Chapter 16

Week 1

Gödel studies dataconfession of Homo Legatus Perdiolus

Martyn studies visions of destiny to locate an opening. Tests with pendulum direst towards Nothus.

Judge Mordechai arranged tax information of Iocal Imperial operators to find the proof of misconduct.

Week 2

Specialist Gödel accumulates full report for Ordo Arbitrator about second Mechanicus expedition to Gravis Minor

Astropath Martün conducts psychometric measurements at Beta vault of Gravis Major. Report pending.

Judge Mordechai delves in to Imperial taxation and locate forgeries on Imperial tax revenues implicating that several of his allies are guilty of serious misconducts.

Week 3

Astropath Martün arranges a meeting with Astropath Herkel with false pretext of important Arbitratorial astropathic message.


Mordechai studies Imperial taxation of the system.

Mordechai, Gödel and Martyn head to Canor Sol

At Canor Sol

Gödel studies observatory data and finds anomaly of false readings

Astropath Martyn meets Astropath Metxer, Genetor Von Trotha and psyker Maximus

Mordechai meets

Golden Fury is left to space dock pier for upgrades

  • Armour plating local variant
  • Best armoured command bridge
  • warpsbane hull
  • shield overload capacitors

Arbitratorial retinue returns to Spaera Imperator on star vessel of rogue trader captain Georgene Klimnik.

Mordechai invites her to hunt on Gravis Major

At Sphaera imperator

Master Imus from Administratum wants to confess a trangression.

  • Has confessed of founding the number of the ruin.
  • Has brought a data-slate of administratorial calculation which contain the number of the ruin.
  • Has asked for his co-operation a quick death.

Judge Mordechai summons his advisors Astropath Martün and Specialist Gödel to conduct interrogation.

Astropath Martün probes surface thoughts of Master Imus and does not find any incriminating evidence except high corruption and insanity scores.

Gödel has studied the arbitratorial data-vault and has located and anomaly on numeration engines.

Investigations of Ungues Aquilarum reveals that Master Imus has coffee machine that gives him drug called Yellow which are used to lower the threshold of a possession by psyker.

Investigations reveal that several similar synt-coffee machines have been distributed across Ultima Tectum system. (Imperial Friendship Bridge, Manor-fortress of Grand Falls, Providence of Alfmed, Collegio Magnitudo, Canor Sol, Celos)

Judge Mordechai declare Lex Mordechai which bans drinking of synt-coffee at the system until dangerously falfunctioning machines are collected from general population. Enforcing the inspections costs 1 tax faxtory.

Machines originate to Angelus Sector.

Specialist Gödel suspects that other data-looms at the system might be corrupted by scrapcode.

As Golden Fury is at space dock pier of Canor Sol going through refitting and Squalur Plurus of Rogue Trader captain Georgene Klimnik is guarding Canor Sol Ungues Aquilarum is without fast transportation.

System wide shut down operations is planned to cease the operations of corrupted data-looms.

(Imperial Friendship Bridge ei, Manor-fortress of Grand Falls kyllä 2 DoS, Providence of Alfmed kyllä 4 DoS, Collegio Magnitudo kyllä 4 DoS, Canor Sol ei, Celos kyllä 2 DoS)

Retinue heads to Imperial Friendship Bridge and Specialist Gödel purges the warp infection from the data-loom

Fortius destroys dataloom of Avaritas.

Photonia confiscates the data-loom of Canor Sol

Ungues Aquilarum heads to Avaritas and start to purge the station sector by sector. Target is to locate rest of warp modified synth-coffee machines.

Judge Mordechai locates Club Avarice, stronghold of heretics and rogue psykers.