoS, 1/2 calculated travel duration. =118 days

1 Aethewric reef: 17 hull damage, +3 pop, mor saved by gödel

2 warp rift: avoided by pilot

3 Stasis: avoided

4 Daemonic incursion:  demons attack, -4 to pop

5 Daemonic incursion: -3 crew

6 Warp monster:

7 fire, -3 crew, -1d10 morale, triage 3 DoS,

8 No encounter: all is well. gödel savrs vs warp hallucinations

9 warp storm. navigator evades

10 stasis: evaded

11 all is well:

12 stasis: evaded

13 stasis: evaded

14 temporal hole: evaded

15 warp rift: evaded

16 stasis: evaded

17 all is well

18 delugion mirage: resisted

19 warp rift: evaded

20 delusion mirage: resisted

21 warp storm: critical hit str 6, Engines Crippled: Something pierces the immense drive tubes in the ship’s stern, bleeding plasma into the void and leaving the vessel drifting in space. The plasma drives are still usable, though heavily damaged. Reduce the ship’s Speed by half.

22 stasis: fail, 9 days more,

23 Temporal hole: Critical fail, navigator expends life force to stay in the path.

24 Temporal hole: evaded

Leaving the warp Randomly located entry on same region countered by expending life force of the navigator, Navigation (Warp) succeeds 4 DoS, return to Ultima Tectum.

Chapter 12