Chapter 13


Martun investigates:

1. week: Echo in the Immaterium caused by actions of Cardinal Humer. Vision of enormous ornated glass window, the fiery blue sun and an empty ecclesiarchical pulpit. Theodor Cadizky

2. week: Xeno crystal signal echoing from the Immaterium is located to the moon Vellum and to the sun of the system.

3. week: Martün studies signal of lobotomized Metxer echoing from the Immaterium. He is added to??

Martün’s corruption reaches 30 and he gains mutation: Trait: hulking. He becomes secluded and starts to use his cyberhawk as proxy for encounters with outside world. To extend and increase his psychic reach through Turul the cyberhawk, he must acquire Unique xeno item wraithbone collar for his proxy to wear.

4. week: Psynisciencs fails to locate the xenos from Regurgitator

5. week: Psynisciencs fails to locate the xenos.

6. week: Martün locates the xenos to Gravis Major and sees vision yeti exodus and exploding plasma clouds.

Gödel investigates:

1. week: Gödel studies a pie sample collected from booth of Imperial Pies and notices that it contains auroch meat from Gravis Major.

2. week: Gödel studies biomass of Alkaline prophet and finds abomination of fused and warped cells mimicking perfectly biological life. As some power of warp had collected available biomass and projected it’s minion to it.

3. week: Study of physical remains of heretek Luxium. Vis cybernetics are collected before exhuming of the remains.

4. week: ??

5. week: Godel studies Hernadez the chicken collected from the barracks of Bastion of Saint Drusus. Chicken is well fed and groomed. Highly nutritious meat without heavy metals or contaminants.

6. week: Gödel experiments with extracts from plants from Gravis Major. Injects one dose to human subject who dies after failed medicae skill check.

Mordechai investigates:

1. week: Mordechai investigates drug smuggling of Gravis Major and points source to Gloria Lapidarius, the military base of Vellum.

2. week:  further investigation fails.

3. week: further investigation fails.

4. week: Tesarc is pinpointed to control smuggling operation to Gravis Major.

5. week: further investigation fails.

6. week: Mordechai reaveals chorda drug organization. Scutum, Vellum and Unknown source.

Martun seeks to gain blessed stub pistol (upgrade: sacred inscriptions (DH2 core 165). To gain 43 fail, note to try acquire it later.

Rogue traders Karfa and Qumais, hired to protect the star system, claim their bounties and are free of their contracts.

Karfa thanks for Judge Mordechai for taking personal responsibility of his will. Regurgitator departs the system.


Augury of Sphaera Imperator reveals initiation of void combat between Hazeroth class privateer “Audacia” commandeered by captain Qumais and previously undetected large xeno star vessel at Penitus Balteus.

Golden Fury commandeered by Judge Mordechai emergency launches from docks with 10 minute warning to crew to join the skirmish.

Hailing Captain Qumais or the xeno vessel during flight forbidden by orders of Judge Mordechai.

OOO Flight to xenos star vessel at Peniteus Balteus with Golden Fury

stryxis vessel
Stryxis star vessel

Estimated flight time to boarding range to skirmish is 3 hours (void turns).

Golden Fury arrives to augur range of xeno vessel engaged in battle with Audacia.

Turn 1

Golden Fury: Full speed ahead with evasive maneuvers. Aid the machine spirit, 2 DOS. +10 to piloting, piloting check to increase speed, fails. Flight of 10 VU achieved with extreme (7 DOS) evasion.

Audacia: piloted successfully  to hit and run distance from Xenos vessel. Hit and run fails, 2 DoF.

Xeno vessel: first macrocannon barrage whelms Audacia’s void shield but misses with second barrage.

Turn 2

Audacia: hit and run with teleportation, boarding action to “Loot” multiple cargo holds component of xeno vessel. 1 DoS. Action extended to reap a great success with action.

Golden Fury: flight to 6 VU of xeno vessel, evasive manouvers 5 DoS,

Xeno vessel: fire misses Audacia.

Turn 3

Audacia: hit and run with teleportation , boarding action to “Loot” Multiple Cargo Holds component of xeno vessel. 1 DoS. Great success achieved.

Golden Fury: gets to range of 1 VU and initiates boarding.


Boarding party hits Retro-thrusters component, “Seizure” boarding action confronted by xenos vat brutes with critical success. -1 to pop  and morale of Golden Fury.

Xeno vessel Boarding action “Kill them all” to Golden Fury, pop -14

Turn 4

Audacia disengages from combat with the loot.

Golden Fury detects with basic success most essential components and Judge Mordechai recognizes their use with Forbidden Lore (Xenos) 2DoS.

Xenos warp engine Pow: 8 Space: 10
Xenos component.
Phase-reality field (counts as a Gellar Field) Pow: 1 Space: 1
Xenos component.
Scavenged Lathe Pattern Class 1 Drive Pow: +40 Space: 12
Scavenged Commerce Bridge Pow: 1 Space: 1
Extra Stuff whilst doing Trade Objectives.
Stryxis environmental architect Pow: 3 Space: 2
Xenos component.
Pressed-crew quarters Pow: 1 Space: 2
Decrease Morale Permanently by 2

 Golden Fury: Boarding action “Seizure” against xeno life sustainer, succeeds with faith and 8 DoS. Great success. Seizure complete.

Xeno Focused Augury against Golden Fury (4 DoS) and locates all components. Boarding action “Kill them all”, success pop -3 to Golden Fury.

Turn 5

Golden Fury: Great success on boarding action “Sabotage” to life sustainer component of the xeno vessel. -1 hull point, -1 population and -1 morale plus a critical hit.

Fire!: Alarms scream through the hull as hungry flames oar though passageways and compartments. The blaze must be contained before it devours the entire ship! Life sustainer is set on fire, -3 to pop, -9 morale. Command check by xenos to put out fire fails. Fire spreads. Phase-reality field is set on fire. -3 to pop, -9 morale.
Fires are put out by depressurizing components before they are damaged. -7 pop, -7 morale.

Xeno vessel: boarding action “Find Blaggard” (Martün Underberg) at Astropathic Relay component. Boarding action fails.

Turn 6

Golden Fury Boarding action “Sabotage” life sustainer component fails.

Xenos boarding action “Seizure” to astropathic relay 4 DoS. Boarding action delayed with great sacrifices of relays personnel with succesful command (3 DoS) by Martün. -2 pop to population of Golde Fury.

Turn 7

Golden Fury: Scan reveals no new components. “Sabotage” of life support succeeds. Life support. Succeed. -1 hull point, -1 population and -1 morale plus a critical hit, thrusters damaged, ship cannot turn.stryxis

Xenos: Boarding action “Seizure” against the astropathic relay of Golden Fury. Last faithful who protect Martûn are slain. Martün is defeated in personal combat against Stryxis Ung’tix.

Xenos Hails: Judge Mordechai. Ung’tix captured Martün and threats to sacrifice him for the sun and explode the system. Judge Mordechai informs that Martün is ready to bear the price of serving the Emperor and laying down his life as a sacrifice in his holy name.

Turn 8

Golden Fury: Boarding action “Sabotage” of life sustainer. Succeed. -1 hull point, -1 population and -1 morale plus a critical hit, thrusters destroyed, ship cannot turn.

Xeno Vessel: To be continued…

Void combat summary:

  • Golden Fury, losses and damage: Population: -20 Morale: -20
  • Xeno vessel, losses and damage: Hull points: -3 Population: -16 Morale: -28, thrusters destroyed, ship cannot turn.