Chapter 7

OOO Flight to Celos transporter 1 day

mama bethel
Mama Bethel

-Judge Mordechai and his retinue are greeted by void clan matriarch Mama Bethel and her extended family. Void clan members rejoice and show respect to Imperial authority.

-Enforcer Jonette gives full report: high employment, minimal crime, high creed (all twins executed), archeotech commonly available.

-From HQ cogitator systems Specialist Gödel studies habitat’s composition and energy distribution.

-Bethel clan has contract with Imperial Navy for delivering atomic torpedoes scavenged from ancient graveyard of star vessels.


celos map
Celos habitat map


-At xenos librarium Judge Mordechai studies origins of vile xeno psykers slain at Pugia skirmish. Answers not found.

-Gödel hires gifted apprentice from Celos guild of technomats.

-Gödel burns 2 power factory to hire Mechanicus instructor Oppolzer to Tech-Shrine of Sphaera Imperator.

-With succesful psyniscience check Astropath Martün detects powerful sanctification on Imperial Aquila of the habitat.

-Dinner with Bethel leaders (mama Bethel, bernam Bethel, leader of miners guild, preacher, leader of prospectors guild). Only prayers, bread, water and salt are served. Martün reads aura of mama Bethel. Martun penetrates through protection. Madness: Flesh is weak Ins: 40 Corr: 10

-Mindlink to Judge Mordechai to consullt him with aura reading results during feast.

-Gödel adores Mama Bethels cybernetics and does not consentrate flesh communication at the room.

-Judge Mordechai charms Mama (2 success). Bethel clan is prepared and available at Nimbus Extern comet cloud.

-Icecubes are served. Mordechai inquires about sanctified aquila. Mama keeps her secrets.

-Retinue inspects mighty aquila. Recently sanctified against daemonic influence.

-HQ of the habitat investigated. Mordechai gains deep understanding (11 success) of habitat commerce and locates 2 no-flight zones: graveyard and unknown.

-Retinue steps to cogitator interlink . Specialist Gödel communicates with machine spirit through the component and is able to open Noospheric link with archeotech railgun.

-Imperial tacticae vault gives +10 to command checks for military operations across Nimbus Extern comet cloud.

-Flight data of Celos habitat is collected by Gödel.

OOO Shuttle flight Urn of redemption to Canor Sol

-Specialist Godel studies heretical Book of Thrones and gains insight on predictions.

-Astropath Martün fails divinination, psychic phenomena. 58

-As Astropath Martün is piloting “Urn of Redemption” he is able to spot 2 shuttles trying to ambush them.

-As arbitratorial shuttle is unarmed only option is to evade without saving fuel. Astropath Martün escapes ambushing shuttle but extra week is added to flight time.

-Arrival to Canor Sol star fortress.

-Air becomes brittle and light flicker when Astropath Martün an Astropath Trac meet and after competition of wills Astropath Tracy yields.

-Incarceration cells:  Clone of Yves/Xavier bound in painful position for several months. Has developed high insanity.

-As Judge Mordechai interrogates half mad clone his critical success helps the clone abandon his former masters and start to serve the Imperium.

-Clone receives name as a blessing of the Emperor and thus Charles  is converted to Judge Mordechai’s cause.

-Operation Shut down Freedom Cafe. Arbitrator sting operation lead by Judge Mordechai (command check 01) and operations of HLF are terminated at the Canor Sol by arbitorial forces.

-Judge Moedechai gains +5 command bonus to arbitrator forces at Canor Sol.

-Specialist Gödel oversees blessing for reconfiguration of plasma core of the star fortress. After catastrophic failure during procedure Omnisheim is fed to core to appease the machine spirit.

-New techpriest is appointed to Canor Sol by specialist Gödel.

-Astropath Martün remains at Canor Sol to use it’s astropathic choir to study psychic warpscape of the system further. Visions of possible futures fills his mind as he connects to the astropathic choir.

OOO Shuttle flight to Sphaera Imperator

-Gödel gains insight on Book of Thrones, gains new statistical model which