Chapter 1:

Arrival to Ultima Tectum system

Several warp jumps from Footfall station to Ultima Tectum system on board of “Stepping stone of saints”, Winterscale rogue trader dynasty transporter.

-Execution of warp-witch Miriah who had infiltrated deeply to star vessel “Stepping stone of saints”s society by pretending to be faith healer of Imperial Creed.

-Arbitratus Mordechai confronts captain Hanharan at ship’s bridge and tries to seize command of the vessel to continue purge of fifth lower deck from dangers of heretical cult.

Hanharan‘s bodyguards escort arbitrator Mordechai to shuttle as he is clearly suffering from temporal insanity caused by extended warp travel.

OOO Winterscale shuttle travel to Nimbus Extern, Canto Sol space station


-Arrival greeted by Huwan Liberation Front suicide bombers at welcoming ceremony.

-Meeting local center of gossip, Alfmed the pie-maker, proud owner of “Best Imperial Pies” fast food joint.

-Martial law of Canto Sol, hunting down HLF saboteurs. Joint operation with , Station security advisor.

-Raid of Freedom Cafe, imprisonment of all attendants and destruction of collection of heretical texts.


-Interrogation of cell of HLF saboteurs. Some radicals die by heart failure during psychic interrogation. Cell leader identified “Adonis“,training camp located to Gravis Major.



-Meeting Louis, noble blood heir of House of Grand Falls. “Some call me depraved but I just am privileged.”

-Interrogations are assisted by Curatorix Hemlock of Chorda Dynasty.





OOO Winterscale shuttle to Nimbus Extern, Graveyard of star vessel’s. 3 weeks

-Investigation of particular part of comet cloud filled with ancient space battle wrackage. Some of debris still capable of causing destruction.

-Scanning through vox ranges and finding out large amount of chatter by prospectors and scout around comet cloud.

hahmo 6

-Locating Prospector Bernam Bethel with air supply emergency. Checking him out and offering help.

-Shuttle gets too near of armed xenos torpedo which detonates when exposed to laser sensor of the shuttle. Explosion causes shuttle to spin out of flight vector.  Fuel lost for extra flight adjustment.


OOO Winterscale shuttle Travel to Nimbus Extern, Pugia. 4 weeks



-Arbitrator Mordechai is accompanied by lieutenant Patris and his squad of  Winterscale shock troops.

-Habitat refuses to comply and fire is opened when habitat is boarded. Signs of severe mutations in population.

-After initial attackers are subdued and HQ of habitat is occupied Specialist Gödel makes MIU contact with habitat network. He is able to take control over airlocks of habitat but avoids heretek core of habitat.

-Mordechai and Shock troops make supprise attack to habitat interior with shuttle. Heretical xeno heavy weapon is spotted.

-Investigations show signs of Heretek and Xeno-tech. Evidence is collected (xenos heavy weapon platform).

-Pugia habitat is purged by arbitrator Mordechai by opening airlock and “spacing out” population of infested habitat. No survivors.
-Habitat airlocks are sealed with red tape of Mechanicum warning about moral threat.

1 week


OOO Winterscale Shuttle Travel to Nimbus Extern, Pauperpolis, 4 weeks

-Habitat shows signs cold market trade. To control that Arbitrator Mordechai needs enforcer to uphold Imperial laws at Pauperpolis habitat.

-Imperial integration of habitat population by hiring of local gunslinger Solomon to act as enforcer Imperial law. “Vile muties and red headed witches shall be spaced out, Sir.”

-Locals are in festive mood as habitat has become recognized by i


mperial authority.


OOO Chorda Shuttle Travel to Nothus, PC-5728 penal colony, 5 weeks, pilot: Gerbeh

-Astropath Martün senses disturbances  at warp surrounding penal colony caused by psychic activity.

-Interrogating Vladir, Prison warden of Naval penal colony.

-Investigation of suspicious Alkaline springs health cult lead by charismatic scholar.


-Locating and executing of malefic scholar Ranulf, Prophet of Alkaline Springs.

-With arbitrators sanction Specialist Gödel requests Rune Priest Morcutor from Gravis Minor to tend machine spirit fission core of the habitat.

Imperial Tarot leads Martün towards Avaritas space station

OOO Chorda shuttle travel to Avaritas, Peniteus Balteus, Pilot: Gerbeh, 3 weeks


hahmo 22

-Arrival to Avaritas with honorary welcome from Boltazar, thecommerce advisor of station. Mordechai receives dataslate with information about key problems at the system.

*Winterscale dynasty sabotage of cargo at Canor Sol space docks,
*Void union arranging strikes against Avaritas space station.
*Elmeh, Navy fortress commander refucing to give military aid to Avaritas station.
*Native insurrection against Imperial colony at Gravis Major.
*Blockade of Gravis Minor held by enginseer Strabolus.

-Inspection of elite squad assigned for service of the arbitrator and sightseeing tour around crammed station with air filled with vapors of euphoria.

-Specialist Gödel gathers data of fission core usage. Signs of powering and shields frequently during last few years. Powering ups seem to be connected to arrival of Winterscale, Imperial navy and Xenos star vessels.

-Arbitrator Mordechai studies further dataslate with system reports given by Boltazar. Avaritas space station seems to have high number of suicides.


-Astropath Martün, immersed in freezing cold bath,  focuses his senses and tries to locate rogue psyker activity through his inhuman senses. Weird background disturbances inwarp makes location of psychic activity with psyniscience difficult.

-Specialist Gödel has been followed by lone servitor GRG-728. When studied through MIU connection he finds out that servitor has been programmed to distribute Scions of Iron Sphere propaganda about superiority of cyborgs and has been manufactured by Necro-Mechanic Fornius.


-Specialist Gödel meets heavily augmented Necro-Mechanic Fortius, Ordo Atrtesan, at beside his smelting furnace. “It is myduty as Tech-Priest to annihilate every last remnant of inferior and abhorring xenos culture for the glory of the Machine God.”

-Arbitrator Mordechai comes to conclusion that obliteration of xenos culture remnants at smelting furnace creates psychic noise that hides location of rogue psyker that was predicted by Martüns reading of Imperial tarot. After consideration he decides to use more conventional methods of investigation.

-As retinue of arbitrator strides through the corridors of Avaritas station they perceive signs of heavy drug use among station population. Openly displayed Glimmer rooms and Gladstone dens.

-From lifter bay area they encounter mob being shocked about ritual murder of identical male twins. Their body parts displayed in ways that make weaker person to flee in terror.

-Arbitrators retinue studies the horrid remains and Astropath Martün suggests locating other identical twins at station to be step ahead of the killer.

-As Ungues Aquilarum secures the two other identical male twins and set up trap for cultist with taste for human sacrifice.

-But malignant force revealed in Tarot divination has been one step ahead of  retinue. This time one pair of identical twins are ones that are fulfilling the occult sacrifices instead of being victims of it.

-Firefight starts as insane twin surgeons open fire with surgical lasers and Ungues Aquilarum responds with counter attack. One of the twins is mortally wounded and the other one consumes milky rainbow potion and with energy borrowed from the warp resurrects the fallen twin.


-Ungues Aquilarum slays twin cultists in firefight and collect evidence. Potion of milky white substance, identities of twin cultists, Yves and Xavier.

-Investigation continues at medbay-5, workplace of respected and highly demanded transplant surgeons.

-Datachest of Medbay-5 reveals patients of the twin surgeons, who seem to be collection of individuals of noble background and high imperial status. Only patient of Yves and Xavier located at the Avaritas is Archdiocese Humer, senior pries of ecclesiarchy.collab_dri_1

-Searching through living quarters reveal collection of unorthodox surgical tools.

-Medbay-5 is ordered quarantined until investigations allow otherwise.


-Mordechai and his retinue head to castellum of Ecclesiarhy and they are greeted by extensive host of cherubim.


-They head to shrine of god-emperor where Arch-Diocese  Humer gives them personal sermon about virtues of orbital bombardment. Quote from Saint Sanctor, “If you are unsure, command orbital bombardment.” Examination his flabby and obscenely pale body crossed with surgical scars reveals no signs of corruption or malefic changes.

-Trail of Yves and Xavier go cold as perpetrators are dead and arbitrator is left with minor evidence of heretical practice.

-Chorda commerce advisor urges Arbitrator Mordechai to hasten the end of quarantine as medical bay is needed operational within weeks as Judge Gregory of Calixis Sector High Court is arriving for his rejuvenation treatments. Arbitrator Mordechai lifts the quarantine.

-Astropath Martün reads imperial tarot,
The Despoiler, Meaning: Corruption, Warp fluctuations, Dominance of ruinous powers
Inverted Space Marine, Meaning: Archaotech, ancient Terran secrets, Storm trooper
Inverted Eye of Horus, Meaning: Defiance,
Inverted Star, Meaning: End of cycle, astronomical cataclysm

OOO Chorda shuttle flight to Impensus, 2 weeks,

Flyby of Gaudimonium, moon of Impensus.
-No signs of activity detected.


Docking to”Collegium Magnitudo” at Semis, moon of Impensus.
-Vacuum sealed arcology with hexagrammatic warding inscribed to it’s walls
-Visiting skolana psykana training school and meeting headmaster Idiomas, former teacher of Martün. “Glad that you have been able to make yourself useful to the Emperor even if you failed our expectations.”
-Meeting young acolyte Jonatah with confession to make. Retinue receives ancient tome “Fall of the Throne, Reflections of Volquan Sark” from him.


Landing to Irae, moon of Impensus.
-Moon with low gravity and thin Terran atmosphere. No signs of vegetation. Low valleys are breathable
-Detecting signs of combat activity. Locating fallen trooper who shows signs of life.
-Astropath Martün perceives burbling ball of dark life seething inside twitching corpse. Squad rapidly advances to tactically advantageous position at higher ground while precisely obliterating the corpse to charred pieces.

OOO Chorda shuttle flight to Sphaera Imperator, Peniteus Balteus. 5 weeks.

hahmo 5

-Arbitrator is greeted by Spokesman Memillius, who is anxious to prove habitats worth of imperial sanctioning.

-Habitat seems to be well organized and deeply religious.

-Retinue visits shrine of the God-Emperor and being in the presence of imperial relics. Skull of Saint Drusus, Tomb dust of Saint Pieter,

-Arbitrator Mordechai gives imperial acknowledgement to Sphaera Imperator habitat.

-Acquisition of own shuttle is successful. Fusion core, no additional components. “Urn of Redemption”

Nature: Resolute

There is little in the universe that can stagger this vessel. No matter the foe, it will advance slowly but surely to meet it. The ship suffers –1 Speed, but gains +3 Hull Points and grants a +10 bonus to all Repair Tests.

Past history: Wolf in sheeps clothing

Beneath this shuttle’s unassuming exterior is a dangerous space faring predator. The
captain selects three Components. When scanned or subjected to anything but a thorough internal inspection, these components will either not register on the scans, or appear to be a different Component of the same type. Thus, the ship might hide additional armor plating, or a heavy weapon may be much more powerful than it appears.
However, the ship suffers –2 Power to maintain the systems creating the illusion.

The ship may also have concealed smuggling compartments,  hidden cogitation-override programming, or other secrets.

OOO Martün pilots Arbitratorial shuttle to Scutum, Peniteus Balteus, 1 week (+5 to pilot own shuttle)

hahmo 17

Chorda representatives Panderus, Scholar Adminstratum, and Quintus, Xenos Legatus explain the importance of xenos research center. They also show rogue trader mandate that allows them to continue this unorthodox study of xenos.


-Mordechai is disdained by open trade of xenos filth at promenade and existence of xenos habitat and xenos librarium. Promenade filled with hagglers trying to sell their illegitimate wares in full daylight.

Gödel studies power distribution of habitat core and is able to locate hidden components: Shadowblind bay, (Xenos) trophy room, vivisectionist bay.

-Mordechai estimates that he needs assault troops to purge this habitat and retreats to gather more influence and troops.

OOO Shuttle flight to Vellum, Moon of Gravis Major, 2 weeks

commander 2

Docking to imperial navy fortress with fighter squadron protecting during docking.

-Meeting colonel Elmeh Naval base commander.

“Because of constant threat of being poisoned by Rogue trade dynasty operators I distill my own urine to pure drink at HQ. Join me and let’s share a toast of  for the Emperor.”




Combat psyker Tesarch stays constantly at presence of arbitrator retinue and especially astropath Martün. He is equipped with explosive collar attached by Commander Elmeh and Elmeh carries the detonator.


tech priest 6

Transmechanic Barbadon is heavily augmented and deeply influenced by the doctrine of Scions of Iron Sphere. Barbadon is originally from Cyclopea forge world, Calixis sector.


OOO Shuttle flight to Gravis Minor, 1 week

-Gödel hails through vox and introduces his protocol of approach to machine spirit of research station EF-188.

Protocol anomaly of arbitrator arrival is explained to tech-priests by specialist Gödel with citations from  “Treaty of Mars“.

Mechanicus blockade is ceased for retinue and landing approved for “The Urn of Redemption”, the arbitrator shuttle.


-Arrival of retinue is greeted by Homo Legatus Perdiolus of Adeptus Mechanicum. His mask augmentation of plastic human face is able to express reassuring humane appearance. To related to subject transmitted to Imperial citizens and makes him priesthoods emissary and diplomat managing social interaction between Mechanicum and Imperium.


Gödel is accounted responsible for his humans during retinues visit at Gravis Minor, Sacred ground of Omnisiah. Planet has been declared holy sanctuary of Machine God and outside of imperial jurisdiction.

-Account of faculties of EF-118 research station is transferred to Gödel‘s data-slate. Tectonic core, munitorium, atomics and trophy room of relics of Omnisiah initiates curiosity mode in Gödel.

Planetary data is transferred to Gödel‘s data-slate.

Anomaly: Energy storing and distributing nano-crystals that permeate planets atmosphere.

Anomaly: Crystals reflect and refract nearby suns violent radiation to create permanent twilight haze across entire planet. Visibility is reduced to average of 30 meters.

Anomaly: Navigation on planets surface is extremely hard because of intense distortion of directions. This makes exploring of the planets surface extremely dangerous and several units has been lost on cartography missions.

Anomaly: Planets atmosphere is perfect ancient Terran composition (air contains 78.09% nitrogen, 20.95% oxygen, 0.93% argon, 0.04% carbon dioxide) but planet does not support any kind of life-forms, animal or plant.

Anomaly:  Wonders of the dark age of technology.  Bedrock infused with mechadendrites, cogitators, optic cable networks, carcasses of ancient robotic mysteries.

-Gödel requests possibility to visit trophy room at station and Perdiolus guides retinue to bask in awe of technology. Hall is filled with robotic frames, archaotech components and valuable metal deposits.

-Gödel is encouraged to make pilgrimage to Forest of Mechadendrites outside of planets surface.

-Gödel heads outside of multiple void shields of research station and heads toward pilgrimage site. Row of illuminated electron-lanterns mark his path towards his destination. Astropath Martün uses his time to read “Book of the Throne” and Mordechai studies notebook of passed administrator Soren.

-Even when haze of nano-crystals make visibility poor Gödel witnesses ancient crater bursting with tangled optic cable bundles, bedrock infused with STC shaped crystal formations and ancient cogitators.

-At the end of the path Gödel arrives to the forest of tangled giant mechadendrites petrified to eternal struggle.

-Among ruins Gödel encounters active autonomous small mechanical device which collects nano-crystals from air with funnel pincers.

-Gödel greets it with tecno-lingua and device answers with with intricate and ancient version of noosphere. Gödel weeps oil from overflow ducts as device’s communication teaches him about lost command lines of ancient noospehere. Device lays imperial full battery.

-Gödel abandons illuminated path to study creature further but it escapes among ruins. After making full circle device starts to track Gödel in stealth mode.

-Even as he wandered just short distance from marked path navigation distortion caused by atmosphere makes it hard to find his way back. While cross referencing his own sensory data and data transmitted by his servo skull secret of Omnisiah is revealed to Gödel. He is able to formulate an algorithm to counter the navigation distortion he suffers from. “Gödel’s Standard Distortion Constant Model” is invented.

-Gödel returns to research station and confirms to arbitrator Mordechai that planet is blessed by Omnisiah.

-Gödel request usage of munitorium to produce ammunition for bolter.  First request is granted free and Gödel successfully produces ammo for his bolter.

-Ungues Aquilarum takes off with shuttle and when shuttle is ascending through atmosphere pilot reports weird power loss of shuttle drive.

-As retinue enters engine room they see  the device that has been following Gödel since encounter at Forest of Mechadendrites. It has attached it’s funnel pincers  to drives power lines and is sucking power and producing batteries.

-Arbitrator Mordechai recognizes technical device to be archaotech silica animus template. Judicial notes:
*Specialist Gödel, charge: treason, harboring silica animus, execution pending.
*Hyper-rationalist Strabolus, charge: treason, suspected heresy, execution pending.
*Gravis Minor, charge: harboring silica animus, suspected harboring heresy, planet detonation pending.

-As Gödel commands the device with techna-lingua to stop it, device does not comply and informs Gödel that it is following command line from Omnisiah.

Gödel commands the device with noosphere to shut it down and is barely able to force his will over the device’s. It goes dormant until activated again.

OOO Military shuttle flight to Gravis Major,  2 weeks

Psychic landscape of Gravis Minor is muffled and shielded.

Young Jotak

-Dilapidated spaceport with HLF graffiti painted on walls. Young half-blood Jotak selling usharillos at abandoned shopping center. Usharillos are high quality and made by Jotak’s mother. Arbitrator Mordechai buys his whole stash and scares the kid straight. Jotak makes a vow to aquila to stop smoking usharillos and starts behaving like imperial citizen.


-Ungues Aguilarum approaches imperial shrine weapons ready as suspicious Mordchai prepares to exterminate colony of heretics.


-Church and brother-militant Makbae. Sermon about, “Being selfish and not doing as the Emperor would have done”. All prominent members of the community are at the sermon. Baroness Isolte,  mayor Usindra are sighted among congregation.


-When congregation is disbanding after sermon Mordechai notices multiple uses of illicit narcotics among colony population as Mayor and other person light up their fat usharillos.

-Meeting with Brother-militant Makbae and discussing about plan to convert native population to imperial creed. Missionary has plan to lead natives to imperial creed in three generations. As first move Makbae proposes assassination of native supreme leader to create division and competing for authority among native population.

Long term conversion strategy:
*Study local mythology and integrate it’s symbolism with Imperial creed.
*Find group of dissidents from local population.
*Find and convince ambitious local leader.
*Assassinate collective leader to create division and instability among native society.
*Missionary arms dissidents and leader of auspicious stature with imperial weapons and blesses them in the name of Emperor/Local god hybrid.
*Help dissidents to overthrow local authority.
*Anointing of  the chosen leader with the blessing of the Emperor.
*Create with native help sacred place of the Emperor as central headquarters of native dissidents and teach locals that they are now able to summon power of Terra on their enemies. IE orbital bombardment.
*Use your pawns to start civil war among natives, use Imperial resources and manpower to get anointed leader unite the natives,
*Make local version of Imperial creed mandatory to every citizen.

“Each pure human has soul received by the grace of the Emperor, each one of them has privilege to sacrifice it in his holy service.”


-Retinue visits mayor Usindra who updates Mordechai about colony‘s situation. Population is ready to wage war to expel native heathens.

-Mayor complains about low power inhibiting expansion of the colony. Gödel studies fission core and changes configuration from Autonomous to Extended enabling expansion of the colony. Gödel notices that plant cause high pollution because of inadequate flow of condense water. Mayor is informed to change the flow of local river to enhance cooling of the core.

-As retinue of arbitrator and brother-militant Makbae are guided by converted native Pieter towards septial festival of usharillo smoking contest they are ritually challenged to smoking contest. Specialist Gödel’s respiratory augmentation gives him advantage over native smokers and one of his opponents even dies of asphyxiation. Gödels reputation as great fumigator is recognized by native tribes and he is allowed contest for right to challenge Ung’Tix, god of secrets and hangover to smoking contest.

-Retinue arrives toValley  temporary camp of natives attending usharillo festival. There are 100.000 contestants gathered to great valley. Multitude of native population at Gravis Major dawns to arbitrator Mordechai.

Ung’tix, the xaviergod of secrets and hangover


-God descents from heaven on blazing light and from Stryxis shuttle exits Ung’Tix, god of secrets and hangover. As his holiness is escorted out of his shuttle by squadron of vat-brutes of inhuman design. The god walks among men with unsteady steps, falls over and throws up. Xenos looks like aborted dog fetus with stim habit. Native population praise him loudly. Rest of the way to his throne he is supported by one of his brutes.

-On third day of smoking contest Gödel has proven to be champion of the festival. He is allowed to challenge god Ung’tix. Gödel overpowers xeno pretender god, even when he is cheating by snorting crushed blue crystals.

-After conquering the xeno Gödel immediately opens fire with his augmented bolter. Xenos power field holds and thing leans forward to utter “Won you have me. Bound to reveal an secret. What do you wish to know? Gödel responds “Leave this system, begone of this planet and never come back.” Thing replies, “That is not an secret. In seven years I will return.” Gödel, “There will be champion ready to oppose you and he has orders to kill.”

-Vat-brutes carry noxious Ung’Tix to his formidable shuttle. Xenos ascends to stars with fiery flame and second phase of festival begins.

-Astropath Martün trades 20 usharillos to amulet with ancient symbol. It turns out to by archaotech aerial flight configuration data wafer usable by imperial constructs with drives.


The Sky Canoe, enormous tarnished silver colored wooden ship, with proportions similar to imperial cruiser and 100 meter long, is carried with poles to the center of valley by thousand eager volunteer natives.

-Brother-Militant pleads for Mordechai not to openly confront spiritual leader thus making native population hostile towards imperial colonization. He wants to use tracking device to scout movement of sky canoe and locate other holy sites among native population. Mordechai refuses to comply if moral threat is observed.

-Atropath Martün is able to sense psychic phenomena inside the wooden construct. Weapons are readied and aimed towards sky canoe.

-As sky-canoe is lowered down whole valley is filled with vocal imitation of ancient sound still remembered by native tribes.

-Mordechai advances and orders retinue to wait for his firing command. He then approaches giant wooden construct by stealth through amassed natives and attaches tracking device to to hull of native’s temple vessel.

-Great Usharillo ritual starts with outer ring of natives lighting up their usharillos and blowing smoke towards sky canoe. Each concentrating ring of smokers light up when smoke reaches them and strengthen the cloud by blowing their smoke towards sky canoe and so on until great clouds of smoke reach the holy construct.

-As smoke clouds embrace the sky canoe weird aerial current starts to whirl them around and upwards. That is sign of psychic phenomena as Gödel’s shoulder anemometer (higher quality measurements than with Imperial anemometer) confirms that wind velocity is “dead calm”. Great smoke cloud tornado is climbing high to the atmosphere and dissipates.

-Ritual is concluded and coughing and noxious natives collapse to the ground. Except those eager to receive baptize of ANGEL, who grasp their poles and lift the Sky Canoe up. Mordechai is trapped to the mass of blissful natives carrying vessel towards nearby cliff.

-Mordechai desperately tries to disengage from tightly packed and fervently running natives eager to receive blessing. As his agility and strength fail him, only option left for him  is to lay down and get trampled by eager zealots. As natives feet pound him his imperial mesh is able to ward of damage. Unluckily one of the natives, more muscular than others, grabs Mordechai, after failed dodge attempt, and carries him helpfully along towards zenith of group purification.

-Sky canoe continues levitating in air when it passes the edge of the cliff. Natives unattached their poles from the sky canoe and fall down with screams of delight.

-Mordechai perceives lake underneath and notices that he is in hurry to drop as Sky Canoe is continuing it’s travel towards dry land.

-Mordchai falls. Many natives successfully dive when hitting surface of the lake. Those who fail are severely wounded, even killed, by the impact. As his skills of diving fail Mordechai, he violently hits the lake surface. But his arbitrator carapace armor and better than average stamina do not fail and he is only lightly wounded.

-Mordechai struggles to beach of lake with other blessed ones and at beach receives token of the blessing. Now, among Huwan tribes, he is allowed to marry and grandmothers of camp cannot demand menial tasks from him.

-Mordechai joins his retinue and brother-militant Makbae. It is agreed that Brother-Militant follows the movements of tracker and at tactically auspicious moment orders fighter squadron from Vellum naval base to obliterate the Sky Canoe.

-Native convert Pieter mentions to retinue that they should pack up and head back towards colony as soon as possible because common peace among tribes is ending in three days and it would be wise to be back to Bastion of Drusus before that.

-Retinue returns to the colony. Brother-militant starts to further the conversion of natives and assassination of native tribal leader. Additional funding from Missionarus Galaxia is arranged for Ungues Aquilarus.


-Mordechai visits barracks of the colony. Major Ardman complains that power shortage of colony makes barracks, missile defense and minefield inoperative. Mordechai notes that barrack accommodates laundry ladies and chicken among Imperial Guard.


-Mordechai meets Nurse Aletha, Ordo Hospitaller  who is responsible for sanitation, cupping therapy  and amputations at the colony. She demands arbitrator to smell dirt sample from main street of the the Mudpit. Aletha is adamant follower of Miasma theory and demands imperial resources to be used for sanitation. “Smell this soil sample from the main street, honored arbitrator. Smell it! That ‘s what Terrible Armpit Boil Plague smells of.”


-Retinue arrange local woodcutter to drive them to Manor-Fortress of Grand Falls with auroch wagon. Trail follows tracks left by giant forest processing machine.

-In forest Mordechai notices vile Usha plant prostrating on low branches of the imperial hard wood tree. Usha is the common name for most obligate hemiparasitic plants in the order Flora Xenos. They are attached to their host tree or shrub by a structure called the haustorium, through which they extract water and nutrients from the host plant. Their parasitic lifestyle have led to some dramatic changes in their metabolism. Their origin can be traced to Eldar worlds.

-While traveling they meet on opposite track unlucky fellows whose wagons wheel is dislocated. When Arbitrator Mordechai offers help more talkative of fellows answers that, “Situation is fine, no help needed. We will solve this tire problem quite easily”.

-As men’s understanding of fixing wagon wheel stands out to be inadequate and both of their bodies show signs of low gravity life suspicions arise. Mordechai orders specialist Gödel to repair broken wheel.

-As specialist Gödel approaches both of men position themselves to good firing positions. As arbitrator commands them to raise hands both open fire with autopistols. Retinues return fire cuts down first assailant and another one, after falling prone, makes suicide assault with frag grenade. Specialist Gödel’s armor holds and other members of retinue are fast enough to move from harms way.

-Suicide grenadier was mortally wounded but specialist Gödel is able suture his wounds enough to keep him alive for Astropath Martün to perform mind-reading. Karl show signs of heavy psychotropic and hypno-doctrinal influence. His most cherished memory is when he walks barefoot on fresh grass and butterfly sits on his forehead. This memory is cornerstone of his loyalty to HLF. Astropath Martün is able to recognize this as implanted false memory.

-When searching the wagon they find boxes full of pristine heretical books, Discourse on the Origin and Basis of Inequality Among Men. HLF aims to distribute those to several worlds in different imperial sectors. Books are burned.

-Ambush and destruction of HLF printing press at abandoned logging camp. Leader dashes away with land speeder while his foot soldiers are massacred by the retinue. Arbitrator Mordechai is able to wound severely rider of land speeder with long range shot.

-Retinue searches through smoking pile that is left of HLF heretical printing press. Expensive equipment and plans to distribute heretical texts across Imperium points to well funded and far reaching heretical conspiracy.

-Mordechai leads his retinue to Manor-Fortress of Grand falls. They admire fortresses void shield, flak turrets an castellum. Green and silver flags show heraldic emblem of the house, four waterfalls.

-Arbitrator is greeted by nervous servant, who mentions that retinue is late of what was expected. They are guided to sensorium to meet widow baroness of Grand Falls. On hallway they can perceive three wedding portraits of baroness with noble and wealthy looking elder grooms.


Isolte, Baroness of House of Grand Falls greets arbitrator, “Welcome, our faithful servants of Imperial law. I am obligated to curtsy for your authority but forgive me, my knees  are beyond that.” “Receipts and reports of our houses imperial taxation are readily available. Thought, I do not trust constancy of dataslates, so I have every note and detail written in paper. After several decades of operation my librarium is almost filled with those documents.”  “I am deeply aware, that my son is unfit to handle position of authority, but he has sired without restriction and one of my grandsons will become first governor of this system.” “There are great opportunities for gaining profit and authority for this system as  Adeptus Mechanicus, Missionarus Galaxia, Imperial navy, Two powerful Rogue Trader dynasties and Inquisition make their moves of establishing their influence at the system.” “Nobility is integral and imperal part of the great Imperium. They are local specialists, who act as glue and guides between daily life of planetary masses and aspirations of High Lords of Terra.”


-Mordechai visit logging camp where Louis, Heir of Grand Falls is sentenced for mingling with radicals at Freedom Cafe, Canor Sol.

-Mordechai observes Louis condition at the work camp. Question him about his capabilities and decides custody is not necessary. Louis is seen able of normal imperial responsibility (or so he promises).

-Mordechai decides to turn down Baroness Isolte’s proposition of custody of Louis and tax profit benefits it would have brought to arbitratorial coffer.

-Retinue follows the few hour path that Astropath Martün ripped out of the consciousness of imprisoned HLF activist. Few hour travel that dissident took was actually taken by land speeder and followed by foot it turns out to be several weeks hike of 360 kilometers. After long walk they end up besides Ceres river gorge which turns out to be too wide to cross. Mordechai orders shuttle to help them cross the gorge. HLF scouts spot the Urn of Redeption and prepare their missile defenses.

-Ungues Aquilarum approaches the indoctrination camp of HLF located on the valley surrounded by three flattened mointains. Their support shuttle alarmed camp defenses and barely thrusts away to avoid missile barrage.

-Hundreds of wild eyed and small armed conspirators swarm downhill while shooting anything that moves in frenzied obsession. Onslaught slows retinue down and higher echelon of HLF has time to launch escape with shuttles and detonate the indoctrination camp.

-Retinue examines ruins of indoctrination camp. Destroyed fission power core, missile defense system, barracks, quarters, science station show wealth and sophistication of their operation.

hahmo 7

-Mordechai meets Trantor Imperial guard captain, whose troops and barracks turn out to be immaculate under inspection. Their regiment past turns out to be tarnished as their regiment has been disbanded after losing imperial standard to Ork war-band.

-Trantor requests orbital bombardment against native population nodes estimated to be 15-20 thousand Huwans.  Acquisition is on pending as Mordechai does not want to aggravate Brother-militant Makbae.

-To further operative reach and impact of Grand Falls barrack arbitrator Mordechai assigns imperial funds for additional troops and Imperial rhino for their transportation.

Martün locates disappearing shadow hovering in local psychic landscape. He informs arbitrator and after rigorous searching they confront him at librarium of the manor-fortress. Emanuel Librarium clerk,who turns out to be Skolana Psykana agent infiltrated in to the Manor-fortress. He has capabilities to hide his presence from psychic scanning



-Specialist Gödel meets Technomat Supreme Blunt, leader of tecnomat gang maintaining the great deforestation engine Rananan-8. He asks Specialist Gödel to bless and anoint the great machine as it has been temperamental and flashing red lights. Specialist communicates with the machine spirit and it turns out to be furious for clogged air filtering and ready to blow oil pan. Gödel blesses the bottom screw of the oil pan by adjusting it to righteous direction (clockwise),  sprays holy oils to the chain mechanism and purifies the air filter from concentrated xeno goo.

-After communicating with machine spirit of the engine Gödel instructs technomat gang on changes of necessary maintenance rituals. Air filter has to be clean every nine days as ninth universal law says “The alien mechanism is a perversion of the True Path” Gödel teaches.

-Gödel orders destruction of xenos goo to be part of purification ritual. Residue will be destroyed with plasma torch adjusted to flame temperature of  2300 imperial degrees.

-Specialist Gödel incepses noospehere directives on the datachest of the Rananan-8 and marks population areas of Huwan tribes on west side of Ceres as “conservation biological area”.

-Arbitrator Mordechai advises Baroness Isolte to cease expanding clear cutting towards Huwan tribal lands. To counter profit losses of Grand Falls, Arbitrator Mordechai and Baroness Isolte agree upon joint building of grand imperial military bridge to shorten the distance between Grand Falls and colony spaceport. Bridge is agreed to be able to carry the weight of deforestation engine Rananan-8.

-Before laying down the foundations of the grand imperial bridge specialist Gödel thoroughly studies reports of forestation and topography, mineralogical samples and seismic probing.

Gödel’s notes from research of Grand Fall reports:
*Topography models show large concentration of old aged hard wood trees at highland and bridge is ideally located to mouth of valley rising to those higher altitude forests.
*Mineralogy report reveals abundant mineral resources among gorge, carved by Ceres river, after great rapids.
*Seismic analysis reveal large cavern or fault line, in depth of one kilometer, underneath the bedrock of planned bridge site .

-Bridge building is started with Gödel working as supervisor and Baroness Isolte providing materials, machines and manpower.

-Mordechai burns 4 points of Tax Profit to acquire Hades burrowing drill, variant designed for creating transportation tunnels of hive-tubes. Drill is specially designed for tunneling unstable ground and instead of crushing and melting, it uses powerful acids to corrode and hydraulic press to compress residues on it’s way underground. Engine consumes Isotropic Fuel Rod’s for powering up and Nephitic Acid to corrode it’s way through rock. It’s fuel capacity light has three green lights.

“The Imperial Friendship” bridgesilta
-Located to natural center between regions beside Ceres river  gorge and valley leading to highlands. It is claimed fiefdom of Grand falls County.

Essential components:
Reserve generator, Pow: +2
Armored gate, Pow: 0
Variable figureheads, Pow: 1
Broadband hymn casters, Pow: 1
Features: Wide, good foundation, carries weight of Titan size engine.

-Grand opening and great social gathering of bridge opening. Mordechai has squad of Imperial guards in sniping position in case of dissident activity.

-Astropath Martün meets young Maximus of Grand Falls who has problems to get his kite in the air. Young master remarks, “You should be glad that you are blind as you do not have to suffer your reflection from a mirror.” “Gentleman does not dress up with non-coinsidant vest buttons.” and points out tracking device planted on Martün. Maximus greets specialist Gödel with perfect techna-lingua.

-Arbitrator Mordechai confiscates the kite of Maximus. Boy is enraged and attacks violently him. Arbitrator is able to stand punches of seven year old kid and his mothers valet stuns  MAximus with shock baton.

-Speeches about progression, lasting monuments and imperial funds are made by Mayor Usindra and Baroness Isolte. Mordechai speaks of??

-Specialist Gödel pushes the button to open armored gates and Rananan-8 great twin engine roars and exhausting pipes bellow white smoke as it lurches towards gate.

-After crowd dissipates retinue is able to spot hundreds of pamphlets left behind by the crowd. Specialist Gödel studies one, “Huwan Frontier, Correct Appliance of Herbal Remedyes”, it recommends usharillo smoking and apex gonads for health and warns about Jingo resin and Arachmite poison. Retinue gathers heretical flyers and burn them.

-After retinue start their tunneling engine and corrode their way to cavern deeply embedded to the bedrock of Gravis Major.

-They find archaotech plasma core connected to great power grid. It has not been operated by Adeptus Mechanicus, production is done by mysterious “Omnisiah protocol”. Gödel disconnects the core from a grid and wakes the machine spirit of the core. It is slumbering after 2000 thousand years of hibernation. It introduces itself as Powgen-?? and is up for 300 year continuous operation like before.

-Mordechai summons meeting with mayor Usindra and Baroness Isolte and offers the power produced by plasma core for development of habitats.

-Specialist Gödel installs cargo hold to The Urn of Redemption shuttle for Hades breaching drill to be stored in shuttle.

-Retinue is transported to spaceport by community leaders.

-As shuttle starts to climb higher pilot calls for fusion core energy failure. With great haste and precision Specialist Gödel takes apart mechanism and spots part that has been sabotaged. Inside the mechanism he pick up one inch soft plasball with Imperial eagle hologram inside. Whoever conducted the sabotage had great technical skills.

OOO Shuttle flight to Vellum

-After toast for the Emperor Mordechai discusses about blockade of Gravis Major until HLF activist are rooted out. Colonel Embeh agrees to set up belt of fighters to prevent any shuttle traffic in or out of the planet.

OOO Shuttle flight to Sphaera Imperator, Penitus Balteus

Chapter 2: Precinct-Fortress becomes operational